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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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(10-08-2013, 01:59 PM)nati85 Wrote: [ -> ]Hello everyone!

I just wanted to report that I have been doing this consistently for 10 days now. No results so far. None. Anyone that says otherwise after 10 days, is lying. Either that or wants it so bad that sees what they want to see. This happened to me. I know it takes far more than ten days but I see people saying that they see changes after 3 days or even less.
I have light brown eyes, a bit darker than honey color.

I'm taking pictures EVERY night. Same spot of the house, same lights on, same time of the day, with FLASH to avoid any possible differences due to lighting.

I have yet to download them to my computer. Will do so shortly. Maybe I star a blog showing the results. Smile

See you around

We all have difference in genetics, and difference in the number of pigments and density of them in our eyes.

In addition, we are all using different types of honey, using different methods/possible sources of error in preparing our drops, and using them with varying frequencies.

In light of this, that probably explains why some of us are finding quicker results. This process seems to be working.

I have been doing this for four days (took a break) and my eyes have lightened - not overly dramatically but they have lightened.

You are starting off with an already-light colour, so your colour may be lightening if you have used a decent honey, that is raw unprocessed, mixed without high heat in distilled water and applied moderately to the eyes.

However, the majority of us here have darker eyes, so when it lightens , we can often notice right away.

Keep at it! Tell me your method so i can possibly advise youSmile I truly hope this works for you and all of us!

(08-08-2013, 03:34 PM)Peanutz Wrote: [ -> ]What do you guys think about thyme honey?

On this page it lists the hydrogen peroxide content of honeys. Honeydew had the highest mean concentration but also a huge standard deviation which is bad. Thyme had the 2nd highest and the smallest SD. Of course, this study can't be relied on completely.

I have seen that study. I also was looking into thyme when i couldn't find honey-dew.

I think on paper thyme is pretty decent. If that is reliable for all kinds of thyme.

With honey-dew honey, there are studies after studies testifiying it's ability to produce higher-than average levels of glucose oxidase. It might contain minerals and such, but there is evidence that it can produce h202, which can act as an antibacterial and still be effective.

Thyme looks like a good shot too. If you're in the UK i can link you to a legitimate and cheap raw and reliable producer of it.

"The bees introduce some of the enzymes, found in raw honey, while others are found in the nectar. Because of the different nectar sources, as with other aspects of honey, the enzyme activity will also vary greatly in different honeys. Honeydew honey has high enzyme activity while arbutus honey has virtually no enzyme activity, because it’s produced in late autumn and over-wintering bees have reduced gland activity. "
(11-08-2013, 06:45 AM)Beckylory Wrote: [ -> ]x

Very well done on your eye lightening. I believe you because i have collected a lot of testimony of people who have had others comment on how light their eyes have gotten!

If people ever comment on my eyes getting lighter i'll be over the moon. Keep it up!

Guys, when you're looking to find evidence that someones eye colour has changed, do not ask for before and after pics unless they have been doing it for months.

This is because it's difficult to have it in the same lighting exactly always. Secondly, even if you do, the change will be very subtle and often not always picked up as well on camera - the first few weeks of doing this yield noticeably lighter eyes, but nothing dramatic enough for someone not to ascribe 'lighting' to the change.

For instance, my eyes have gotten slightly lighter. If you saw a before after, you would immediately say 'lighting' because it's very hard to get it in the exact same lighting .

So how can you reliably tell?

When people in real life tell you that you're eyes have gotten lighter, half a shade, four days in. This removes your own 'illusion' bias, or you looking in different lightnings.

Unless you have a very good camera like a few users here, and can zoom it very precisely to see all the detais in the eyes, and show us your eyes in the same exact lighting, people will be skeptical.

(10-08-2013, 07:51 AM)foxy_princess Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-08-2013, 09:01 AM)achievedream Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-08-2013, 08:48 AM)laura_ Wrote: [ -> ]I am a little bit worried that my honey won't do much to the eye. I am currently using Linden tree honey. I would love to use honeydew, but i can't get it anywhere in my country. Sad

As long as your honey is Raw, unpasturized, ect, don't worry too much. Focus on using your honey for a few weeks to a month, and if there are no changes, one possible factor may be the honey.

I don't know all the honey varieties and their glucose oxidase levels, it could be that your honey has levels that are more than adequate.

So don't worry too much as long as it's definitely raw and unpasturizedSmile

If it's ok to ask, are you from the UK? (If so, i can give you a lot of suppliers)

where can i get unpasturized honey in the uk Sad please tell me


Here are sellers :

and this one:

(08-08-2013, 05:52 PM)Peanutz Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-08-2013, 09:03 AM)achievedream Wrote: [ -> ]Just to ask, are the effects of this process permanent ? The company advertised here which offer Iris-Lightening kits say the results are permanent and to be careful.

Am four days in guys, definitely reporting changes , but nothing at all dramatic at the moment - though noticeable. I hope it's not my own imagination (can't be) and my Iris keeps lightening.

I also keep looking at the sun to see my eye-colour and keep noticing less 'dark' specs. I'll stop looking at the sun from now on though, although i think the sun is now catching my eyes much better.

Again, i will measure the success of this process is anyone in my family notices any colour-change, or any of my friends. If they do, (and it's been a few weeks or months) i will give a definite seal of approval to this method.

So early days still any it can go either way.

For some reason sometimes my posts don't know up in the thread. But another thing to be wary of is the color shirt you're wearing. For example, if you have brown eyes, colors like dark blue will make it appear lighter, and bright colors will make it appear darker.

This is true.

"There has been some research that indicates that honeydew honey also has higher than average antibiotic properties due to higher levels of Glucose Oxidase which leads to the production of Hydrogen Peroxide."
Hi Everyone,

Has anyone experienced a dilation enlargement to their pupils, after putting their honey drops in? Is this supposed to happen, because I just instilled the honey drops in my eyes and shortly after my pupils became very enlarged then after like about 30 secs or so, they went back to normal. Is that abnormal, or is that suppose to happen? Huh LOL Just wanting to make sure that I am not doing anything wrong.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Cool
I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this but I watched a video on youtube where a girl's eyecolor lightened several shades (greenish brown to hazel) by switching her diet to raw vegan. Her name is FullyRawKristina there.