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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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Matthijs your eyes are great! my eyes are now the second color at first before and after pictures you put(I think?) I have something my left eye like a section that is golden, possibly heterochromia, idk.

I've been doing Hypnosis, eating healthier and honey and corn syrup in my eyes, and NOW they are starting to change after 6 months.

Can anybody please tell me the steps and how long it will take for not so dark or light brown eyes to change to amber or hazel?
Yeah it can take a long time for most. Some people are allergic to honey believe it or not. Maybe there are traces of pollen??? who knows, something to research. So if they are itching be careful.

(26-10-2013, 07:12 PM)ngc6543 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi everyone

I tried this for the first time last night. My eyes are sorta irritated, is it usually like this when you've put them in? Trying not to worry, but I don't use anything such as eye drops, so I'm just wondering if people have similar feelings when using it. My eyes are a little itchy on and off. Thanks.

Hi again, sorry for not introducing myself in my first post - I was a bit nervous when I wrote that (a bit, ha try a lot!). I'm interested in eye lightening and also nbe! My eyes feel better now, I'll monitor it as I go along. I've just spoken to my boyfriend, whose father has used the honey drops approximately ten years. He's been using them for cataracts and general eye health - it has cleared up his cataracts. As he's used it on and off, his eyes have lightened up slowly. I think I'll give it a rest for a while. Good luck to all of you on your journeys.

@ngc6543 does his eyes become sensitive for light, computer screen and such?
This thread is slowly die :sigh: Nobody keeps their word.
The honey mixture should be liquid and STOP when your eyes start to hurt, If you don't then they will darken. When you tilt your head, and see your eyes, is what most ppl see.

I recommend that honey should be 100% pure, raw or organic, even all three, I've tried mixed with corn syrup and works. You should use bottled water, not tap water and should be refrigerated as well as made new ever week.

I have not tried turmeric, citrus juices, hydrogen peroxide and/or chamomile tea.

Can anyone tell me how long does it take for reddish brown mahogany eyes to change into hazel? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
I have been using the honey eye drops for over a month now. I've been using distilled water and manuka 5+ honey and i see no change in my eye colour Sad And i have been using it consistently.

What could be the problem? is it the honey?

My eye colour is like ambery/brown and i'm hoping it could go down to hazel.
I am sorry to say, but there are lots of liars on this forum that are telling fairy tales, and I am NOT one of them!

People claiming that their eyes change within days. Physically it's impossible unless you have really light colored eyes. Sad to say some peoples eyes may never cahnge cause that is their genes and that is just the way the cookie crumbles.

People that have all darker genes in their families may never see a change, and I have explained this before. By putting lemon juice and peroxide in your eyes you are only going to make them really sensitive which may caus eeye strain and damage.

I have been doing this since early June and my eye have lightened but that is bacause I have lighter genes in my family. Sorry but if you have been ligtening with honey for over 6 months now and no results its safe to say there may never be a change and forget about it.

I know people are going to bash me, but all I am doing is being honest. My eyes were dark brown and are now honey brown. Good luck to you all I hope it works for you, even though it problaby won't.
*Sorry for not being so active on this forum, i try to read all the messages but i can't really anwer them. Also thanks for the comments on my previous posts.

Small update, not really much changed. I think it absolutely not possible to make brown eyes green with honey, few months ago i saw appearing a little amount of green pigment in my eyes but now, still dropping honey daily, my eye is only getting lighter but not changing color. I really love the honey color i got now, i think it's absolutely a nice thing that you can see my iris in any sense of light.
Picture at the bottom of the post.

Also for some who didn't followed my posts, i started with a medium brown color, but not DARK brown. That might be reason why some people dont achieve more than changing their dark brown color to medium brown.
Good luck all! will try being more active on this forum :/

[attachment=4449]I've been doing this for about 2.5 months. It does work but it is definitely a slow process. I started at dark brown, almost black and now I'm at a chocolate to medium brown. I use raw honey, mixed with msm powder and alpha arbutin powder. I use the drops three times a day. See pics above.
Anyone know which honey works the best for this?

Currently on Manuka 5+ Honey