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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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(09-04-2014, 11:47 PM)salander Wrote: [ -> ]Hi guys, I just registered here on this forum and I will, soon, start my lighten my eye color journey!

I've spent a few hours reading all the replies so I now understand a little bit of somethings related to eye color. I know it is genetics, and because of my mother's eye color, I carry at least one light eye color gene!
So, my mom has blue eyes and my father has dark brown eyes. It just pisses me off because my father's father had violet eyes (yes, that is right!) yet my father was born with dark brown eyes. My mother family is slavic and pretty much every member has blue/green eyes. A few have hazel eyes, but majority is blue or green.
I really don't know what color my eyes are. I am pretty sure they are not dark brown or just brown. In fact, many people have told me I have an amber/honey eye color, but the thing is: when I am in a place without any natural or artificial light, they look plain & boring brown, however, when there is light, they become really beautiful! Even many people with blue eyes have told me how beautiful my eyes look when there is light, so I hope that using honey will make my eyes look that beautiful without any lighting!

I'll try to keep you guys updated since I'll, mostly, get the raw honey this weekend and will as soon as possible start doing it. I'll first do this with only one eye so check if this really works. Plus, I'll, soon too, start a raw food diet therefore I hope I can get results faster.

Here are a few pictures of my eye color so you can see how much it changes and tell me what my eye color really is.






Ps.: I'm a guy! Big Grin

Dude, its light brown !! ... I wish you will get your eyes lighter! My father has blue and mother has like me but they are lighter than me l, I ve hazel green .. but its dark I am doing this honey eye drop since 1 months but no result, sadly
hi guyss ... i found another method for changing eyes color with hypnosis ... is that reall !! i found poeple commented that this really work but i wonder why they didn t put pic befor and after but its a interstingg and maybe it works whats your opinion thxx ....
Hi guys ... I read another method to changing color eyes with hypnosis ... What do you think... Have anyone tried this method?? Is that really work ?? My eyes is very dark brown ..and i think honey dosn t hav influence at dark eyes thxx
Hey guys!! I recently joined the forum because of this thread, I'm a 16 year old girl that goes to high school, nice to meet yall Smile (pls don't mind my English, German is my native language haha~)
Yesterday I started my honey eye drop journey, and I believe I've slight results, but how could that be possible? I think it's all in my head since I just started, please tell me what you think! Will add before/after pics Smile
Another thing is the gene thing, I read in a couple of posts that eye colour genes of the parents don't really influence the lightening progress (meaning that when a parent has dark eyes and the other light, and you inherit the dark eyes it doesn't matter wether you have blood relatives with light eyes in your family) because the light eye gene is recessive and dormant and doesn't actually activate when you destroy the melanine pigments with the H2O2 of the honey... Is that true?
I mean I am half German and half Moroccan, my father has baby blue eyes and so does ALL the rest of his family and I mean all haha Smile Ya know the Germans. And my mother looks typically Moroccan and I inherited nearly everything of her phenotype: dark brown eyes, light brown skin (a bit lighter than her because of my father), dark brown hair... but my little brother has blonde body hair! (Still brown hair on the head and brows, looks so cute on him tho)
So my question is, does it really have no effect on my leye lightening even with all those German light eye folks that run through 50% of my blood? Would be interesting if it does.. Smile

Anyway, good luck to you guys and keep up the good results! Remember, slow and steady wins the race!! Smile

Just remember, lighting is everything:

Eyes can look brighter or lighter by the lighting and type of angles use during picture taking.

Honey takes a lot longer than a few day...
(16-04-2014, 03:30 AM)tibetan113 Wrote: [ -> ]Just remember, lighting is everything:

Eyes can look brighter or lighter by the lighting and type of angles use during picture taking.

Honey takes a lot longer than a few day...

Srry i didn t inderstant .... Is this mean that guy uese honey drop ?
(16-04-2014, 03:30 AM)tibetan113 Wrote: [ -> ]Just remember, lighting is everything:

Eyes can look brighter or lighter by the lighting and type of angles use during picture taking.

Honey takes a lot longer than a few day...

Yes, now I think so too haha... the reason I thought my eyes have lightened was because I was too excited, sorry

Is it possible for me to lighten my eyes to a honey like colour? I mean one part of my family has light eyes, maybe it has an effect on my eyes as well
Hello guys!
I have a quick question, is normal than instead of getting lighter my eyes got darker? I try a few months ago this honey thing and they did get lighter but after a month they started to get darker...also I'll like to try it again, but this time I'll like you guys to tell me how should I make the solution. The last solution I made was water, honey and a little bit of lettuce, you might be wondering, why lettuce? well is good for the eye, and also I did try once just lettece tea and it kind of works but I stopped because I thought honey would be much quicker. So tell me guys how should I make the solution? Thanks for all the info.

I tried Honey water (manuka Hony) and drop in my eyes once a day for a week
I got about 0.5-1 shade lighter
from very dark brown to dark brown eyes (I am arab and Mom has black eyes, dad has brownish hazel eyes and gramma has light hazel surrounded with gray circle)
SO, I got a result for a week and its permanent as I stopped 5 months ago due to work and makup
but I will do it again and drop 2-3 times a day for a May and will see the resultsBig Grin