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Posted by: bosekk - 29-10-2019, 02:34 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (5)

As a thin girl it's really hard to gain volume, as there are only a small amount of fat cells to expand. However girls on this forum have been sharing great results with Zhi Mu extract. It's also the main ingredient to increase butt size. I searched online the Zhi Mu liquid extract that's been shared costs around 20 dollars. This Zhi Mu liquid extract only countains 2fl oz. Using the product information, that's around 60 ml. And it's a 1:3 extract so altogether one bottle equals to 18000mg or 18g. 

I ended up buying loose herbs in Chinatown. I was surprised it only cost 8 dollars for 1 pound, or around 450g. 

So 20 dollar for 18g, or 8 dollars for 453g? It would cost you more than 500 dollars on liquid extract to buy 1 pound worth of Zhi Mu loose herbs. 

With Zhi Mu herbs, you can make your own infused oil. I used a blender to break some  Zhi Mu chunks then soak them grape seed oil. You can also just cook Zhi Mu in oil for at least 6 hours in low temp. It's ready to use the same day. But I prefer to still leave the herbs in the oil for 2 week while I am using it. I cooked fenugreek before. The color and smell definitely became stronger after further soaking for 2 weeks. Then I filtered the fenugreek. 

I found several chinatown shop. They offer online shipping too. It's a bit more expensive 12 dollars per pound, but still cheap comparing 500 dollars if you buy in liquid extract form.  
Here is a link: https://www.kamwostore.com/Zhi-Mu-Anemar...hc0102.htm

Infused oil is really easy to make. You kinda just forget about it and in 2 weeks it's ready to use. I find massaging with infused oil is better than taking herbs as a thin girl. Hope this is helpful to whoever wants to try Zhi Mu.

Posted by: Abitinsecure - 28-10-2019, 02:12 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - No Replies

Does pain mean it is working?? None of the pain is anywhere near unbearable, I just get some little pains here and there throughout the day.

Posted by: ppayne26 - 17-10-2019, 12:35 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (10)

So I've been trying to grow my breasts naturally since Spring 2017. None of the tips here worked and I eventually stopped trying in March of this year to focus on my Endo and PCOS issues. I got new bras the following month in April, still a 36C. I looked up natural remedies for Endo and PCOS and found pills called Go With The Flow. Well, in September I had to buy new bras because I went up to a 36D. Now in October, I am still a D! I think these pills are best for women like to me grow breasts naturally. Here is the amazon page 


The ingredients are some of the herbs listed here, conveniently in two pills. It also regulates your period, mood, hormones, etc. I wanted to share for anyone else who feels like none of the NBE regimens work for them. Please give it about 5 months before giving up and let me know how it works!!!


Posted by: Abitinsecure - 11-10-2019, 12:21 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (10)

I'm about to wean my 16 month old, but part of me doesn't want to just because I want to keep the boobs! I have half the supply I used to, but my boobs have stayed about the same size. So, before I wean, I've decided to try some methods while I have a bit of an advantage, and I'm not on birth control. I researched herbs listed here that are safe for baby, and came up with blessed thistle, fenugreek, fennel seed, milk thistle, and goat's rue. Mommy Knows Best is the brand I am using for all the herbs, mainly because most are combined, and I only then need to take 2 pills 4 times a day. It also instructs you not to drink 15 mins before and wait 15 mins after, besides like 2oz to swallow them. I'm already getting some pains I didn't get before, but who knows yet what those mean! Any tips? It is at least starting to help my milk supply!

Posted by: aggie0915 - 05-08-2019, 07:28 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (12)

I’m a new one joining NBE,  i’m planning to use collagen powder every day.  What should I take notice on? Which brand are you using? What things should I consider when choosing collagen powder? 
 Thank you everybody !

I am Aggie!
Recent status: 32A poor

Posted by: Capella - 19-07-2019, 10:55 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (1)

[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]Hello loves,[/font][/font]

[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]I just recelved my Zhi Mu extract and I’m very excited about it. I only used once for now by directly applying on my breast right after little message session. Have you ever used this liquid extract if so how? And lastly are there anyone who saw results? Your responses are much appreciated.[/font][/font]

Posted by: Fruitcake - 25-04-2019, 09:44 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (5)

so along side massage i thought id mix soy flour with whole milk and drink one cup daily. Few hours after my first ever cup i started spotting. This is while im on birth control so shouldnt be. 

Could this be that 25g of toasted soy flour was too much for my body? Its not full fat soy- but if there is a solution to this such as decrease in quantity then i may buy the full fat soy. Im pretty petite so maybe 25g in one cup of milk was too much?
Any advice?

Posted by: mlamm86 - 18-04-2019, 05:26 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (5)

I’ve been using the greenbush program off and on for a month now. I have been experiencing some major irritability. I also have swollen glands in my arm pit. Did I sent myself into estrogen dominance? I have seen some growth from the herbs. Idk if I need to lower my doses or what. 

I’m a 34AA ??. My goal is to just fill a damn A cup. I’m not greedy lol. I’ve breastfed one baby. 

Are there any other AA girls out there that have had some success with NBE?

Posted by: hannah - 14-04-2019, 09:09 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (27)

Who has a good recipe for us?
I am afraid opening capsules and pour in a oil will give you a gritty oil, I dont like the mess perhaps... I have no experience whatshowever.
Then option 2 is using fenugreek seeds with oil which I wonder how much the oil will absorb from the seeds for the oil to be effective..?
Anybody thoughts for a good fenugreek massage oil?

Posted by: danica - 14-04-2019, 11:02 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (8)

Hello everyone,

I've been looking for high fat toasted soy flour, like Miss Mad Scientist used, everywhere and finally found this on eBay Australia: Kinamo toasted soy flour.

Is this the right one?

Link: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=...3445355765

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