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Posted by: Grayson123
Yesterday, 06:08 AM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
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How much is 600 mg of fenugreek powder in terms of teaspoons or tablespoons? I would like to stop buying expensive, non plant based capsules. 

I see fenugreek in food stores. But I don’t want to OD on it and stop my growth. What exactly would the powder equate to in terms of soaked seed? My gut feeling is that the 650 mg capsule is half a tablespoon. Does anyone have any confirmation?

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Posted by: Jack4Life
18-11-2022, 09:08 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
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Now I know that massage is important to growth, especially when it comes to the production of prolactin, but when using herbs does anybody know how important massage is? I try to get to it every day, but is it so important that on days where I'm not able to get around to massaging is it basically a wasted day? I'd imagine not, but I just really don't know. Also, if it is super crucial, how much better is a small 5 minute massage than nothing? I normally try to do 1-2 30 minute massages.

The reason I'm so curious is I know that a lot of women's breasts grow throughout their life, depending on hormonal changes from various things, without massaging. Just trying to gauge how hard I should work to make sure I get those massages in, or if it is okay to take a chill pill on it knowing I'm still going to make some progress.

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Posted by: Iloveyellowflowers
02-11-2022, 03:38 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
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I am interested in trying NBE using herbs and massage.  I have a breast lactation massager ordered and I will use that to stimulate the breast in conjunction with other massage.  I want to use herbs too.   I found a herbal complex that is marketed toward menopause but it has a lot of the herbs that's mentioned here in this group.  I am also female and 39 and I think I am in peri menopause now.  I think it could be beneficial for me and I am hoping I might see some size and volume in the smaller side of my chest.  I have breast asymmetry. One is an A cup and the other is maybe an AA/A.

The supplement that I will be taking will have estrogen. 

I read online that estrogen goes up and down during the monthly cycle.  

So is there a way to be taking the herbal supplement that won't throw my monthly period off?  To link it in with the monthly cycle. For example do I take the supplement during the first half of my cycle and then stop or is it safe to take it all throughout the monthly cycle.

All help will be appreciated.

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Posted by: Bustyprincess
09-10-2022, 02:36 AM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (5)

So I was doing alil reading on the other forum and noticed royal jelly being brought up which kinda confused me because with everything Ive read it says that royal jelly enhances testosterone production(bad for nbe) and in us young people can reduce the effects of estrogen meaning its bad so how come so many use it on the opposite breastnexus? Ive always stayed clear of it for those reasons even though Im post op so cant produce any T

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Posted by: Sayass1
08-10-2022, 11:15 AM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
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English is not my first language I hope it is fine.
I was once 70a when I was 50kg, but then I gained weight after I drank 1litre of full fat milk and deep fried food every day to 80kg. My breast went up to 80E.
But it was unhealthy so I started to eat less food. Right now I am 75E with 57kg.
But lately my breast was shrinking fast so I amend my diet. I ate one meal a day to lose weight before.
But then I started drinking asahi slim up slim protein drink which consists of soy protein and collagen. I noticed my breast looks bigger after drinking one week.
I also drink a spoon of ginseng powder with ginger powder and honey with lukewarm water. Ginseng in Chinese medicine can strengthen the qi and blood which aids the growth of breast. It can change my weak circulation of nutrients and help me better absorb it. I buy it from china.
I think the main factors for breast growth is soy protein and collagen from asahi slim up slim.
I also eat 180g of chicken breast every day it has the amino acids which is beneficial too.
Hopes this helps.

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Posted by: Jack4Life
22-09-2022, 08:48 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (1)

Hey there! So my current routine seems to be going pretty well. I've only been at it for a little over 2 months but I was just wondering if I should shoot for a certain amount of time before I take a break? I've heard some stuff about receptor burn out and I'm just curious about it. And if I should take a break, how long should it be before I start up again? And if I start up again after a break, do I need to ease into it again? I'd obviously love to just keep going without breaks if one isn't necessary, but if it'd contribute to better growth overall then I'll definitely take one at some point.

Here's my current program:
- 2,400 fenugreek extract (50% saponins)

- 1,000 mg PM (ainterol)
- 320 mg saw palmetto
- 6,000 mg maca (geletanized capsules)
- 4,000 mg MSM

I know the PM seems high, but I'm on a full progestin BC and I upped the PM to 1,000 MG 5 weeks ago and have had no issues since and it does seem like I'm still growing (have a lot of days with soreness and swelling, so I think that's a good sign?).

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Posted by: fairyprincess
19-09-2022, 11:55 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (1)

I am a 21 year old cis gendered female. I am 5'3 and 115lbs. I have size 32 A boobs and have a piete body with a big bubble butt. I don't have wide hips. My goal is to get to a C or D cup. I have been attempting NBE for over two years now with the only results being temporary (despite me being very consistent with my program) and never more than 1 more cup size. I am finally determined to figure this out once and for all. I have breast augmentation surgery set up next year, but I much rather do it the natural way. 

In my past I would use maca, fenugreek, massage, birth control and a balanced diet in order to enhance my breast (I never found that maca or my diet had any affect though) 
I took a blood test to look at my hormone levels, but I got confused with which day to take the test on and I took it on day 13 of my 26 day cycle (One day after ovulation). All my results came back in the normal. However, my progesterone was high-normal and my estrogen was low-normal. I believe I would have gotten a more accurate result if I took my test a bit later on in my cycle.

