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Posted by: ottertheherbalist
17-04-2024, 11:21 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (5)

For people who have had a lot of success with Natural Breast Enhancement Supplements please take this anonymous survey to help pencil down what the magic formula is. Save a lot of people time and help people get results. This survey is completely anonymous, and the results will be public so other people won't struggle. People will be so grateful including me. By taking this survey you're putting all your time and effort to good use! Thank you!

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Posted by: venus rising
31-03-2024, 12:33 AM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (4)

I just got myself some Fenugreek, Fennel and Flax seeds and now I'm wondering how best to consume them. It seemed like a good idea at the time as it really didn't cost me very much, but now it looks like a serious challenge to get all this stuff down.

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Posted by: Babita
09-03-2024, 02:11 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (5)

I just wondered if this was something that is still taken for NBE.

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Posted by: Babita
06-03-2024, 12:45 AM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (3)

Maybe it doesn't matter that much, but I've seen conflicting advice on when is the best time to take herbs, so I wondered when people here take them. I assume most people take them around meal times, but would that mean before, during or after a meal?

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Posted by: StopTheSag
26-02-2024, 04:03 AM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (3)

Has anyone here had any luck with stuff like red clover, milk thistle and hops? Flax is coming back as well. I haven't had luck with soy isoflavones however it's easy to find in my experience. I'll also use fenugreek and fennel though. 

What are your thoughts about starting with stuff that grows near you? I find that goats rue and pueraria are kind of hard to get since they don't grow in America.

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Posted by: 1r3ema
24-02-2024, 05:07 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (2)

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I've only read posts before and decided to get on a herbal supplementation program based on what I've read here.

So for the past 6 months I've been taking PM, in a powder form, one pretty full teaspoon (around 3 grams), usually before going to bed.
(On the bag it said to mix 3 grams with a spoon of honey and warm water. But I just did it raw and chased it with some water.)

Besides that I was supplementing Fish Oil basically all the time.

I saw no effects for at least 2 months, so I decided to add some more supplements. Following this pattern I did:
1 estrogenic herb - PM
1 pro-hormone - Fish Oil
1 pro-aromatase - Licorice and Reishi
1 potentiator - PABA

I took this stack for the past 3 months, recommended dosage, usually after dinner, chased with water, then I took PM before bed.

And I still saw no results at all. Maybe my skin is a bit softer, but it can be a placebo at this point.
Please tell me, am I doing anything wrong? I followed the instructions on the packages - took pills with food, and took PM on an empty stomach before bed.
I have also bought Red Clover a few days ago, and added that to the stack. Can't really tell any difference yet.
I've also tried taking double dose of pills and even fuller teaspoons of PM - no difference.

I started doing some reading here on the forum, and found out I should maybe split the dosage into three times per day?
So let's say - three small teaspoons of PM, and take the pills at different times of the day?

Additional context - I'm 26yo, biologically male, skinny.

I will be very grateful for any advice and tips. I'm very uncertain as to whether I should continue this at all...

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Posted by: StopTheSag
22-02-2024, 10:07 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (2)

I'd like to hear from folks who have been in the game for a long time, because I get hot and cold when it comes to NBE and don't have as much patience as I should. 

I've been in the game off and on for many years, but because I always stopped and got distracted, or just gave up, I haven't made as much progress as i should. Most importantly one mistake I made was going off NBE every time I dieted, which was often. My goal has always been to crack the slim and stacked code. 

Has anyone here been in the game for 10-20 years or more, continuously? I'd love to know about the long term effects this has on the body.

The main issue I've had is deflating when I diet which shows me that I need to stay on NBE while dieting and lose weight slowly. I used to take very intense diet pills like ephedrine that flattened me out.

When I was early 20s I would either be a 36C, 160 lbs and a size 12 jeans Sad or a small 34B and a size 4 at 120. I loved the boob part of being overweight, but I didn't like the overweight part.

Another thing that bothered me was that I felt NBE darkened my nipples, but I got more into skincare and found a prescription hydroquinone that made my color really nice.

Today I'm 135 lbs, a size 6/8 and my 36Cs are tight, but I'm just starting again and my weight goal is 120. I'd like to say that's some sort of progress. But if I'd had more discipline I feel like I would've gotten farther. What do you guys think. If I stick it out for 10 years I'd love to be a full DD or F and super slim. Has anyone gotten that far?

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Posted by: decehek778
05-02-2024, 08:44 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (3)

Has anyone played around with the idea that you can infuse safflower oil or sunflower oil both of which are high in linoleic acid with herbs to give a direct delivery to the breasts? Linoleic oil is very good for transdermal delivery and I would suspect it would be the best way to deliver any type of herb or compound to the area. 

Please do not hesitate to reply

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Posted by: sapphire
12-01-2024, 07:11 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (8)

I've heard a few stories about bee pollen promoting breast growth. Is there any truth to this?

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Posted by: Lemons467
05-01-2024, 12:36 AM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (5)

So I have been perusing this website for about a year here and there I've finally decided to start NBE.

I am 27 years old, 5'4, 63kg and am currently 32B and my goal is 30E. I naturally have a pear shaped body with a lot of fat going to my thighs, butt and stomach and my hip bones are naturally wide but my boobs are really small so my body isn't proportionate.

My measurements are:

Across Nipple: 87cm
Underboobs: 86cm
Waist (band size): 83cm
Waist (Narrowest point): 78cm
Hips: 97cm

Hormones tests are really expensive otherwise I would've gotten my hormone levels checked but I hope the plan works out. Also I'm hoping posting on here will help me to be more consistent with the program and maybe get some advice along the way. I am also trying to lose weight at the same time so it will be interesting to see if I manage to grow my boobs while losing weight everywhere else. 

SurferJoe has been really helpful in giving me advice on this too and answering my questions. The following is my plan:

40% Saponin Shatavari Powder - 3g
3000mg MSM
Saw Palmetto 320mg
Pueraria Mirifica 250mg

I am still waiting on some of the things to arrive which should come in the next few weeks. Right now I am just having the Shatavari and MSM which I started 4 days ago. I did also want to start progesterone cream but after reading some posts on here I wasn't sure as I read that PC can have harmful effects if its not needed. But I will see how I get on with what I currently have and I will probably add more things as I go along.

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