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Full Version: How to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally
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this is actually really freaky right now, i did this 3 times in a row with water and pure honey (my husbands father owns a natural honey bussiness so i'm lucky to know its pure) i'm uploading pics to show it has actually worked slightly after 3 times in a row. also cleaned out my sinus infection pretty good lol PICS tryin to upload in order first 2 pics should be before pics, second 2 after pics under the same lighting.
after first

after first

after again. would only let me do 3 pics the first time lol[attachment=3371]
To all the newbies... I don't want anyone to get discouraged. I see post that minimizes the amount of time that the eye lightening journey really takes. I have been eye lightening for 8 mnts. My eyes are no where near hazel. For the past 3 mnts I've been using raw organic honey not the cheap supermarket honey (no offense if anyone is). My point is don't get discouraged and prepare for the long haul. If u get faster results.... Then good for u. Good luck on ur journey Smile
Mine have changed tremendously still brown but i can actually See my puples now this is my second day but i am doing repeat treatments threw out the day. im actually already satisfied with the slight amount of change lol. SEE PHOTO? i have a puple Big Grin

heres a good Before (5 years ago) photo
Day 2 i did 3 Treatments today of honey and water only.

Hey everyone I'm new here Smile

matthijskm, what brand of honey do you use? Your results are amazing!
so i'm here again, i did a neat experiment with macro lens setting on my phone and a flash light and honey and water mix. you can tell a slight difference in the glow of the eyes just after 1 minute of treatment heres pics: kind of neat. btw my eyes are pretty sensitive to light today :/

pic 1 before treating

pic 2 during treating

1 minute after.
it really glazes the eyes up nicely Smile The burn feels like Chlorine water as if opening your eyes under swimming pool water.
Anyone else have an update im interested my 4th day they have lightened a little more. It seems the melitonin gets replenished slightly during sleeping im still doing 3x daily it helps if you close your eyes and wiggle them around all over as much as you can it feels slightly like its getting forced into the eye surface better.

I took your advice and just did the honey and water and I've seen more of a difference in my eye color, opposed to adding everything else (that I used to have in my honey drops mixture). Good looking out.

I switched to distilled water which seems to be working better, as well. Cool
if you do not rinse out the honey can build up and solidify in your sinus cavitys and it will give you a headache from hell make sure you rise with very warm water until you can feel water draining down your sinuses and throat lol