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Posted by: honeydew - 13-08-2017, 01:29 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (10)

I feel like I have too much testosterone in my body, mostly because of my excess body hair. I'm currently taking cyproterone acetate through birth control pills, and while I feel like it's helped give me overall more feminine features (but maybe that's also due to ethinyl estradiol in it), I feel like it's helped a little bit with my body hair but I still feel like I'm too hairy. Maybe the amount of body hair I have is just due to genetics, but even if that is the case is it still possible to reduce it through anti-androgens? I'm also considering beginning on bovine ovary soon, and as ovaries produce a small amount of testosterone, I want to lower my testosterone levels as much as possible (of course not too much, I don't want to be too excess in any hormones but I still want to be as feminine as possible). 

Have any of you had experience with spearmint as anti-androgen? How did you take it, for how long and which effects did you notice? I know it's been scientifically proven that spearmint can reduce androgens in females when ingested as tea, but I don't know if I can be bothered to drink spearmint tea every day. You can also take spearmint pills or take spearmint essential oil, I read that 2 drops of spearmint essential oil is equivalent to 20+ cups of spearmint tea, is that true? 

Spearmint seems to me to be the most promising anti-androgen (or maybe it's just the one I hear the most about), but which other anti-androgens options are there? I know there's red reishi and licorice root, but I'm worried about licorice root raising my blood pressure especially since I'm already taking birth control pills. I also haven't found too much information about red reishi, so I'm not sure how effective it is. Which anti-androgens have you tried and which worked really good?

Besides anti-androgens, I know there's herbs that help with just balancing in your hormones in general, so they should lower your testosterone too if you have too much of them? Have any of you had experience with those?

I hope it's not too much questions and that you are able to at least just answer some of them, it would mean the world to me. Thanks in advance  Big Grin Big Grin

Posted by: Miss Mad Scientist - 10-08-2017, 09:40 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (6)

Hi loves,

Reishi Mushroom inhibits 5-alpha reductase, thus lowering DHT.

It has said to be the most potent natural anti androgen so far discovered, well those are the claims :p

I have not seen much talk about this, and hope to use this thread to share experiences and knowledge on the mushroom.

If there are other interesting threads I should know about, please let me know.

Lowering DHT is also great for girls who have PCOS. Or if you don't know what that is, basically high testosterone levels (hairy, acne, muscly females, who sometimes have less periods in a year than normal)

To start off, here is a nice article on Reishi:

And also:

Basic scientific information about the mushroom

Guide to Reishi

And here is a thread of a succesful Trans NBE'er who used BO and Reishi into her regimen. (hope it is ok I share this here)

And a question:
Does anyone notice a difference between alcohol extracted based reishi mushroom vs. water extracted reishi mushroom?

xxx ellen

Posted by: Loverandfighter - 01-08-2017, 12:11 AM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (7)

Hello all!

I've been wanting to grow a cup size or two, but I don't want to keep noogling anymore. I think I've reached my limit. 
I'm thinking about taking Fenugreek 50% saponin as it makes people more sensitive to their hormones (if someone can tell me exactly if I'm wrong, thanks!). I will take my hormone test soon but I wanted to know who should and shouldn't take it and why? I am turning 19 soon, I'm guessing that I have estrogen dominance as well. I am a 36 C (small)/36 B (large).

Posted by: melymoonx - 28-07-2017, 06:45 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (4)

How much of sesame or flax seeds do I need to take everyday to see any changes? What are foods I can take that also can block androgens and boost progesterone? I had swelling and growth by a 0.5 cm but it stopped again.  Huh

Posted by: bettie32 - 26-07-2017, 07:57 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (33)

So, white peony is a pro-aromatase, it's estrogenic and it's good for women with PCOS (who have high testosterone). The right white peony for NBE is called paeonia lactiflora (Bai Shao Yao). 

White peony almost sounds like the answer to everything! It's anti-inflammatory, it's good for cramps, it's purifying. It converts testosterone into estrogen, therefore it's estrogenic and it lowers testosterone. Why take anything else for NBE, right?? Though it has been mentioned on the forum, it seems there aren't many people who have reviewed it. Is there anyone who has taken/is currently taking it? Have you experienced any side effects? 