However, I do believe I may have a progesterone dominance as I have gotten growth from only drinking red clover (which is a estrogenic herb) alone. However, the growth is never permanent whether I routinely drink it or not.

Currently I eat a whole foods plant based diet. With a ton of nuts, seeds, leafy greens, fruits, whole grains, beans and herbs each day. I also consume a lot of soy milk and flax seeds (although I have not noticed any growth from these foods). I also exercise daily. (None of this seems to add to my breast growth as I was also a A32 when I ate poorly) 

  • I take a multi vitamin, omega 3, lions mane and chaga every day. 

  • I take 2000mg of MSM with 3000mg vitamin C every morning. (I may stop MSM as I don't think it is necessary for my situation).

  • I massage my breasts 2x a day for about 10 minutes with olive or coconut oil. This seems to be the most important part of my program, but usually needs to be combined with other things in order to work.
  • I have been eating 1-4TBS soaked fenugreek seeds every morning on an empty stomach for over two years now. This has always delivered inconsistent results.
  • I just started taking a 100mg pearfica murifica with 50mg DIM supplement a couple weeks ago and this has been seeming to work pretty well. My breast were very sore and swollen and within 2 weeks I was up half a size. However, I stopped it once my period started because I just read something that I should be cycling estrogenic herbs. However, I may not cycle for my following periods as the dose im taking of PM is considered a small dose. Now I am on day 4 of my period (and 4 days without PM and red clover) and my boobs have shrunk back to normal (maybe a smidge bigger than normal). 
  • I have been drinking 3 large cups of red clover tea a day. This is inconsistent, but when it does work, it works well.
  • I was taking saw pawmetto 2250mg (non extract) for a little while, but I ran out so plan to buy more. This time I will try an extract. I didn't notice anything, but I want to try again to be sure. 

PM may be the thing I am missing. I hope it is, but I am trying not to get my hopes up as nothing has been consistent for me in the past.

Is there anything I am missing or should adjust? Is PM and red clover too much? I was also thinking of adding 1 tsp of fennel seeds each morning and seeing how that goes. How long should I wait until upping my dose of PM or adding progesterone cream into the mix?

Also, if anyone could touch more on cycling with estrogenic herbs that would be great.

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Posted by: blupath
10-09-2022, 10:30 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
- Replies (1)

Hi there! I'm a newcomer to NBE and looking for a herb that can boost my energy levels while also providing NBE. I'm constantly fatigued throughout the day and have very little energy, so anything helps!

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Posted by: Heart_juniper
03-09-2022, 11:53 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
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I'm a 27f, 5'7", 158 lbs that use to have 38 dd at 197 lbs but I was taking birth control and a diet pill at the time. Now, I'm off BC and the diet pill, so the girls (36B/34C roughly) shrank along with the weight loss. I'm hoping to increase to 36-38 D/DD/DDD and produce lactation??

Daily (Whole cycle?)
Msm + Vitamin C in morning and Msm +  Vitamin C + Hops in evening (I'm currently taking a HerOwn Desire mix vitamin with  Hops 10:1 extract 200mg, nettle root extract, and oat straw 10:1 extract, maca root powder 150 mg, fenugreek leaf 16:1 extract (50% saponins)150 mg, epimedium (10% icarrins);  and was going to take Nature's way Hops (Flower) 620 mg once the multivitamin is gone.

Daily women's multivitamin

Daily massage with flax oil

Fenugreek seed powder 610mg, eventually to be replace with Fenugreek seed 1500mg

Daily Whole cows milk with flax/chia/hemp seed mixture for lunch?

Menses phase
Milk thistle, includes seed 1260mg  and seed powder extract 240mg

Proliferative phase
Pueraria Mirifica (Have it ordered, will update mg when it comes in)
Daily supplements in this phase

Luteal Phase
Saw palmetto 450mg per capsule

I'm not to sure on when to and how much often to take Saw Palmetto and Horny goat weed 1000mg and any thoughts on Traditional Medicinals Mother's Milk tea for lactation?

Thank you ?

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Posted by: BuzyBea
23-08-2022, 07:05 PM
Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement
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I really stepped up my game by adding Reishi to what I am already taking

My breasts have felt achey and are very sensitive, I have two small mounds developing, my nipples tend to stay hard and tingle, when i rub them i tingle all over... *blushes*

The feeling i get is very feminizing and I am more conscious of my body, appetite is less and i seem to be losing weight

I gently massage my new breasts several times a day with a PM serum i made and at least once a day with tea tree oil and lavendar (this feels really good). I've never felt such bliss as I am esperiancing when I massage them, using a vibrator too sometimes, i have never got off with a vibrator externally before now but it seems to be real easy to do. Like i unlocked some secret code...

My moods are very mellow and i don't feel any aggresion, i wonder if this will pass, i know my t level must be so low, the PM works too i can feel it and before, the last time I tried, i never got this far

Please share youe experiance with me I want to make friends with girls like me <3

PMs are welcome!

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