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ESTrogen is really really the breast developing hormone????
(14-10-2018, 03:44 AM)biggiwant Wrote:
(13-10-2018, 03:27 PM)Cely Wrote: Asian girls are very skinny, Maybe this is the problem. A skinny girl can’t be a D cup (except for girls who gain weight just in chest and upper body)
Have you ever tried to gain weight?

Actually I tried once before, but failed 
Because my digestion system was good to so many food.
And I gained only belly fat.......
Nothing  was good for my breast and booties 

And, when I want to gain weight, which foods should I take?

Anyway, omega-3 is good for Nbe?
I read the article about the benefits of omega-3.
It is good for diet.. enlarge breasts, reduce belly, acne etc,,
Is that right?
I don’t feel any effect now

Omega 3 is good for you in general and good for NBE.  It takes a very long time to work and does not have a large effect on NBE, so that's why you won't feel anything from it.  You also need 1,000-2,000 mg EPA+DHA+DPA (total) per day.  Short term it may raise testosterone a little bit and hurt NBE a little bit, but overall long term it is a little bit helpful for NBE and super important for your health.  Even if it doesn't help your NBE you should either take the supplements or eat it from seafood.


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