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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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I've begun making my mixture.

Boiled sea salt water (to make a saline solution)

Cooled to room temperature

2 tsp of Hydrogen peroxide

1 tsp of Honey

250mg Kojic Acid (this is by eye so it might not be exact)

I have to run out to the store for some of the ingredients this morning. And get a bottle to use.

I did 3tsp Hyrodgen Peroxide, 2 tsp honey, 2 tsp lemon juice and the 250mg kojic (again by eye so its not exact). It burned like f*** (but it was bearable) so I diluted it with some water, haven't tested the diluted but I will later today. I will say that after I used the undiluted one, after the burning simmered down my eyes immediately brightened and were I swear a shade lighter, like instantly! It'll probably fade or was a trick of the light. I'll be using the mixture until it's done so pass the one week mark but that because i'm testing something...
I somehow didn't even realize, but this honey mixture really is helping my dry eyes A LOT. I haven't had any problems this past week. I even kept my contacts in until I got home at 5AM this morning, after spending all day outside riding my bike and working around dust. I'm so amazed. Can't wait to see lightening from this mixture!

I added a tablespoon of chamomile this week. I guess I'll see how I like it.
(26-04-2013, 10:14 AM)TaeluvMj Wrote: [ -> ]I looked at this video and I plan on going on a raw diet! It's gonna be difficult, and it would help if any of you gave support or some great encouragement! It might take me a while to reply back and see how it goes. Please wish me luck and I promise you I will move on! I will see if this will work and I will still have honey and stuff! Smile

Nice! I'm on day four of a juice fast at the moment and am going to continue with a pure, raw diet thereon after (maybe not forever but at least 30 days.) I'm not going to lie, it IS difficult at first but the key is to be gentle with yourself and ease into the process. You can either slowly eliminate certain foods until you've adjusted to the new diet or go cold turkey; either way if you slip up, forgive yourself, and continue on with the diet.

And no you don't need to fast like I am, I just feel it's the quickest way for me to heal internally, quell any food addictions (okay maybe calling them "addictions" is a little harsh, but you know what I mean!) and to shift my perception on food in general. Last time I did this I began to see food as fuel and the extra money for the juicer and organic foods has definitely been worth it : ))).

Anywho I wish you luck with this! Consider me an enthusiastic cheerleader in your corner! Tongue
(26-04-2013, 09:44 PM)tibetan113 Wrote: [ -> ]I am so glad this has been posted. I am on a raw journey now and truly believe my results will be at least half of what she has experienced. I can t wait to get my mixed blue eyes back. I will post results. Not at all fidgeting with honey as I don't need it. Good luck to those who do itBig Grin

Woohoo! It will be very interesting to hear your results : )) lotsa' support being thrown your way! <3
I saw the most beautiful eyes at the farmers market the other day. Mom and little girl. She said they weren't 100% raw but they were def healthy eaters. They had the clearest sparkling eyes. The colors were rainbow like Kristina's from that video. The neat thing about cleansing is that the limbals show nice and thick! I haven't seen results yet but I have a slightly slimmer waist these days!

I hope my new diet will keep me healing And really push nbe at the same time along with this! Glad to see others going on this cleansing!
My eyes have been very shiny since starting back. A deep brown color that you can see in low light. They're alot brighter too! I am really looking forward to the year now! And oh also I think I'll add a bit more of the Kojic acid aswell I think it got more diluted out then I meant to happen. :/ I'll let you guys know how it all goes down.
Wow so ever since adding in more of the Kojic Acid my eyes have been lightening at what I would say a much faster pace, this could also be attributed to the Hydrogen Peroxide as well though. I only started 2 days ago but I'm already seeing hints of a dark honey color in my eyes Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin Next weekend I'll add in more of the Kojic Acid. I can't wait to see what my eye color will be like in a few months. Tongue

Hey im new to these boards.. mostly for this thread! I also made the honey mixture yesterday and used it yesterday and today. I have yet to use it more frequent as in, at least 3 times a day. I wonder how often you guys use it? I have seens omeone say every hour, every day. But that is very unconvenient for me.. 3 to 4 times a day is easier to reach!
What lightens the eyes is really the hydrogen peroxide, right? So if I only use diluted hydrogen peroxide, maybe I'll get results? Because honey is getting harder and harder to find, and more expensive, too. I'll try.