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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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Hi, im new here.. I read all the posts you wrote and started my journey. My eyes are brown with yellow dots in it. First i used only honey and water thing. It burned like hell but later it made my eyes felt soooo good. I used honey and water for 1 week and my eyes lighten a little. Its nearly end of my third week but i cant wait to share my results with you Big Grin second week i used hydrogen peroxide (3-4 drops), honey and water. It made my eyes red for like 2min but it got back normal again. No pain no sight changes. My lashes growed a little. In second week my brown area got faded to ligh brown. There is a little dark brown in my eyes right now. In some lights my eyes look greenish, just in photos actually.. i want my eyes to be hazel actually or amber if i dont have green genes. Hazel with brown in middle. If you actually read this pls reply me Blush I want someone in my journey to be focused on this.. Thank you guys for everything! Waiting for replies. Going to attach some pics.
Results in 3 weeks and last photo of my eye with flash.

Oh god... You're putting H2O2 in your eyes ? What percentage of hydrogen peroxide ?
i was thinking about using extremely diluted H2O2 in my eyes to lighten them but I was afraid of losing eyesight. Then I saw that H2O2 is used as an eyewash for lenses, and even put in eyes for hydrogen peroxide therapy.
One girl claimed she has lightened her eyes while doing this therapy for medical reasons.

I am wondering if i will start my journey again.

Your eyes look definitely lighter. =O

My goal is, like you, a beautiful very light brown/amber color.
I tried it for 2 days.
4 days up date (0,3% hydrogen peroxide 3 times a day).
natural light Big Grin
(27-12-2015, 12:59 PM)Vixy Wrote: [ -> ]4 days up date (0,3% hydrogen peroxide 3 times a day).
natural light Big Grin

Wow i got excited now Smile im posting my 1 month results now in natural light same spot. I see some green hints but they look amber in light not green. I heat up the solution with hot water not boiled then i drop in my eyes and wait looking down sometimes i close my eyes. Dont heat up too much it can burn your eyes. I wish you luck! Post your results!


These are with flash, look at the way it lightens
Hey beautiful eyes Smile the outer part of yours look quite light !

This is my progress. The darker pic is closer to my eye color in every day light.
Your eyes are beautiful too! They are light brown i guess? With dark brown in middle. I think your eyes will change quicker than mine. What do you use exactly? Have you got light eyes in your family? Sorry for my english Smile
Hi Ysg :p and thank you !

All my father's family have blue/green eyes, and my mother's family got brown/hazel eyes. What about you ?

I think change with eye color can't be done overnight. Someone told me that H2O2 becomes less effective if it comes too often in contact with air. So I guess we have to make the mixture quite often.