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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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I'm black half white my older brother has HAZEL eyes that guess what? They also change color.. -_- since he has such great eyes hopefully he can help me out lol.
I just made a spray bottle of chamomile tea and honey, didn't even know people use chamomile. :-P
I have brown eyes but under sunlight you can see some green streaks as my dad has green eyes. Big Grin
Also I heard this can improve vision what would be a bonus.I don't wear glasses but I should.Dodgy
(09-06-2014, 08:21 PM)yasminde Wrote: [ -> ]Hey guys,

So ive been researching this whole eye lightening thing for a good week and think i might try it. When i was looking online, everyone that tried it said that they were only using raw honey and water and now i hear about this chamomile thing. Does this work just as well? and should i buy just the tea bags the leaves and soak them?Huh

Also from both my parents, i was told that my eyes were a dark blue when i was born, is there any chance that it might change back to this colour with the lightening or is it solely for shades of the color i have now. I've always have a dark blue and grey ring around my dark eyes. Huh

I thought every newborn's eyes are blue actually... o.o Mine were, and my sister's.
Oh, and I heard parsley is awesome for lightening anything.
Hey, i'm a boy here. I want to try the method she/he just said above me.

What store do you go at to buy the flower, tea?

And also, do you have to put that bag tea to water than use it on the honey method?
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Any body here
i use one drop of honey every day but i don t mix it with water just grab into eyes ..but
still no noticeable results . :/ does anyone realise any new results thxx
hi guys,
I'm a 17 year old high school boy. I've recently wanted to lighten my eyes because i know that most people find it attractive. i looked it up online and found this forum and read a few of the earlier posts to see if the honey method was legitimate. From what I've read, it's been working for a lot of you and I'm hoping it'll work for me as well. I have medium brown eyes, but they look black in normal light. I'm really hoping to get them to a light hazel. I'm wondering if thats possible, and if so how long would it take? I'm also not sure about how to prepare the solution. I started yesterday by just mixing water and honey at a 2:1 ratio and putting it in a spray bottle. Is it necessary to boil the solution before using it? And is one spray in each eye the best way to apply it? I'm just starting this and i have so many questions. I would really appreciate it if anyone helped clear these questions up for me. thanks in advance and i hope to see positive results Big Grin
I want my eyes to become darker again> When I was a child my eyes would be dark dark brown, black basically. I liked it it looked very special> No they are just regular darkish brown>
why does everyone on this thread hate black eyes ? When my eyes were black I always got loads of compliments on my eyes. Because no one had eyes like this, but on this forum almost everyone has eyes like this apparently.
Does anyone know of a solution to reverse this? Or just any natural compounds or supplements that promote melanin production (specifically eumelanin the pigment which imparts a brown or black color, not pheomelanin which imparts pink, red to blue color)?

I've read a few posts on here from people wanting DARKER eyes instead of lighter and hoping others will contribute towards this. I'm willing to be a guinea pig as long as whatever it is has a good safety profile. Let me know!