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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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Hello ladies and men I'm currently starting back up the process of changing my eye color. I did it last year and went up a shade or two but stopped because school got in the way. But I decided to start back up and be more dedicated to it this time. They way I'm lightening my eyes is with honey and water. It's natural and safe. Honey is actually recommended for your eyes. I'm hoping that by next month my eyes will be several shades lighter then they are now. I want a light brownish color.

Here's a thread on BHM you can look at and one on skincaretalk if you wanna do some reserch into the matter. Just thought I post for anyone else interested. Big Grin
This is interesting, I have researched this years ago with not real conclusion.

I have hazelish eyes and I really want them to be like my mothers as they are practically a genetic copy of her green with a brown ring around the pupil but over the years, they've been a bit cloudy and look "Honey" most of the time but I always get compliments on them. sometimes they look more green. I know diet is to blame. The more caretinoids and leafy greens, the brighter and clearer they can become.
But to make them shades lighter? I wonder.

I have the mixed eye. I have know Idea if we can really lighten it to such a degree but I would love to see clear brightness to them. Let us know how your journey goes.
Alot of people thnk it's impossible but the same way a person can lighten their skin naturally is the same way they can for their eyes. Our skin aswell as our eyes have melanin in them which give humans their different skin shades. But you can so to speak, stop the production of melanin in your eyes allowing them to gradually lighten over time. In 6 months most people can go from brown to a light hazely-green color. MSM drops are another great way to lighten the irises. And so is abrutin powder.
Day two for me...already my eyes are shinier and brighter. And you can see that they are really a dark brown more clearly. Heres a comparison pic. Top from earlier this year, bottom from yesterday night. My mix is super concentrated by the way...I added a pinch of lemon juice to my mix also but it doesn't feel any different to me. My eyes feel alot better aswell. Hard to explain but they're less tired and strained

I had planned to start this once I take care of cellulite. I'm working on so much right now, I'd be overwhelmed if I added this, too.

My eyes always used to be almost black, but somehow over the years (especially since graduating high school), they're getting a few shades lighter on their own. They're hazel now; sometimes they turn a dark green, and sometimes they're a light brown with blue/gray hints to them. I'd love to get them a lot more colourful. I thought I'd always be stuck with soulless black eyes, but ever since they started changing on their own, I've wanted to help them get as bright as possible. Smile

I'm just worried about doing this being that I wear contacts. My eyes don't even like contacts half the time, they are NOT going to be happy once I start putting honey in them, too!
This is great Loretta, I can see your pupils. What is the recipe? I would be afraid if it lightened my lashes. Have you noticed a lightening effect on them?
(10-08-2012, 12:57 AM)tibetan113 Wrote: [ -> ]This is great Loretta, I can see your pupils. What is the recipe? I would be afraid if it lightened my lashes. Have you noticed a lightening effect on them?

I mix a 1:2 honey:water ratio and then mix that with lemon juice about two tsp. I put it in a small spritz bottle and spritz my eyes and then close my eyes and leave it for like 7-8 minutes. And actually no my eyelashes haven't gotten lighter but they do seem a bit longer. I thinks its cause the honey is moisturizing them. And thank you!
So it's been almost a week now, and my eyes have lightened even more so. They a very nice chocolate color. I really like it! They don't look black anymore except for when your far away of course lol but standing maybe arm's length away you can tell my eyes are brown. They're are also much more shiny and clearer then ever before. I'm sooooo glad this is actualy working for me. Big Grin

I'm going to upload a photo this Saturday.

oh and also, this might interest some, my eyelashes have grown really fast since starting my NEL journey. I don't know what it is, but it's a great added bonus for me. After my eyes became alot lighter I was going to start growing out my lashes but they're growing during the process so this is great! I hope they keep growing. Big Grin Oh and I just started up brushing them when I put on makeup in the morning. I don't wear mascara anymore so I took an old mascara brush washed it out and now I just dry brush my lashes in the morning, just a few strokes from the roots.
So like I said, my eyes are definitely lighter in color, more then from my last post. Like then you could only tell me eyes were a brown when they were near light but now you can see their brown without the light. By the end of the month my eyes should be a much more lighter brown then ever before, I can hardly wait.

If you look at this spectrum [near the end of the page] of eye colors from Wiki, you can see how the eye color goes from black to blue. Mine have gone from the last to the second to last. Mine now look like the second to last photo. Big Grin YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ME!
I was interested in doing this but I was worried about putting honey in my eyes because it can sometimes be contaminated. Also, do you know if the color change will be permanent?