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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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(05-04-2013, 07:44 AM)MeLoBaNgZ Wrote: [ -> ]Ok... Let me just get to the point. First and foremost this site/blog is awesome! I love reading the stuff everyone on here has to say especially Loretta's stuff! Well yea I'm a male with very dark brown eyes (almost black) I have seen people talk about genetics and honestly that's all bullsh*t. I read from various sources that EVERYONE (yes that means you too!) has blue eyes. The problem is that us dark brown people have extra melanin in the front of the iris as opposed to the light eyed people which have close to or no melanin production in the front. So in conclusion genetics do NOT have anything to do with this at all. All we have to do is inhibit the melanin production on the front of the iris and VIOLA light eyes. My assumption is that if you keep doing the honey solution thing you CAN get to your desired color (ie: very dark brown to hazel-green) if you are consistent with it. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I doubt I am since honey is supposed to inhibit the melanin production.


Now, I have some questions for anybody who has lightened there eyes SUBSTANSTIALY. How has it been going for you after you quit? Has it darkened a bit or has it gotten back to normal or have the results stayed? Any loss or improvement of vision (I ask because people talk about hydrogen peroxide can damage the eyes and they don't want to go bling & blah blah) so can somebody knowledgable touch on this subject and show some clarity on this? Any problems what do ever? Last couple things here (hopefully Emily Loretta can answer this one) I heard that honey cannot penetrate the eye enough to actually lighten the eyes & I also heard that if you go out in the sun your eyes will be restored to its normal color. If this is true then how come people with lighter eyes (Blue, green, gray etc.) have not had this effect ?

PS: I would live if somebody would jump in and explain the whole anatomy of this. Like how honey brightens the eyes and stuff because it is very confusing when people say stuff like "it can only make it light brown if you have very dark brown eyes" I mean if this is so then this would mean either 1: you can only inhibit melanin production to a certain extent (WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT) and 2: you are just bleaching the eye which makes no sense at all really. So please SOMEBODY COME TO THE RESCUE. I believe we can all change our eye color from nearly pitch black to green if we really wanted to because come on.. It's common sense we are inhibiting melanin production here THUS bringing out our true color. I saw a pic of a person go from dark brown to hazel on this specific entry. But yea I'm curious to see Emily's eyes in a photo? Or anybody else that has seen a gradual change? All of these back links to blogs have been deleted and the Isis website too their pics down.. Wtf is that about? Anyways, thanks in advance!

Lol! Its just like saying: Everyone has white skin underneath, you just have to bleach the F*&^% out of it!

You saying our true eye color is blue? Our true skin color must be white? We are all truly Aryan? Its kinda scary to think it may be true, the preferred is indeed going lighter than darker. Just a food for thought...

Perhaps people just don't care once they have reached success to post about it? Or they have simply threw in the towel, perhaps? Who knows, I agree, not a whole lot of evidential progress out there. Its like a secret to be kept once one finds out, it really works![/undefined]

I responded to your post in an appropriate manner please look at that. And let me know if there's anything else I can help you with. Have a nice day.
Tibetan, I'm so glad to hear you've changed your mind about this. I was getting sore from biting my tongue whenever anyone said that dark eyes are the result of toxins or some other "disease". I found that to be unintentionally racist, but lately it seemed like you'd realized the implications and changed your mind. Maybe I'm wrong, and you haven't changed your mind about that, but if so then your response to Melobangz wouldn't make sense.

I don't think Melobangz is saying that blue is the "true" eye color. Im almost completely sure that he's saying that everyone's eyes would be blue if most of the melanin was removed. There's nothing racist about that statement. It's just a statement of fact. Remove all the melanin from both layers of the iris and you'd have pink eyes (and probably begin to go blind).
(06-04-2013, 08:39 PM)mochaccino Wrote: [ -> ]Tibetan, I'm so glad to hear you've changed your mind about this. I was getting sore from biting my tongue whenever anyone said that dark eyes are the result of toxins or some other "disease". I found that to be unintentionally racist, but lately it seemed like you'd realized the implications and changed your mind. Maybe I'm wrong, and you haven't changed your mind about that, but if so then your response to Melobangz wouldn't make sense.

I don't think Melobangz is saying that blue is the "true" eye color. Im almost completely sure that he's saying that everyone's eyes would be blue if most of the melanin was removed. There's nothing racist about that statement. It's just a statement of fact. Remove all the melanin from both layers of the iris and you'd have pink eyes (and probably begin to go blind).

Hey Mocha, I haven't so much had a "change of mind," I think people may have misread what I was saying the whole time.

I just wanted to share, many of us with our bad eating habits (which are average: of store bought, process foods and being heavily exposed to environmental toxins, malnourishment over the years) have literally our identities altered from what we as human beings are genetically predisposed to be. As a result of these exposures, truth be known, many of us have a different iris color than what we were genetically born with. This goes for genetic height factors, skin quality, hair, nails, life span, would you believe, boobs too! Lol.

