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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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(15-08-2012, 08:54 PM)Brilaw Wrote: [ -> ]I was interested in doing this but I was worried about putting honey in my eyes because it can sometimes be contaminated. Also, do you know if the color change will be permanent?

You should look up the properties of honey and research more into then. And yes the change is permanent. This is based off my personal account and they few others I've read.
So I am in. Even though I heard others use this method and have not had results or it last, there was one where it had worked for them going from dark brown to a lighter brown but she claims folks in her family have hazel and blue eyes.

I want to clean irises, clear out calcified deposit on the white of one and clean the whites. If they lighten my lashes, I will be upset but I'll get over it. If they lighten the irises, great! If they lengthen the lashes even better.

From everything that I have read about the eyes: there are 3 types: blue, brown and the mixed.

one would have to stay out of the sun to cease melanin production in the eyes as like skin, as it will darken all over again over time from genetics. Intense heat can spark melanin production from the sun's rays, the pineal gland secretes melatonin and that's what makes us sleepy right after a long day's work in the yard or out on the beach for a couple of hours. So there is a relationship between melatonin, the sun and melanin production.

One can change the color of their eyes only if they are toxic and their eye color is different in the first place. so if you have cloudy blue that look grey it can go back to deep or light blue and same with browns, if your eyes are black and cannot see the pupil, you can lighten them to a nice light brown. In rare cases, you have brown that goes to blue or green from all those years of built up toxins and then there is the older one gets, the lighter their irises get but its due to degenerative eye disease and appear blue in color. LOL! "My grandma eyes went from brown to blue!"

Here is what I am starting with. Not a great pic but its something. As mentioned before, I have the mixed eye and I hope to get my mothers eyes lighter sea green with a brown ring in the center.

One time a dark skinned female with pretty blue eyes said: Wow your mom has beautiful eyes! Too bad you didn't get them."

Haha, What a B%^*#! I just may have a chance after this cleansing process. I am happy with mine but they seem very cloudy and murky from my illnesses and food poisoning years back. My skin has never been the same.

I truly think these eye colors are beautiful in order:
1 sea green
2 Honey Brown and light Blue
3 hazel
4 deep blue

I've definitely had great results using this method. My eyes have considerably lightened from raven black to a nice chocolate color with hints of a deep hazel color in the out parts of my iris. I look forward to hearing your progress! Have you already made your mix? Tip: Keep it refrigerated, it provides a nice cooling effect on your eyes and it preserves it longer aswell. And yea my eyelashes have NEVER been this long before not even when I was using the eyelash serums, I don't know what it is but I love it! Btw you have very pretty eyes!
Thank You Emily!
You're right, lash serums really didn't bring it for me and probably because I have thyroid disease.
I think brown eyes are supposed to be lighter by nature (at least to see the pupils) But we are so toxic in our environments. I find it kind of scary when looking into someone's eyes and you can t see their pupils. This is the way we read eachother, when they dilate and expand.

I have already mixed a solution and added a bit of msm powder I had from before and it disolved fine in the honey and lemon with water. I just used old honey as I am out of raw but I am not sure how raw honey would go since its not heated and the consistency is different.

I do have it in the fridge and it does sting! I am hoping to get some lashes! I am also thinking of putting a drop of cayenne for carotenoids! These carotenoids give you color and brightness and will also clear up the whites!
Um, the reason I posted saying I was worried about honey containing bacteria was that I did research and find that honey often contains bacteria - that's one of the reasons that doctors warns parents not to give babies honey. I'm pretty sure that you probably will continue to put honey in your eyes but I just want others to know the risks that come with attempting to use honey to lighten their eye color.

look here
(17-08-2012, 05:02 AM)Brilaw Wrote: [ -> ]Um, the reason I posted saying I was worried about honey containing bacteria was that I did research and find that honey often contains bacteria - that's one of the reasons that doctors warns parents not to give babies honey. I'm pretty sure that you probably will continue to put honey in your eyes but I just want others to know the risks that come with attempting to use honey to lighten their eye color.

look here

It's always best to your own research that is why I suggested it, because this is the eye, very important sensory system. I researched for a few months before I got active in the process. Btw, its raw honey you shoulld use and C. Botullium is ok in adults so you don't have to worry about that.

There alot of properties to honey though that are very helpful, you should look up honey and its benefits, you'll find alot of great and helpful info. I posted two sites in my original post that you should look at aswell to check out people who've already lightened their eyes with honey. If your worried about the stinging it doesn't hurt or anything too, you kinda get use it after awhile really.
Looking at that Wiki chart, my eyes have gone from the last one to the third to last one on their own naturally. I'd like them to be a light, bright green, with maybe hints of brown/gold or blue in them (of course, this will take years). I'm hoping since my eyes naturally lightened on their own when I was like 18 (in light, they even have green in parts of them now!), it might be easier for them to lighten.

I was going to put this off to prevent from adding one more thing to my list, but I wanted to read up on it first. I found another method that you can make with chamomile tea and turmeric that you can soak your contacts in overnight! I just made my first solution, and it actually doesn't even burn. Hopefully I'll start to see a change in a month or so. I'm also starting to wear sunglasses again every time I go out.

When I'm done, I want to try to get one eye a little lighter than the other, just to add some pizazz! Smile

I took Kelp when I thought I had a thyroid problem. The herbalist said it helps regulate it. I still wanna try eye lash serums but nothing all fancy but maybe some light carrot oil applied with a mascara wand to keep my lashes moist, long and strong.

I wanna try the MSM out but I want to keep at my mix for at least a month or so, seee what the results are and then maybe switch up to something stronger. And yea you should use raw honey because pasturized honey gets all the good stuff taken out. But organic is the best I hear dunno really. Lemme know how the cayennne peppers goes, never heard of that method before. Ad lastly good luck hope you see results soon!


I've heard of the chamomile tea one and I was thinking of using it when I alternate from my honey/lemon mix. Let us know how it goes. Good luck to you hope you see results soon
Eyebright and Chamomile is good, I have both of those from the last time I researched this a couple years back, also you can use licorice root.

I am going to the store today to get my raw honey.

A quick update: Strangely my irises have changed color! Already its in effect. every time I did cleanses, I noticed my irises changed what seemed to be darker. But I noticed it is because the yellowing is stripped away. This is what made my eyes look honey to greenishamber and its now looking like a shade of blue with a brown ring around the pupil!

So I believe the yellowing is from acidity! I think my mom has this too. Her eyes may not be sea green after all. I think they may truly be the mixed eye of brown and blue. Maybe it is true. There really are only 2 iris colors with many shades of blue and brown!

I was really hoping to get sea green but I am just happy to see they are getting cleansed and nutiritionalized.

I will post a pic in a week.
That's great Tib! Can't wait to see what your progress will look like in a month or so! Also hints of yellow in the eye are not good, there not on the normal spectrum, acidity in the body wouldn't cause the irises to yellow like that.

Yellow rings in the eye are the causes of some liver damage or high cholesterol, my daddy has a silver ring in his eyes which signify high cholesterol. This is only based off what I've learned in my med classes though, if anything ask your doctor for a more comprehensive discussion.

Also did you use the Chamomile tea for your eyes?