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Posted by: Cely - 01-10-2018, 12:04 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (11)

I’m an AA cup, i’m Not fat but pear shaped, I have all symptoms of PCOS but I have not PCOS (my cycles are fine and regular) 

So, this is my second month with saw palmetto, I start with an extract 500mg with zinc and vitamins, now I want to ramp up to 640.
I grow, i’m An A cup with a gap in my bra, I see much fullness. 

Maybe if nothing works right now is just because of my hight androgens. So I’m thinking to start something estrogenic or maybe BO but with SP. 

I’m gaining weight, my thights are bigger, but I don’t care, I just want boobs. 

I don’t gain weight like a female, but like a fat child, my hips are flat, my butt is big but flat and my thights are full of fat. 

I hope you can share your experience with this herb. 

My tought is this: except for girls with anorexia an AA cup is not normal, there is something which stops your growth, maybe androgens? 
It’s all to find what stops the growth. 

I hope this could help all AA cup in the forum.

Posted by: mgntanner - 31-08-2018, 12:50 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - No Replies

Hello all,

I'm going to begin an herbal regimen soon. After research, I have selected the following:

Saw palmetto
Hops nature way
Blessed thistle
Dandelion root

Should I get these in capsule form or are seeds and / powder more effective? I was thinking to get the dandelion root in tea form. The rest are offered in various forms, which is best? I figured if I got the seed / powders I could make a smoothie. Also, any suggestion on dosage? I'm a small 34B, just trying to fill out a little bit. I'd love DDs obviously lol but I'm staying realistic.

Posted by: Tinytown - 09-08-2018, 11:05 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (1)

So, I read that vitex can help with heavy bleeding during menstruation. I've also read that it shrinks breasts.

Well, after nearly bleeding to death during my last cycle, I started taking it daily. And this is what has happened:

No break through bleeding.
I feel very calm and happy.
My boobs swelled up sooo bad they hurt!

What have some of you guys experienced with vitex?

Posted by: CarolineAD - 08-08-2018, 08:58 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (2)

hello again, looking at my local market I found fenugreek, but I know that by itself it may not work for NBE so I would like to complement it with other options however I can not get many of the products that are normally used because I live in a very small town and I do not have a card to buy online ... the options I have are ground flaxseed, cumin, thyme, licorice, parsley, anise and cumin. I do not know much about hormones or cycling, I take birth control pills and I have been taking soy isoflavones and flaxseed but when I have an increase  1 or 2 centimeters it disappears with the days is very rare and frustrating. I thank you very much for your help: 3 sorry for my bad english. I´m 20 years old girl. Blush

Posted by: biggiwant - 01-08-2018, 12:11 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - No Replies

last month, I saw my little swellen.
but when my menstruation is over, my breasts are swellen very much Sad

before NBE : 30c
little swellen : 30d
menstruation : 30c
follicular phase(now): 30b

I take licorice root and hops, sometimes fenugreek in follicular phase.
but, my breasts is rather shrink.
now, my breasts is small even than before.

my acne is still severe

I don't know how to......

Is it okay if I take fenugreek my overall menstrual cycle?
I wondered even I suffered PCOS.
fenugreek contains steriodal saponin right?
but in my follicular phase, I don't know which should I take
flaxseed doesn't seem to be fit me.

and, I purchased fenugreek oil, hops oil!
I read that oil is better than pill
topical method is better than oral pills, right?
so, I purchased them. 
but, I doubted that it doesn't seem to be absorbed.
and oil doesn't smell good Sad
4.I heard ginseng is good for NBE
I live in korea, so I can get more "red ginseng" than "ginseng"
which is better for NBE?

please help me!!!
thank you for reading my thread Smile

Posted by: Cely - 31-07-2018, 02:24 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - No Replies

i'll take my hormones test on September. 
anyway, nothing worked for me, i Think i was wrong with my programs, i followed most popular programs that worked for some people, but we are all different, so maybe i choose wrong programs. 
i read a lot about hormones and endocrine System and i could be a Women with Low progesterone. 

symptoms of Low progesterone: 
-depression, mood changes,anxiety, insomnia, foggy brain
-water retention 
-menstrual problems (if u have PCOS you know that it leads to irregular periods, but if u have a regular but too short. , you can be lack of progesterone, for example, i have my period every 18/20 days) 
-pear shaped body (heavy butt and hips but not boobs, if u are asking yourself why are u flat despite of a lot of body fat, maybe you're lack of progesterone)
-bad skin 

i don't know why some Young girls are lack of progesterone, i read it can be related to stress, birth control, xenoestrogens etc... 
but i'm not sure of this, for example, i always eat organic, i do exercise, i Pay attention to xenoestrogens, but my body sucks at all!!! most girls are stressed, take birth control pills, but they're ok. (anyway, i have severe depression since i was 17)

so, what kind of herbs? in what phase? 
i read about vitex, White peony, spearmint etc... 
what are the best dose of this herbs? 
they worked for you?

i need some review from girls like me, heavy bottom but with an A/AA cup. i don't wanna try something which makes my butt wider but with no effects on boobs, everything i tried destroyed my skin and my fucking body, but i can't give up!!