As far as the statement claim for toxins and iris color, its not dark eyes, its supposedly "black irises." I do not know how true this is. All I know, is I had read it and shared it. I can only speak from experience, I have been lighter in my irises after months of cleansing, (unintentionally to lift iris shades of course), I just wanted to be healthy and noticed this as a result.

As for the poster, he/she said everyone has blue eyes underneath, I agree with you, remove the pigment and we'd be pinkish red like a bunny.

I'm not insinuating he maybe racist, I just feel like many such as himself, have a preference for the look of an Aryan "self" vs. the exact version of themselves as they are now. Its just a preference I am noticing and not so much racism.

I am all for do what you want, just know why you want to do it in the first place. I still am for cleansing to get to my genetic eye color. No matter what, mine are naturally light and mixed brown and blue (and I remember a time when I wanted brown brown eyes and as I got older, I learned to really appreciate them). I have to admit, I was teased for having my color I think that was why I wanted them brown. I now realized as an adult, it was jealousy.

But now, they are murky and not as vibrant as they used to be. I think lightening by honey is great, but perhaps not so much for me as I get bad blephitis and I am not really sure I like what its giving me hue wise. I feel kinda fake like its not really mine. So yeah, its my issue or hangup with it.

I have already told everyone why I want to do cleansing as opposed to honey drops. I am just curious, for anyone here doing Honey: What is your exact reasoning for wanting lighter or different iris color?

Just for vanity reasons? For fun? To look different? Do you hate or dislike what you have so much? Want to look like a family member? Did you envy someone for having what you didn't?

So as we all know (or learning, whichever) Kojic Acid is an all natural chelation derived from fungus. And also I am of making a super duper eye lightening mix!! I'm currently looking at other plant derived L-tyrinose inhibitors like KA:

Plant extracts

Azelaic acid (15-20%) [9] (9-carbon dicarboxylic acid)
Arbutin (3%)
Alpha arbutin [10]
Kojic acid [11] (2-4%)
Flavonoids, flavones, flavonols, hesperidins

Kojic a bit below Abutin so of course I won't get the amaing results that the people who use arbutin get but hey. I'm looking at Yohimbine, I keep seeing it everywhere and only today found out it could help with iris lightening. Plus I want Kojic to be my main so I have to find a weaker inhibitor.The mix I'm thinking of though it Kojic, Honey, A drop of lemon, water, and possibly yohimbine, not 100% of the yohimbine yet, need more info. Just a week more weeks before I'm able to start again. It was a nice break and I'm happy my progress wasn't reverse but it's time to continue down the road lol
Emily, remember that it might be very difficult to dissolve a large amount of actives in water. The last thing you want is a bunch of undissolved solids in your eyes. It might be best to choose one or two actives that have at least some amount of direct evidence efficacy, and then making sure that they are the right percentage, PH, etc. to be most useful, at least theoretically. Just a suggestion Wink Maybe you've already thought of that. I don't know.

Personally I hope you find something that works much better and faster than what most people are currently using. You seem dedicated enough to do the proper testing, or at least the best that can be expected from a single subject mixing stuff up at home Tongue
I actually started reading this thread again because I wanted to propose a little experiment. It's just honey and distilled water, so I doubt there's any danger in trying it out, especially if you keep things sterile. I'm not sure if I want to try it out myself just yet, only because I'm not sure I want to dedicate myself to another long term project at this time when I'm already doing NBE, working out, waist training, and doing a few other things, here and there, that I haven't even mentioned on this board.

Someone else has already explained that honey needs to be diluted to a particular PH in order to produce hydrogen peroxide. It's explained in post #543 on this page: I'm not sure I agree with every last word of that post, but it's very well thought out, and I think the PH test strips idea is a very good one, so big thanks to Diannalynn for posting it. IMO, you have two options. 6 is the optimal PH for honey to produce peroxide. You could follow Diannalynn's suggestion and aim for a PH of 5.5 to (hopefully) compensate for the change of PH due to eye moisture and allow the peroxide to be produced on the eyeball itself. Alternatively, you could aim for a PH of 6 to begin with, and allow the peroxide to develop for one hour in the bottle before application.

There are also several other things to keep in mind if you want to get optimal peroxide production from your honey, like avoiding any additives that contain vitamin C, and not keeping it around for more than 24 hours. Here's a link to a post by Ktani, a former member of, about how to insure that your honey mixture produces the most peroxide possible (it's actually about hair lightening with honey) : . I think I linked to her blog earlier in this thread, but it seems like not many people got to read it because it got buried so quickly by the sheer number of posts. Ktani recommends a 4:1 water/honey dilution, but that is based on assumptions about average honey acidity. It's possible that it really would be the best dilution for the vast majority of honeys, but I don't know for sure, and PH test trips would be a bit more accurate. You could start with a 4:1 dilution, and then adjust as necessary to reach the proper PH. Once you find the right dilution, you wouldn't need to use the PH test strips again until you buy a new bottle of honey.

Of course, it's hard to say how much your own tears would alter the dilution after application. Diannalynn's recommended PH is an attempt to compensate for some of the dilution in the eye, but if you produce a massive amount of tears in response to the irritation, honey and any other actives could easily be washed out.

