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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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RE: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
Does anyone know how long one should keep the honey/water batch until it's time to make a new one? Your responses are highly appreciated, Thank you!
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I usually keep the mixture for a week or maybe close to a week, before disposing it and remaking the mixture.

Its said that the longer you keep the mixture then the more natural hydrogen peroxide will form in it, and the better. You don't want to keep the mixture for too long though, as you don't want it to have things floating in it and spoil.
(12-06-2013, 07:53 PM)♥AngieNoelle Wrote: [ -> ]Your results are still great. Good job ↑.

Has anyone noticed their eyelashes growing longer and better vision?

Yes i did! not really attracting for a man but still cool Smile

(12-06-2013, 04:13 PM)matthijskm Wrote: [ -> ]Hi guys.

Not really an update, but i just want to tell you i'm still using the honey Tongue
About that question about my eye dropper, well i don't even use a eye dropper. I use a small plastic tubule and let the honey (+water ofcourse) gliding in my eyes. It doesn't hurt that much.

What i'm experiencing is that my eyes are actually not really turning out lighter, it seems to go a bit darker but i'm seeing some kind of greenish glow i never saw. In sunlight it's very clear. But in normal light i still have mid brown eyes.

To end this post i will show you a picture what i mean with the tiny greenish glow. I hope that my eyes become green some day actually. My mother and brother have green eyes and it's so beautiful.

good luck all! this is such a nice experiment!

You must be experiencing something similar that I posted about pages back. They are changing alright but for some reason they seemed darker and or duller. I think there is some strippkng of the lypochrome as the iris depigments. Be careful. You may end up with a much lighter shade but the hues may be stripped and not as vibrant. Keep us updated.

heeeey !!!
i'm new here, and i don't speak english very well Sad
i started the " honey therapy" 3 day ago, and i'm allready seeing results Big Grin
i took photos, always in a dark room ( without any light just the flash off the camera ) just to be sur that the changes are opering Tongue
here is the first pic ( day o )
[Image: mini_888359Sanstitre.jpg]
and the pic of ( day 3 )
[Image: mini_879871Sanstitre.jpg] was one of the blogs that started all of this talk about real honey lightening the irises.

Now, I saw the photos and they were really convincing. She went from dark, dark brown almost black to light brown (or honey as you guys call it)in about a little over a year. Strange thing is, she took it all down and then ditched her blog (above) for this one:

No such blog about her lightening journey. However, here she is promoting her new lenses and her old eye color???? Dark, Dark brown! Now, she said she stopped after doing it over a year and said she liked her color. So she would know if it were permanent for the months to follow.

The comments below show, this is dated sometime this year and where are her lovely gold irises?

Either she is a fraud, or maybe this honey method works, but is not permanent after all?

Here is her departure letter to all:

"So girls, I am very sorry to say that after all the problems I have faced with Ameena and my health, I am officially deleting this blog on July. I am very emotional about his situation, but it's whats best for me to be honest.

Please don't be mad or nothing, I just can't take the betrayal and crap that all went down and stuff. I really do love you guys. To all the people that actually take their time to read this crummy blog :/

I am really upset to delete this blog, and I am sorry that i have not answer many of your questions. I love you guys.

But I don't wanna give up on you guys, so I made a new blog, for only me and no lies. But please don't ask about the honey stuff or anything to do with Ameena, because i am very fragile at this point about family.

My blog is .

Please show your support by checking it out and following it. It would mean the world to me.

Click on this link to follow!!

Love you all!

Afifa (this time for real) "

Its possible that maybe she went back to her color and doesn't want to answer to everyone she told about her great lasting results because she later found out, its not. Why would she be so into contacts if she had her lovely results and new iris color. Maybe she's very obsessive with iris colors. But then again, Why are her irises back to her original color!!!! Makes absolutely no sense. I know many people fool each other with their fake and photoshopped results, but I was hoping this was a real testimony. She mentioned some one else's were real but not hers. Maybe it was not her. Boy, they sure look alike... So confusing.

If anyone knows, post about it. I did try honey method for over a month and noticed my lypochrome or green color turning murky into a brownish color and almost blending in with the brown ring that I have (I despised this!) If my irises were all the way brown, I would have just thought they lifted.

Though they appeared a shade lighter (only the brown part) they were dull and colorless on my green. SO I STOPPED! And went raw instead. I have them nice and vibrant again like years ago.

now, I'm not saying this doesn't work, I think it does lift pigment, but for me, it left mine dull in my hues. Now my question is, is it permanent and for how long?
I got my iris color hues back, and more, thank goodness. I will never mess with my irises again like this. Going on a raw cleansing fast again! I will try this for at least 3 weeks and report back

Good luck guys.
Well I did both msm drops . Chamomile with honey drops and contacts way for about 9 months. Then around christmas is when I stopped just to see if it went back ro normal. What I noticed is that my stress rings stayed but overall the color did darken back up again.

I started up msm drops a week ago and I think the brightness came back again.
From my understanding the results are permanent. I've been lightening my eyes since January 2013, I have taken breaks (up to 2 weeks) every now and then, and my eye color hasn't converted back to dark.

Perhaps, the results may differ and vary from time to time regarding certain individuals. I haven't experience my eyes darkening up at all..... It could also be the ingredient that could be affecting the eye irises pigmentation, as well. If people are putting lemon/lime juice in their mixture then it can actually darken your eye color, opposed to making it lighter. Dodgy

Consistency and patience is the key. Don't feel discouraged or deterred from your results, you'll achieve the eye color you desire if you believe that you can achieve it. Wink

Good Luck
(11-06-2013, 09:39 PM)ab101bab Wrote: [ -> ]i use a childs medicen dropper works like a charm and has measurments on it Wink lol

Thank you!! I will use that Smile
Thank you AngieNoelle!
I thought the honey/water method did lighten the eyes, and that it was permanent; not darken them or make them dull at all, or after awhile... Sad