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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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(27-01-2013, 05:08 PM)blue_warrior Wrote: [ -> ]Hey there! I'm new here. I'd like to share my experiences in this journey with you guys!
I've started this journey 2 weeks ago, until yesterday I noticed a little bit of change
In this 2 weeks I've been using 4 different mixes:
-During the first 5 or 6 days I used 3 part honey/ 1 part water. I must say it burned like hell!!
-The second one was 2 part water / 1 part honey
After the first week I changed to a mix of 14 mL, 7 mL of them were water, 3.5 mL of chamomile and the rest of honey. With this I noticed some changes.
Yesterdar I started my second week, and I decided to change my mix, I made 12 mL: 6mL of them was water, 3 mL of chamomile, 2 drops of lemon and the rest honey. I must say with this one, it didnt burned that much, I started with this last night but today when I woke up my eyes were extremily darker!
I'm sad because I started this with light brown eyes, I almost hit the hazel color, but not I have darker eyes! Even darker that normally! I'm just so sad, I'm still going to try for a month and see...wish my good luck =D!
I'd like if someone can tell me with wich mix they get better results.
Good luck on your journey!

Gulp. that sounds scary Sad Best of luck!


no drastic changes. the whites of my eyes are whiter, and my lashes are longer.
do I have to mix mms drops myself or can I buy a product?
do you have some brands I can get by amazon or similar, I prefer to buy it not to mix it myself, so that I don't do anything wrong
After serious researching from different forums on honey lightening ( whether for hair, skin etc). This is what I've found.

using honey with distilled water is the most effective because of the PH 7 in the water. She explains that the natural hydrogen peroxide in honey can decompose with certain minerals in plain water.

using 1 tablespoon of honey and 6 tablespoons of water was more effective ( according to reports from other members), they noticed a difference straight away.

The mixture should be stored at room temperature only. ( refridgerating the honey can destroy certain elements).

Do not use vitamin c with honey as hydrogen peroxide oxidises vitamin c

Australian JARRAH HONEY has 50-70 percent more peroxide activity than manuka

A lot of manuka honeys have NPO ( non peroxide activity) meaning that this honey is useless in lightening. ( google manuka honey NPO).

Lemon and lime is known to darken eyes, I'm assuming this is because of the vitamin c in the lemon and lime, the honey peroxide will oxidise the vitamin c therefore probably having the reverse effect.

I really hope this helped.
using 1 tablespoon of honey and 6 tablespoons of water was more effective ( according to reports from other members), they noticed a difference straight away.

do you mean smaller ratio 1:2 or 1:1 is less effective??
@ rateset

1.1 Or lower would be more effective instead of using 2 parts honey and 1 part water.

I believe this also because of a girl on another thread who used 1.1 ratio and had hazel eyes in 4 months to green in 7 months this is opposed to people who are using more honey and getting slower results.

However everyone is different, What works for one may not work for another but if you find what is working for you finally, do not change it , just stick with it, don't start adding other ingredients.

I used msm but it darkened my eyes but it doesn't mean it won't work for you

Honey and chamomile lightened my eyes significantly,I decided to remove chamomile for a month and my eyes darkened.

I've added chamomile again and they've lightened back up. I'm not adding or changing anything again. This is what works for me.

Don't give up, photos of the girl on at 6 months showed that she still had black eyes, she says around the 8th month they went up 5, 6, 7 shades out of nowhere.
There's so much melanin to get through once we gradually move through the layers they will lighten up.

Hope this helps.
I think eye lightening takes longer than people think. I've been lightening for about 8 months (almost a year since I started but I took breaks)

I'm on another message board that focuses on eye lightening (eyecolorboards) and no on on there has achieved green eyes as of yet. (There is one person but is suspected of lying). The admin for that website has been doing it for almost 2 years, and she's went from dark brown(not black) to a medium brown. Although to her its not too big of a difference. But she's still gonna keep doing it.

As for myself I need to compile my pics before I post my own pics =D
I agree, hazel eyes are a mixed eye of brown and blue. And what most brownies are experiencing is ultra light brown eyes and not true hazel or green. Its okay because light brown eyes can appear green and its just as beautiful.
Hi Smile im new here.
So, I read a lot of this thread and it got me excited to try this, im only on day one.
The mixture im using is 4 teaspoons honey, 5 teaspoons chamomile water/tea & a pinch of turmeric, is this too strong? I can handle it but it stings a little.
I had a day off colelge today so I was using it so much, it made me water a lot but I didnt mind, I done about 35 drops today, but im not patient and want to see results fast haha.
My mum came home and she knew about what i was doing, she seen me making it and thought i was crazy, but then she started saying my eyes look smalelr? my pupils? is she just saying that because shes paranoid, I think they look the same, but I dont want smaller eyes! help? and should I readjust my ingredients? perhaps add in MSM and remove the turmeric?
Hi Zayna, just wondering why you are adding turmeric? I have not heard of this in eye lightening before have you checked this out already? If so then fine.
Hey guys, take a look at again as she has updated ( few days ago) her honey eye lightening with photos of other peoples progress.
There is one lady on there who's eyes have lightened significantly in 4 months, she has photos from last december up til now and her changes are very good.

Everyone is different, just because one persons eyes takes a long time it doesn't mean another person is gonna be exactly the same, some will change quickly like CAYENNE ( this thread page 30, photos) and some will take a little or a while longer.