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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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(28-05-2013, 06:32 AM)MeLoBaNgZ Wrote: [ -> ]Hi guys! Wow I've been Off this site for quite a while... Things have gotten real busy for me. I want to thank everybody who has replied to my initial comment.

Quick question: I just read tibetan113's reply to @Doll and she said using topical (honey and everything else that works to lighten the iris) can make they eye dull looking? Can you please elaborate? You seem to be against the honey method and I noticed you were with the whole "genetic pool stuff" at the beginning so I was just wondering where or who you got this info from if you don't even indulge in using this method? Thanks.

If anybody else wants to clarify/answer be my guest!

BTW thanks for answering my questions Emily! I'm going to try to keep in touch with this forum as much as possible.

Read about iridology and genetic eye color( all) and read about lipochrome.
I notice true brown seems to be most affected by honey and chamomile, etc. As far as bleaching goes. But when it comes to other colors that have a lot of gold greens or amber( not true brown iris) what I have noticed with mine, it did nothing for lifting but as far as hued if green and yellow that I had, it pretty much stripped the lipochrome hues out of my irises. Mine have always been blue with brown but over the years they have been loaded with toxins of mercury and such, they have turned green with brown.

So the chamo honey mix lightened my brown a bit but ate up my hues of green and gold. So the blue became dull like grey with brown. 2 months of this. So I stopped.

I started going raw 8o% and they got brighter within the first month. I encourage those with true brown to do this honey method and those who have mixed or colored to do raw as they already have light eyes, unless they really want violet or gray and major UV sensitivity.

This " genetic pool stuff" is just knowing, what color your eyes actually are not whose got what in your family. Many have mixed and don't even realize it. True brown is normally solid brown color the fibers are very smoother.. If you have variants of color and rings of two contrasting colors like doll and i, chances are you have a mixed iris of brown and some shade of blue which can be dark navy or light sky blue.

You might want to research iridology ( all color types)
Brown eyes may change to a beautiful golden amber on raw.
Look up lypochrome and pigments in iris color
I'm for honey and chamo on true brown irises not so much on mixed or light as they are already light you wanna be careful. Too much sun sensitivity and those Uv rays are harsh on grey and violet eyes ( if lightening blue). So anything past blue, you're better off with cleansing or raw. Certain metals like mercury and lead and fluoride change blue irises to green and brown over time.

Genetic pool stuff lol. Its knowing what color Your eyes really are not what's in your family. Smoother fibers found in true brown solid irises aren't often in light or mixed irises. So look for two contrasting colors even if they look brown, they may not be. Look for speckles of other color hues. Like doll has specks of blue( note she has so smoothed fibering). You may have mixed. They like to pop up like rings around the pupil and the contrasting around it .

When using honey and other lighten agents, your not just stripping the pigment, your beaching out the lypochrome hues that give orange amber and greenish tones.

True brown is often one color maybe have some pits of darker but generally smooth. The neat thing about topicals, is they do give the darkest brown irises a beautiful golden color from bleaching. I haven't seen a real green iris from bleaching. Can't say it can't happen.

This pic (in leopard) was taken in 2010 and are what they are the most current before raw food cleansing lightening protocol or any lightening attempt. They are murky (though light) compared to what they were before. (looking for a good pic) I ll post when I find it.
I know my eyes are mixed, which is coming a huge way from years ago when I wore glasses all the time and they were pitch black, but brown's still the only colour that shows unless I'm in direct light, which is what bothers me. I don't mind if the other colours lighten, I just wish the brown weren't so overpowering! Haha!

I still really wanna try raw foods! Maybe my body would be healthy for once! ^^; Oh, money woes, though...
Hi people,
Male here, hope you don't mind.
So i'm doing this experiment for about 3 months now and my results are great so far. They turned from medium/dark brown to light brown. In light i can even see small tints of greenish ^^.
Because there aren't much pictures in this thread, i just want to share my results so anyone can see it.
I'm planning to do this till i get the eye colour i want.
If anyone got a question, ask me! Wink

[Image: 4hqolx.jpg]

[Image: a3ghhu.jpg]

matthijskm ,

Your results from your eye lightening journey are incredible and simply amazing. What is your ingredient (what kind of honey do you use?) and how often do you use the honey drops? Your eyes are gorgeous. Big Grin
Wow matthijs your progress is amazing! I'd like to know how often you put drops and how much honey/water/lemon you use.

I have bought manuka honey this week and made a new mixture. i have been skipping about a week, also skipped my workouts ( am doing the insanity program ) but i have to get back at it! I still haev 5 weeks.. then i have a nude photoshoot eek! Big Grin I gotta trim as much fat as possible! I really wish to lose 5 kg..

BUTTT i also have some kind of progress pic. its not much, but it seems that my eyes have gone up 1 shade.

[Image: 580678_10151423503461394_989790033_n.jpg]

what do you guys think ?
^ Your proces looks very good!

I use the ratio (honey) 3 : 1 (water). No lime and other stuff for me!
I use flower honey from the supermarket.
How many times i drop a day? Well i try to do 3 times a day but it usually ends up in 1 because i forget it.

Oh and yes... It stings like hell. But i love the pain!

Hope to see some other journey pictures, i think this is a pretty interesting and fun beauty experiment!
matthijskm ,

Alright, bet! Smile Thanks for the feedback. I will try just the honey and nothing else. Thanks for responding back, and your results are amazing.... Good luck with your eye lightening journey. If I could get to the eye color you have now (maybe just a tad bit lighter) then, I'll be satisfied.

Good luck everyone.
Hi! I'm new to this forum, and I've been wanting to know where I could buy chamomile. I've been using raw, organic honey with diluted water for about 3 weeks now. I use them 3 times a day, and I put 3 drops on each eye. So far, I've seen no change. I have dark brown eyes, But I'm not giving up until I see them lighten up! I'm aiming for a brown-hazel color. But my question is, how do I mix the chamomile with the water and honey? Thank you for your help! I don't know what to do!
**I meant hazel, sorry.
This is how my magic recipe looks, pretty yellow but it's flower honey!
And also a picture of my current eye color in a dark room with a lamp.I will post a side by side picture again with this pic and how my eyes looks in 2/3 weeks. So sad i don't really have clear pictures of my eye color before i tried this. But i just know this really works!!

Btw did you already tried putting a bit on your finger and putting it in your eye like a contact lens? I feel like it's more effective, but don't forget to wash your hands before doing this! Tongue