I do have an idea (that I actually "borrowed" from several other people Tongue ) for how to reduce tearing, and hopefully limit dilution and keep the actives from being washed out. Bittyboy (although there are some good reasons to question his honesty) and Thor from claim to have kept there eyes closed for five minutes after applying their drops of choice. They didn't say that they did it to reduce tearing, as far as I know, but I imagine that it would have that effect. They both claimed extreme eye lightening results. I've only dabbled in eye lightening to see what it was like and then stopped, but in my experience, keeping my eyes closed seems to reduce tearing by a ton. I'm sure other people have experienced the same when they accidentally got shampoo in their eyes in the shower. Either way, this is the only method for reducing tearing that I'm aware of, other than avoiding irritation by using weaker eye drops that might not be as effective (or do anything at all).

As far as choosing honey, Jarrah is probably the best choice, even in comparison to Manukah. Both of these honeys are rated by antibacterial activity, but Manukah contains a special "extra" substance that has antibacterial activity but does not produce peroxide. Manukah still contains plenty of the enzyme that produces peroxide, of course, but the ratings we are interested in are measures of total antibacterial activity and don't distinguish between peroxide levels and NPA (non peroxide activity). Peroxide production is the only kind of activity relevant eye lightening. As far as I know, Jarrah honey doesn't have any NPA, so that means that it's rating should be a direct reflection of it's ability to produce peroxide. On the other hand the "Active" rating or TA (total activity) is not well regulated, so there is nothing stopping honey sellers from exaggerating or using crappy testing methods. The only way around this is to buy from well known sellers rather than buying the cheapest Jarrah honey available. Of course, that's no guarantee of honesty, but I'd rest a little easier if I were buying from a reputable seller. It's possible that a TA of 10 is high enough, but I'd like to see people experiment with a TA of at least 20, as proof of concept. If that doesn't work, than it would be hard to argue that they just needed to use a stronger honey.

Here's the actual experiment I'm suggesting:
1) Use Jarrah honey with a TA of 20 or more
2) Use distilled water (it can be purchased at almost any supermarket, Walmart, or other similar store)
3) Begin with a distilled water/honey ratio of 4:1 and adjust until you reach a PH of 6 according to PH test strips. Don't heat the honey. You can boil the water to sterilize it, but it has to be allowed to cool before adding the honey.
4) Allow the peroxide to develop for at least an hour before application.
5) Replace the mixture every 24 hours (per Ktani's instructions)
6) Sterilize your dropper bottle, funnel etc. at least once a week.
7) Don't add any other ingredients. This is partly to avoid any chemicals that might deplete the peroxide, but it's also because I'd like to see the honey water mixture tested on it's own. Otherwise it could be hard to tell what's doing what. Other ingredients might work, and there's not necessarily anything wrong with adding them, but it wouldn't be a pure honey/peroxide experiment anymore.
8) Close your eyes immediately after application and keep them closed for 5 minutes (start a timer just before using the drops).
9) Use the drops at least twice a day, or as much as you like.
10) Take progress pics, and report back in at least a month, but hopefully 3, or even 6 months. Taking the pics in a windowless room with a door is one way to insure fairly consistent lighting. It would also help to stand in exactly the same spot, use the same camera angle, etc.

That sounds complicated, but it's actually extremely simple, and it seems worth a try. I'm not holding my breath until anyone tries this, but if anyone actually does decide to try this out, please let everyone know so we can track your progress. You could even start a personal program thread on eyecolorboard instead, and link to it in this thread. In the end, there's a small chance I'll try it out myself, but don't rely on me to try it out for you if you're curious. At the moment, I'm not planning on doing this myself.

At the very least, maybe several people will incorporate some of these ideas into their own programs, and we can at least get a vague idea of whether these modifications help at all. I make no promises that it will work, which is why I'm interested in seeing people test it out.

Someone PM'ed to ask about Azelaic acid so I thought I's say this one time. I don't know about it for eye lightening, no it's not at ALL harmful [non of the "acids" I posted are], it's a yeast that is found....can you guess...I'll're right! It's found right there on your skin everyday!! It's one of the skin's defenses. And also it's in a few wheat products. So here is my REASONING, Azelaic acid for eye lightening will maybe drastically increase eye color alot faster, I WANT to say weeks to 3 months but I can't because I'm not sure. Oh and for eye safety, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's rubbed their eyes. But again I'm not sure...

Now with all that said, I'm going to research more into it...might even use it if I can't find anything else, if not for the eyes for my hair, it grows hair ridiculously fast.

Im back with little progress, and i think i might switch to raw honey. Does anyone know if that is a good idea. I really dont think pure white clover honey works.

Miss Emily its nice to see you active and i read every post. Im a huge fan of yours and thanks forposting this its awesome Smile
Hi! Im new here and I love what you guys are doing! My eyes are pitch black and I want them to at least be hazel or very light brown like Rihanna's. So if anyone can tell me what materials I need to get started I would be so happy lol. Also Emily Loretta is it okay if you could post some before and after pictures pleaseeeeeeeeeeeSmile? Thanks!