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Posted by: GoldenBoobs - 13-01-2019, 11:43 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (4)

I have been on a herb program for I believe about four months now. I know any NBE method takes time, but shouldn't I see at least the tiniest difference by now? I don't see even a drop of a difference. I am not expecting to see a cup size increase by now, or even half a cup increase by now, but there is literally no difference at all after four months. 

They even shrunk a tiny bit initially. But thank goodness they have not shrunken anymore since then.

Initially, I was going to give myself six months minimum to try each program. But there are so many different programs to try that I don't want to stay on one useless program when there might be another one out there that can produce results for me. 

What do you think I should do? Should I stick to this program for two months more to make it six months, or is it time to try something new?

Posted by: karma.melon - 18-12-2018, 10:16 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (3)

Hi boys and girls,

I found this article on progesterone cream that I wanted to share. Lots of great tips on how to properly take it -switch up the areas that you apply it to in order to avoid saturating receptors in one area, apply it in the morning and at night rather than all at once, etc.
But what I thought was really interesting was this:

"Estrogen dominance may become worse when first beginning natural progesterone cream. When first introducing progesterone back into the body after an extended period of progesterone deficiency, the estrogen receptor sites ‘wake up’ (are stimulated), enhancing the action of estrogen for a short period of time. This is a sign that the body is responding well to the progesterone, even though at the beginning it can exacerbate estrogen dominance symptoms such as breast tenderness and swelling, spotting, fluid retention, dizziness, hot flashes, fatigue, headaches, and nausea. This can be very worrisome but should level out and go away over the next couple of cycles, as progesterone levels increase...

Severe progesterone deficiency requires more time to increase progesterone levels with progesterone cream supplementation. It takes anywhere from 4-12 months to bring progesterone levels back up in women with very low progesterone levels. Following a loading dose protocol may help to bring the levels up quicker, but consistency of use over an extended period of time is best. For women who are trying to conceive, a realistic plan is going to help achieve pregnancy and prevent miscarriage due to progesterone deficiency. Give yourself many months of progesterone cream supplementation before even trying for a baby, to help prevent the likelihood of miscarriage."

So this info hit me like a ton of bricks for a number of reasons. For one thing, I've been on birth control that either reduced or eliminated ovulate for oh I dunno, the last 14 years. And because our bodies really only produce progesterone only when you ovulate, it's safe to say that in my case I have not had normal levels of progesterone for well over a decade.

Another thing is that since starting NBE I've been having symptoms of what seems to be estrogen dominance since starting - headache, breakthrough bleeding, acne. (I'm currently taking Shatavari in the follicular phase, PC in the luteal phase, and SP all the time. Took a little PM for a while but stopped after only a few days). I have been thinking that maybe the Shatavari is already too much estrogen and that I'm "naturally" estrogen dominant.  After reading this though, I'm wondering if the progesterone I'm using could be causing these symptoms as it starts to "wake up" the estrogen receptors. And also, if what I thought was "natural" estrogen dominance is actually just progesterone deficiency, since the two are not really different but can go hand in hand.

Also, I appreciate the honest, but mildly frustrating, advice in this article that it can take 4-12 months to reverse progesterone deficiency. I think that fits with what many of us here on this forum have experienced, especially for those starting with very small breasts  - like me Wink

Posted by: karma.melon - 18-12-2018, 09:52 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (4)

After lots and lots of searching about the causes of hormonal acne, I found an article that made a lot of sense to me and I used this really pretty simple formula to start reversing my hormonal breakouts. I'm not gonna say that my skin is 100% clear but it's much much better. The article pretty claims that hormonal acne is caused by

1. high ratio of estrogen: progesterone (i.e. too much estrogen with not enough progesterone to balance it out)
2. combined with high DHT

What happened to me was that I usually have very clear skin but I got one of the worst breakouts of my life all of the sudden. I'm talking 12 pimples (and some of them cysts!) popping up in a couple of days from a base of basically clear skin. And breaking out on my back as well. This was during the follicular phase so I wasn't taking using any progesterone cream but was taking quite a bit of Shatavari (~1500mg) and a little bit (>100mg) of PM. So it seems like I had a high Estrogen: Progesterone ratio just like the article claimed.