Posted by: BeaX - 26-07-2018, 07:41 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (3)

Hi ladies,
So this isn't exactly about NBE.. I am wondering which herbs you have found to be helpful for PMS, specifically mood swings, cramping, and possibly hormonal acne, but its really just the mood swings I would hope to get under control.

I was thinking of maybe trying chasteberry/ vitex. In the past I have tried maca. Anything that anyone would recommend? 


Posted by: biggiwant - 12-07-2018, 04:42 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (11)

I'd like to tell you that PCOS women are able to let their boobs!

Of course, It's more difficult and requires more attention.

Actually, I was thin PCOS woman.

I'm 165cm, 50kg, 65C cup

I have 2 periods a month, and acne, long leg's hair, little baldness.

The doctor said my testosterone level had been high, and ultrasound confirmed PCOS.
I was disappointed

I searched many many times about PCOS and NBE

I often take nuts, omega-3,v-d3,v-c, MSM, noogleberry, massages, listening subliminal,,,,

I sometimes take placenta, hempseed, pantothenic acid
I reduced sugar and junk food and bad food ,,,,,

and this month, I tried licorice root in the follicular phase and FG with PC in the luteal phase 

today, I feel my breasts little swellen!!!!!! Soooooooo happy!!! 

I think Fenugreek ,maybe, plays the biggest role. 

I wonder how it works, and how long have to eat this herbs, what is the side effect, and so on...,

before, "steroidal saponin is important for NBE" was read.
only raising hormone level is dangerous and doesn't work, now I think.

NBE General Discussion thread was very helpful.
and do you know banzogas free e-book? It is helpful too.

I 'm worried the more quit herbs, the less breast size will be.
I don't know how long have to take pills.

actually, I still have acnes. It even got worse.
I think it is affected by hormone. I want to know how to treat acnes  on NBE journey.

What is steroidal saponin in FG? Do other saponins have the same effect?
If I quit FG  forever, my bra size will be smaller?
herbal method isn't permanent?

I think PCOS women must pay more attention to body's response.
I heard Spearmint worses LH/FSH, right???? So I quit.
always minimum dosage...... 
If you think you have sever hormonal imbalance, It's okay skipping a day or two days.

always your body response... acne, or emotion, insomnia,, and so on....

Posted by: ItsAmyyy - 03-07-2018, 05:27 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (5)

Due to having to stop BO I'm starting a new program but with herbs this time. The herbs I will be using are Fenugreek and Fennel seeds. However I will be adding some stuff in with the cream I made such as Cocobut Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil. I'll have the recipe for everything down below. 

1 teaspoon Fenugreek seeds
1 teaspoon Fennel seeds
1/2 tablespoon Coconut Oil
1/2 tablespoon Beeswax
1 capsule Vitamin E Oil (poke a whole in it and squeeze out the oil)
1/2 teaspoon Sweet Almond Oil

For the Fenugreek and Fennel seeds I make a tea out of them first. I do one cup of water, bring that to a low boil, before I put the seeds in I crush the Fennel seeds with the back of a spoon in a bowl to release some of the oils. Put the seeds in, let them simmer for 5 minutes and let cool after. While doing this I start melting the Beeswax and Coconut Oil. Make a double boiler, or if you have one use it.  After those are melted pour them in the container along with the tea you just made with the seeds after cooled off. I used a hand mixer to mix them and added the Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil after and mixed again. Also, I put this in the fridge to keep fresh. This makes enough for 30 days, then make another batch, I plan on using twice a day. 

Also, I'm taking Saw Palmetto at night along with this and I'm going to start Noogling. I plan on pumping for 1 hour and gradually increasing the time and massaging before and during also taking a break once a week from Noogling. Drinking lots of water is part of the Noogling process too. 

So, in conclusion, I know using Herbs is going to take longer but I'm completely fine with that. For the Noogling I'm going to be sure not to over pump or pump too hard. Even though I did my research on Herbs and Noogling, if anybody has any advice, please give. 

           - Amy

Posted by: biggiwant - 03-07-2018, 11:45 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (4)

I suffered PCOS and I take several pills to low it
licorice root, vitamin-d3, omega3, probiotics etc........
spearmint tea is always taken 1~2 cups everyday
but I have acne and long leg's hair :
thesedays, I added fenugreeks to higher sensitivity hormonal receipter
but after that, I have nipples' pain, and they are always swellen
why? what should I do?
and when I searched "fenugreek" on website, "it stimulate testosterone level".
isn't okay to take fenugreek to grow breasts? I don't understand

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