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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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(02-01-2013, 04:44 PM)mochaccino Wrote: [ -> ]Amber, I must be dense. How do you email the admin?

I am stopping this. I do not know what happened or what I did wrong but my irises are changing darker. They deflect less light and I don't want this to go any further than it has. Focusing on colon cleansing even more so. Good luck to you guys. I guess this is not for me.

Oh no! I wonder why that is happening! Weirdness!

I wish you the best of luck as well. Sad
So my eyes are shiny and bright, all good signs! And I almost forgot about the stinging too lol but it's back with a kick! But the sting is good, means it's working.
Starting today I am going to try a new method I read about on the other site.

I am not sure how to call it, but it consists of soaking contact lenses in your solution of choice overnight, and them wearing them for an extended amount of time.

Goggling worked well, but I like to try new things.

I don't usually wear contacts, and don't have a prescription for my eyes, so I just bought clear ones from a store by my house this morning.

I'll let ya'll know how it goes.Smile
My experience with MsM has not been good. I purchased the flakes from my local health food store and mixed them in with the distilled water and honey. I used my drops like that for about 3 weeks. Initially I thought it was working better for me. However, a few weeks into the process I had no additional lightening, my eyes also appeared a lil darker. I quit using the MsM immediately but by then I feel like my eyes were no where near as light as they had been.

I have since started back using honey and water and WAALAA!! my eyes are brightening BACK all in all I did not find using MsM useful... Just my experience...
I also experienced darkening with msm.
Honey and water is best and honey/chamomile works even better in my opinion. Best of luck.
Really? That's interesting, MSM darkening the eyes hmm. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! This is very helpful!

So I'm still doing my water/honey mix, my eyes are shining very bright and look a twinge bit lighter! Smile
Yep. Like I posted earlier in this thread, the eyecolorboard people said MSM slowed lightening down.

Extra confirmation, like from here, is always good. I am soo glad I stopped using it. I didn't experience darkening, but I just took their word for it.
Yup, I'm not happy, because I believe that I just wasted 3 weeks going in reverse... I'm not sure what type of eye color that msm is good for and why is it advocated for so much. I am a regular brown skinned girl with regular dark eyes.

Well at least now I'm headed in the right direction. I will post pics in a few weeks...
This is how my eyes look now with flash. I don't really have a before picture lol but it was originally maybe half a shade to a shade lighter than black. Been using a honey/chamomile mix for about a week.
Amazing for 1 week, how many times a day do you use the drops? And what ratio?