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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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I must admit I'm curious to try this. I'm one of the billion people with central heterochromia, and I'm curious to see what the results would be. Howeverrr... I have a phobia of getting stuff in my eyes, haha. Dodgy
I've always loved central heterochromia, although I never knew what it was called until now. A boy I liked when I was little had them, and so did my incredibly beautiful cousin, along with every cat I ever owned. It made an impression on me early in life, so I used to badly want bright green eyes with a golden brown center like a cat's eyes, although I think in cats the colors are distributed a little differently, but you get my point. I lost the obsession with them, but I still think they're gorgeous Big Grin
(04-09-2012, 11:26 PM)nullmoon Wrote: [ -> ]I must admit I'm curious to try this. I'm one of the billion people with central heterochromia, and I'm curious to see what the results would be. Howeverrr... I have a phobia of getting stuff in my eyes, haha. Dodgy

That's what it's called??!? Never knew that! I guess that's what mine are, then. Too bad my eyes are so dark and it's hard to tell. Sad When I'm in dark light, my pupils are too large and only the brown colour shows through. My boyfriend has it, too, but his are much more gorgeous and bright than mine are.

My cat has regular heterochromia, one green eye and one blue one, and it's so gorgeous.
hey girlies! so i decided to try this alternative to lightening your eye color and i am recording my progress on youtube (:

That's awesome that you're recording your progress like that! Way to go! Let us know how it works out for you!

Unfortunately, there's something wrong with my contacts, so I haven't been doing my drops the past few weeks. Sad I'm not sure if my contacts are slightly too big for my eyes or what. :/ So I guess I'll get back on this whenever I get something that doesn't hurt my eyes, especially when I'm going to be doing something like this. Sad
I've been trying to keep up with this forum when I can. I ordered some raw honey online since I couldn't get a hold of any natural honey out here. It's really great stuff. I've put in enough honey in for it to really sting my eyes (I'm thinking of diluting it a bit) but I've noticed a difference in the color of my eyes, mostly in the left. I started several weeks ago. But I've yet to take a picture to compare with my older photos.

I'm considering getting some MSM and chamomile, but I think I'm fine right now. I'm not as consistent with doing the drops as I'd like to be but I figure there's no harm in that.

I've been looking further into it. In adition to raw honey, MSM, and chamomile, you can also use arbutin and licorice root (which I think someone earlier mentioned), yet the following link expresses that arbutin might not be the greatest idea.

I've also discovered some have reported lighter eye color after taking flaxseed oil, but I don't know if this is permanent. It should be ingested, not applied directly to the eye.

I also found Clary Sage essential oil. It's said to brighten the eyes but I don't know if that means the iris or just the whites.

I'll look into this a bit further when I have more time.
(09-08-2012, 08:34 PM)Emily Loretta Wrote: [ -> ]Day two for me...already my eyes are shinier and brighter. And you can see that they are really a dark brown more clearly. Heres a comparison pic. Top from earlier this year, bottom from yesterday night. My mix is super concentrated by the way...I added a pinch of lemon juice to my mix also but it doesn't feel any different to me. My eyes feel alot better aswell. Hard to explain but they're less tired and strained
hi i just joined . i hope im welcome here being a guy and all i found this forum lookin up the topic of changing iris color. and i thank you loretta for all your posts. this lead me to finally getting in the right direction. my eyes seem black but in the sun they are actually very pretty. they turn red in the light with a hint of deep rootbeer ish brown . i would love for my eyes to look like that when im not in the light. im also african american. but what i want to know is what kind of honey are you using and also the lemon doesnt burn the hell out of your eyes? lol

can someone explain this? i dont want to make a mistake.regular water or distilled water. raw honey or is it called manuka honey? i saw that on a site. uuuum and are they boiled? has anyone else tried it with lemon besides loretta? that sounds just a liiiiiiiiittle bit painful as HELL!!.lol and if this works for me ill be one sexy sonoma******
I know it involves raw honey, not sure about the manuka honey you mentioned (never heard of it). I think it's boiled together, and because of that, I don't think the type of water makes too much of a difference.

I'm wondering how this method might work for someone wearing contacts. I'm going to re-try the other method I was doing with a less painful contact solution (the one I used originally just burns the living hell out of my eyes, even without the chamomile and turmeric). I don't want to try the honey method if it might mess up or wear out my contacts too much, and I know I probably would only be able to use it at night after taking my contacts out. Has anyone else tried the honey method with contacts??
Hey, I am doing this but off and on now. No difference to report but I am juicing more so hopefully, I can see a change here. It seems the easiest as clean colon= clear and lighter irises.