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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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i saw that someone said there is no such thing as green eyes just toxic blue does this mean if i lighten it that it will turn blue but not to a lighter green?
@matthijskm it strange you've lifted eyelid now Huh
@ matthijskm your eyes look amazing , the change is incredible. What month are you in now?
(03-10-2013, 01:06 AM)brat Wrote: [ -> ]@matthijskm it strange you've lifted eyelid now Huh

It looks like he has or might have a small case of bleph. I think its slightly inflamed. Bleph is a bitch to get rid of. You can get it from dropping honey or other liquids in the eye or from other health issues, and crying. It makes you look old and tired. I know, cause I have eye issues from thyroid disease. But at least his irises are coming out nice, eh?

Honey though healthy for the eyes, is not meant for long term use. It can be an irritant, same thing with herbs. I have experienced this with herbal eye washes that were supposedly healthy and good. But my eyes were inflamed every time!

so never again, will I put anything in my eyes. Raw food diet is another way you can achieve clear, light eyes.
Hello all,

didn't want to start an extra thread... have you heard of Dr. Gregg Homer? He invented a new laser method that turns brown eyes into blue. It takes 20 seconds per eye and after 3-4 weeks all the melanin gets erased by the body. It just costs lots of money, around 5000,- i read. But that's incredible, isn't it. I'd do it if I had the money and no fear Big Grin
(30-09-2013, 04:04 AM)foxy_princess Wrote: [ -> ]
(25-09-2013, 07:49 PM)Doll Wrote: [ -> ]FYI since some people were wondering:
Because of my eye problems, I haven't been lightening in a few months. My eyes are noticeably darker. I'm hoping to be able to try this again at some point, I just wish my eyes weren't so godawful. Sad

Isn't the lightening effect meant to be permanent? Oh my. I'm getting put off tbh

It is more permanent if you do it long term, but because my eyes are constantly having problems, I only lightened for a few months, and even then had to stop periodically. I do fully believe in lightening, it just doesn't stay short term. I believe in it enough to want to try it again. Smile
(02-10-2013, 05:02 AM)babigyal Wrote: [ -> ]i saw that someone said there is no such thing as green eyes just toxic blue does this mean if i lighten it that it will turn blue but not to a lighter green?

Apparently so

Artificially, it can probably be achieved. After all, you are bleaching your iris from brown to lighter brown to light golden brown, it would probably appear green in most lighting.

But as for natural eyes, no.

here are my mixed eyes:


You can see genuine brown and what looks to be green. I been still doing clean eating but not to the point of raw 100% I already see blue specks. They are still quite dull but within time, they should be a mix of brown and blue like my mothers'.

@tibetan113 I see, his eyes looks tired after 3 months of use so it's maybe from the honey drop. I see a solution for hooded eyes for those ppl who doesn't like it, but maybe there eyes will get smaller.