Something strange that I noticed: many sources state that it's safe to take for 4 weeks. This site specifically says that white peony should not be taken for more than 4 weeks at a time (I wonder why):


Posted by: noobie - 24-07-2017, 09:56 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (9)

hello everyone im 19 years old female and ive been trying to grow my breast since 2 years and ive reached 33.5 inches once and now im at 32.3\4"
and i now decide to take herbs.

heres my list :

maca 500 mg (100 capsules )
dong quai 1000 mg (90 capsules )
saw plametto 160 mg (60 capsules )
vitamin C 1000 mg
i think ill take them once everyday in the morning in empty stomach and after 2 weeks ill take them twice, one in the morning and one at night.
what am i wondering about is when should i start ? third day of my period ? cause im really confused.
I hope my list is enough but if anyone thinks i should add something or remove anything please tell me :3

thank you so much in advance you are all amazing and you guys give me so much hope <3

Posted by: LittleE - 10-07-2017, 06:08 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (1)

Hi all!

I am fairly new to the whole NBE thing. For the past couple of weeks I have been googling NBE and have read a lot of information that has caused my head to spin. I stumbled across this site a couple days ago and have been reading quite a few threads. Throughout my reading, I have seen fenugreek pop up possibly more than any other supplement. I picked up a bottle of fenugreek at the store. I will start by taking 610mg, 3 times a day. I have read this is within "normal" range to start. Is this corect? I just took my very first pill!

However, I have read taking fenugreek alone may do very little. I realize every body is different and I will go through some trial and error of my own, but I was wondering which combination of herbs is generally most common/most effective with fenugreek. 

I know I will need an anti-androgen. I was considering saw palmetto. But, I was curious if fennel can be substituted as I feel fennel has less possible side effects.

Other than adding an anti-androgen, what else should be added? I would like to keep my intake of pills at 3-4. No more.

If it helps: 28 years old. I am an A cup. Typically I fall between 120-130lbs. About 5'7. 

Sorry for being such a newbie. Any tips help!  Smile

Posted by: Abitinsecure - 07-07-2017, 12:24 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (2)

I took a saliva hormone test and the results said I was low in estrogen and low in progesterone. I have PM and PC already, but haven't tried them together in the past because I gave up when this stuff was stressing me out too much, and I switched birth controls. I also hadn't had a hormone test and decided I needed to do that before I spent anymore time and money. I also have fenugreek at home which seemed to do something for a little while, then I'm not sure what happened, I just stopped feeling all the tingles and stuff. Would PM and PC together be the best route to try now? What's your favorite?

Posted by: bettie32 - 04-07-2017, 07:31 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (14)

Topical products that contain phytoestrogens by brands like Sublime Bust, Ainterol and Naturaful  have got me thinking....

If we ingest phytoestrogens, we know how they work (well, more or less) but when it comes to breast enhancing creams, serums and sprays that you apply on your breasts, how do they work, precisely? 

I've done some research and read many threads on the forum and what I've gathered is that the phytoestrogens in the breast topicals don't go directly to your breasts, making them bigger. You cannot target where the estrogen will go. Estrogen and progesterone creams work by entering your body (even through the skin on your wrist). So why do these topicals have to be applied on the breasts (that's how they're being sold, right)?? 

If I start rubbing some breast enlargement serum that contains pueraria mirifica on my right toe, my toe's obviously not going to become Kim Kardashian (curvy/feminine). Or do breast lotions work because there are actual glands/receptors in the breasts that the phytoestrogens stimulate? Still, there are some butt creams that contain phytoestrogens that promise bigger butts but I highly doubt that the phytoestrogens are going to work only in the butt area! I believe that's not how hormones work.

Many women have said that their butts also grew from taking PM orally (some women actually have said that the only thing that grew was their butt) so I'm wondering: does it matter where we apply topical phytoestrogens?? My logic is telling me, if we apply topical phytoestrogens on our stomach, it will still affect the rest of our body (i.e. boobs and/or butt). What are your thoughts?

Posted by: NaturalLady31 - 02-07-2017, 03:44 PM - Forum: Herbal Breast Enhancement - Replies (58)

Just curious about what you all think about results from herbs-based/massage programs (no pumping)..  Does this give permanent results if the program is kept up for several months after your goal is achieved? Or do you have to keep taking herbs forever to keep the results?? All my research is yielding conflicting info about this. Some articles say that herbs only cause temporary swelling that will always just deflate after stopping the regimen.   Huh

Can any of you give testimony to having permanent results from herbs?

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