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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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I've started taking Organic Sulfur crystals internally bought on Amazon and I'm thinking about adding MSM eye drops. I heard Organic sulfur detox the body and that's why sometimes eyes lighten, but I think I would get quicker results by adding MSM eye drops as well. Anyone use MSM eye drop successfully to lighten eyes?
Wondering how long does it take to see lightening results when using MSM eye drops? 1 month, 2 months, 3 months? I have greyish/green blue eyes, and I want bright blue eyes!
I tried honey with chamomile ince a day for about three months and its raw honey but no changes at all :'(b
Hiii guys any one try hypnosis to change eye color
(15-08-2012, 08:54 PM)JustintoMe Wrote: [ -> ]I was interested in doing this but I was worried about putting honey in my eyes because it can sometimes be contaminated. Also, do you know if the color change will be permanent?

Don’t use honey to lighten your eyes. Among many of the home remedies for changing the color of your eyes is honey. Some claim that a drop of honey in each eye on a daily basis will slowly lighten the hue of your eyes. However, all honey contains natural bacteria that can be harmful to your eyes and cause significant problems. Avoid placing anything in your eyes, even a watered down honey solution, as it won’t change the color but will cause problems.
Hey guys,

So ive been researching this whole eye lightening thing for a good week and think i might try it. When i was looking online, everyone that tried it said that they were only using raw honey and water and now i hear about this chamomile thing. Does this work just as well? and should i buy just the tea bags the leaves and soak them?Huh

Also from both my parents, i was told that my eyes were a dark blue when i was born, is there any chance that it might change back to this colour with the lightening or is it solely for shades of the color i have now. I've always have a dark blue and grey ring around my dark eyes. Huh
Any body here
hi everone ,,it have been a longtime i open this forum or this subject and don t find any achievement or renovations ! maybe all has aware of failure or desperate ,, maybe stops cause of concerns of life or bussiness.i wonder if anyone resume this process and endure on it and see real or perciptible results ?!Anyway i decided, if god willing ,to do another process beside honey drops ,i think maybe each process can help and promote the other one to achieve the goal .. alot of people try hypnosis actually and say that it works maybe lying but the try maybe prove the true.... what do u think thxx Smile
Ive been off these boards for about a year! I quit after using the honey drops for about a month, i believe they did become just a liiiil bit lighter ( pupil was more visible) and this time i want to keep on doing it better Smile

sooo im back! I made a pre-picture today, at night, in the bathroom with bathroom lightening and i will use that as progress pic-room. It would be totally cool if my eyes would turn hazel.. or just a lighter brown shade. Awesome.

If not, i also like my darker brown eyes Big Grin
I was doing honey drops, mixing water and honey but then I saw some stuff growing in the container and that scared me. So now I just wash my hands, put a drop of honey on my index finger and wet my other index finger then rub them together and touch my irises a few times. It stings really bad for a few seconds but then my eyes feel ok.

I have raw processed honey I bought from walmart and organic raw honey I bought from whole foods. The processed(brown liquid) honey stings more than the unprocessed(solid pale yellow) honey but I use them both intermittently.

My eyes look kind of lighter already but it's barely been a week so it's probably all in my head. I hope I can have light brown eyes within the next 3 months.

I wear circle lenses and since my eyes are super dark I wear black ones and they make my eyes look pure black, which I love but I have a set of ashy brown circle lenses with a black rim that would look stunning with light brown or hazel eyes. I've attatched a picture of a girl with green hazel eyes wearing the lenses I have