So I starting using some progesterone cream, even though it wasn't my luteal phase yet and I also stopped the PM and doubled the amount of saw palmetto that I was taking (for anti- DHT effect from 340 to 680mg) and the new pimples stopped coming almost immediately. This was about 3 weeks ago and my skin has remained relatively calm. The PM is just too much estrogen for me without taking progesterone every day, I think. And since I want to cycle the progesterone, I just don't think my body can handle that as estrogen as what PM has. I have kept the amount of saw palmetto that I'm taking high, and so far I haven't had another terrible break out like this even though I'm on my follicular phase again and so taking quite a lot of Shatavari and no progesterone. 

This is really important information I think because for all the ladies out there saying that they are having bad acne from NBE, I think this means you already have enough estrogen and possibly a bit high DHT as well. Don't add in any more E without some P and think about more anti-DHT. Hope this is helpful to some!

Posted by: FlatMeow - 18-12-2018, 04:17 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (6)

Hi girls,

Wonder if anyone has experience or opinion on putting progesterone cream directly on their breast before and see growth. I know this is a controversial topic and found conflicting information on the forum. Here is an old thread to it https://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.p...+on+breast 
here is someone’s experience outside the forum https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/4qhkvd/how_many_of_you_have_tried_progesterone_cream_for/#ampf=undefined

Personally I tried it just twice. And now come to think of it, this might be the key to my positive response. The first time I tried it for one time and had small growth which I can never reproduce. And I just tried it a couple days ago, still observing if I have any real growth but it’s looking promising. I know hormone store in fat that’s why people don’t recommend to use it on breast. But I remember Lotus mention it’s ok and my pc cream manufucturer stares to put cream on inner thigh. Thoughts? Should I continue or am I playing with fire???

Posted by: Missy8510 - 10-12-2018, 01:51 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (6)

Hey boobies 

I'm sure this has already been discussed somewhere but I can't seem to find it anywhere. 

I am using optimsm and now vitamin c crystals ascorbic acid is this OK as a form of vitamin c or should I use proper vitamin c supplement.. I would hate to be using the wrong type of vitamin c that doesn't work well with msm.

I read something on here once about ascorbic asid not being that good. Confused much....... 

Thanks for your answers in advance.

Posted by: Shifa - 30-11-2018, 01:24 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (4)

I found this brand ‘ life extesion peony immune’ white peony root extract ( image attached) . Anyone has any idea about it. ? or any other brand available at iherb? 

Thanksin advance

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Posted by: Romea - 25-11-2018, 12:49 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (1)

I've noticed leg pain when I take wild yam, the same thing happened while taking pueraria mirifica, I think they are not good for my blood circulation, so I think I'm going to stop taking that herbs. I will just take saw palmetto, it has cleared up my acne but it doesn't make my breast grow. What can I try? I feel bad because I really want to grow my breast but it seems that herbs are not for me. Do oils work? I have also read about applying onion juice. I would love some help because I'm tired of this small breasts. Thank you.

Posted by: Beautywithboobs - 24-11-2018, 08:56 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (2)

has anyone intaken flaxseeds and have seen growth from it

Posted by: Missy8510 - 24-11-2018, 01:23 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (6)

So previously I had trouble with late periods due to not cycling pm. I stopped everything and got my cycle to around 30 days. This was going to be my first full cycle of cycling pm and other herbs and now I'm on day 35 no period. Is this normal.

I have seen growth since I started pumping last week. Before that nothing really. I just hate not having a regular cycle I can't be consistent with a program. Any advise or tips. What it could be? 

My program 
Day 1-5
Vit c
Flaxseed 2tbl spoons in a smoothie
Gaba and l-arginine 

Day 6 - 18
Pm 250mg
Saw palmetto 610mg
Dhea 25mg
Vit c
Flaxseed 2tbl spoons in a smoothie
Gaba and l-arginine 

Day 19

Day 20 - 30
Fenugreek seed tea and add seeds to smoothie 
Progesterone cream every second day 
Saw palmetto 610mg
Dhea 25mg
Vit c
Flaxseed 2tbl spoons in a smoothie
Gaba and l-arginine

I also drink tea made from licorice root most days.

Oh and the gaba and l-arginine I'm not super consistent with I take mostly when I work out. It gives me a strange sleep and crazy dreams.

Posted by: Mike Pandey - 23-11-2018, 10:21 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - No Replies

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