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Posted by: chogimogilogi - 21-02-2018, 11:16 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (5)

I normally prefer to lurk but I've been checking out the details of this very interesting program for a couple of weeks now. The kit contains 16 weeks worth of a program geared to breast enhancement. 
Does have, or know anyone who has experience on the New Growth Program new-growth.org

The entire website is quite informative and offers pages of information, and the Result photos look very convincing. Also includes a result video youtube.com/watch?v=dQ9vCEw49t4

It says it's currently $486 since theyre having a sale. What do you guys think??

Posted by: Viper7717 - 19-01-2018, 01:29 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (5)

Hey everyone! Im new here and need help. I have tubular breasts and want to change them. Surgery is very costly and not in my budget right now. I hope Im a good candidate for NBE. 

I do love my boobs when the areola/nipple are hard. They look perfect! But once soft, they are super puffy and alter the shape of my boobs.

They are similar to this picture: 

Except a little less development underneath and on top (when areola is soft) when they are hard, they round out and look nice. I dont mind having puffies, one is just a bit larger than the other. Im hoping to grow my breasts, give a better shape, and if I can reduce my areola a bit that would be great too. 

Any help/advice is much appreciated!

Posted by: TinyBcup - 19-01-2018, 10:36 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (4)

Huh has maca changed your body? 
i’ve watched a video about this woman going up two  full cup sizes using it 

i’ve tested it out and went from an A to a B in three weeks 
i can’t be the only one this happened to

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Posted by: TinyBcup - 15-01-2018, 07:49 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (3)

i noticed that big boobs run’s on my mom side of my family and that big butts runs on my dads side 
couple of months ago i experimented with Maca (i was recommended it) i gained a cup size (A to 32B) will it be a chance that i’ll have big boobs and butt as well? not really sure how genetics work  Huh Sad

Posted by: TinyBcup - 15-01-2018, 07:44 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - No Replies

big butts run in my family mine is medium i was wondering if there’s any supplements to help grow it bigger

Posted by: Dark_Swan - 15-01-2018, 06:51 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - No Replies

Hello neighbors from the Herbal enlargement side  Smile  

I am Noogleberry user and don't really use herbs or massaging. Not because I don't believe in it, it's just that I am kinda lazy when it comes to massaging lol

But anyway, I was scrolling through youtube and found this video. Thought I could maybe be effective. She uses all ingredients that can be found at affordable prices and makes this mixture. Have a look and see if it helps you.


Have a lovely day.


Posted by: TinyBcup - 15-01-2018, 04:05 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (9)

big butts run in my family mine is medium i was wondering if there’s any supplements to help grow it bigger

Posted by: TinyBcup - 12-01-2018, 11:08 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (4)

Sad  i want to grow my boobs very fast 
(3-4 months) the natural way i don’t wanna try birth control because i’ve heard they give temporary results 
currently i have
Apetamin and Maca Root complex GNC brand
i’m considering buying bustea as well
any fast drastic tips? 
the last time i used maca i went from an A cup to a small B in the minimum of 3 weeks

Posted by: sweetorange - 07-01-2018, 02:17 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (1)

Hi ladies,

First of all, Happy New Year =) I hope you had a wonderful 2017 and I bet 2018 will be more awesome! 

So, I have not taken herbs for NBE (I tried though) due to health problems but my plan is to do a good research on all the supplements that can be effective for breast growth but other health benefits as well : I am thinking in Inositol cause I've read on the internet it helps with excess body hair (hirsutism) and stress issues , so maybe this coming fall I should give it a try.

However I feel confused about the dosage cause in certain blogs about PCOS' they suggest you taking 4g daily but I read in a book the maximum taken daily for a year must be 2g . So it's kind of confusing and I would appreciate your experience, opinion or whatever it is.

Also, does any of you suffer from PCOS?

Thank you for your time Smile

Posted by: bettie32 - 20-12-2017, 07:13 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (4)

I've seen a couple of similar threads on the forum but few replies...

Do you think it's possible to grow breasts from drinking herbal teas (fennel, fenugreek, spearmint etc.) and/or massage only?? Has anyone on here tried? Share you experiences please!

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