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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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Yeah i guess so. Honey and pure water is quite effective. Honey is natural h2o i guess.
My whole family got brown eyes but my grandma and a cousin. My dad has light brown eyes. My all genes are from my mom haha i am no like my father..
My eyes are no longer dark brown they are light brown just in 1 month.. but it stopped i guess or got less effective.. give me solutions Sad
My 1.5 month results

I started tonight using raw honey , water, 0.3 peroxide ,and a few drops of lemon juice . It burned slightly , I'm a contact wearer so I can only do this 2x a day. My eyes are pretty much black , so I'm going to try this for 3 months i just want my eyes to be a warm brown so you can see my pupil nothing to drastic. I'll post pictures here every 3 weeks .
I read smn putting her contacts in honey and water. It soaks it and gives the same effects like drops. If you want you can use yours like this too.
(16-01-2016, 11:53 PM)Ysgldlk Wrote: [ -> ]My 1.5 month results

hey how long have you been using it ?

that's quite a remarkable change.
I'm using it for 1.5 months like i said. They are different from a cloae distance but not from a long distance. It's looking like light brown now but it has a lot of yellow in it, tiny greens that waiting..
I've seen some of the results and am amazed really Big Grin My eyes look dark-medium brown but when close you can see they aren't really too dark, I would love to lighten them using a natural method. I don't really have crazy goals for them, just at least to lighten them as much as possible; what is possible with natural method? Could dark-medium brown eyes go to a honey color almost? I saw somewhere on page 66 I think it was a major change and was amazed so wanted to try it. My father has light green eyes and my mother has brown, however most of my family has light eyes(mostly all have blue, amber and honey shades, etc.)

What method do you guys recommend me to use? I am extremely confused looking throughout the forum at all the different ones, seen chamomile honey and even hydrogen (something, don't mind my english;im not great at it xD) Also, how do I go about to do it? like the procedure how many times a day, etc. also, is this permanent, like after I reach a shade I like; can I stop and it will stay that shade? How long until I see results?

Thank you so much!!Big Grin
[attachment=11277][attachment=11277][attachment=11277][attachment=11277]Update after 4 days of use , not much difference but you can see a slight brown color. Do you think putting my contacts in the mixture they'll lighten ? lol I dont want that.
Not sure why it uploaded so many times ?
My eyes are lightened actually but i cant see progress for a while, like 2 weeks. I changed my honey today but havent tried it yet. I forget about hazel eyes in that time.. I think i cant go hazel but i can lighten them to honeylike color.. its my 2nd month but no giving up!

Gonna post some photos soon.