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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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Tried the natural raw honey/distiller water 2x a day for a week, and my eyes got infected!! Very painful, posey, and red. Had to go to the eye doc and get prescribed drops to clear it up. Beware!!!!
I'm trying this and I want to see before after pics but I can't see any pics? Sad
Oh nevermind I can see some pics here. Also, what do you think is the best to mix with honey? distilled water, saline, or pure chamonile tea water?
also, those mix honey with msm, I found this liquid msm
but it also has vitamin C?? is that okay to use?
Hey Guys, I'm new here. I decided to make an account on here to tell you my story and what I recommend.  I used the Honey method about 2 years ago for about 4 months. I used to put 3 drops, 3x a day. My eyes were very dark brown almost Black, they began to look a very light chocolate color after about 2 months. However, I hit a wall. Once it got to the light chocolate color it stopped there, it never reached Hazel no matter how hard I tried after. I'm African-American and I suspect the melanin production in my body may have something to do with this. 

What I do now is I listen to subliminal audio for lighter eyes on Youtube. I've been doing this for almost 3 months now and not only have my eyes become lighter but for the first time in my life I can see the "rings" in my eyes very clearly. I use a video called Biokinesis Boost by Kinetikus (He actually has before/after pictures on his channel as well) and then I listen to a video called "Get Green Eyes fast" By Quadible Integrity at night (I put on my headphones, turn the volume down and listen to this as I sleep). 

I am certain my eyes will be green in a few months. For those of you that are African-American or anyone that is struggling with the honey method use those two Subliminal audio videos I've suggested. I can almost guarantee the honey method will be more effective if you also are using the biokinesis/subliminal methods as well. Good luck to everyone.
Hey guys another thing is I've been taking pics of my progress here and there, I don't think about my eye color change too much because it messes up the subliminals if you do (Hence why I don't take too many pics of my eyes). So the latest pics I have are from last month, they were taken on 11/28/16 (2nd month in) and my eyes are much lighter than this now. I'm going to attach some photos so you see, now keep in mind these pics were taken in very bad lighting but even in this you may see the signs of the rings forming. You may have to zoom in a bit to see my progress. I'm telling you ladies, combine subliminals with your honey method for a few months, be patient, and you'll have the eye color you've always wanted.
Eating a healhy diet full of veggies and fruits will help make your eyes appear brighter. This especially worked for me as I have hazel eyes that most of the times look brown unless you're really close or there's really bright lightning, but after eating really healthy and drinking a lot of water they looked more green. I also heard taking acai powder helps, but I haven't tried this out myself yet.  Big Grin
Ik this thread is kinda dead but I thought maybe someone would see this and might help. I'm looking to darken my eyes somehow. I'm not comfortable showing my eyes sorry but they are a really light brown, and look green sometimes. So basically hazely/brown and I would like to darken them to a dark brown color. I've read through this whole thread and heard latisse/bimatoprost being used to darken and I want to to know if this product would work? I think it contains the same ingredients as latisse, but I'm not sure. Also if there's anything else to darken them I'd like to know, im pretty desperate to darken them. Thanks!  Smile
I just started the biokinesis today . Im taking pictures everyday to show progress. Smile I will post every 7 days.
Hey guys, I posted on here late last year about trying to get my eye color to green and using subliminals for this purpose. The subliminals were working but at a very slow rate, I eventually got frustrated and quit. Recently I've started using MSM/Alpha-Arbutin eye drops along with Subliminals again. 

I was using Quadible integrity for subliminals again but I recently switched to a channel called Matrixplay99 she has a video called "Lighten your Eye Color" which I put on loop when I go to bed. I don't use headphones, I simply put my laptop on a chair next to my bed and set the video to a low volume. I basically get to lighten my eye color as I get some sleep Smile

So basically my routine is MSM/Alpha-Arbutin 4 times a day and Matrixplay99's lighten your eye color video on loop at night. 

Here's an older pic of my eyes (One of the Same ones I posted initially) [Image: LFQsf44]

And the attached pics are how my eyes look now (Day 19 of MSM/Alpha-Arbutin along with Subliminals)