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ESTrogen is really really the breast developing hormone????
When i was in follicular phase and menstruation phase,
My size is getting smaller and smaller and smaller... shrinking and shrinking and shirinking... why???
And now, my size is aaa cup.
I don’t know why!!
I take licorice root, fenugreek and hopes in follicular phase, and breasts shink.

But I use usp progesterone cream a lot, my breasts are swellen!!
But as soon as the menstruation is started, swelling is gone.......
And now my size is aaa cup...
Even in my puberty, my size isn’t such that aaa cup...... Sad
When I was a student, my size is  a cup, not aaa cup.
But now my size is aaa cup

It’s very sad ........................
Time to take is important?
Avoid P cream, it can cause shrinkage!!! 
FG, fanned, hops... well...ok... but they aren’t strong enough. 
Have you ever tried BO or maybe PM? 
Are u undeveloped?
(27-09-2018, 03:25 PM)Cely Wrote: Avoid P cream, it can cause shrinkage!!! 
FG, fanned, hops... well...ok... but they aren’t strong enough. 
Have you ever tried BO or maybe PM? 
Are u undeveloped?

Why you say so?
When I use p cream, breasts are swelling.
And after menstruation start, swelling was gone.

When I was in follicular phase, I take licorice root fg and hopes. But they didn’t work at all. Nothing.

And I took pm before, and it causes my cycle very short.

I ever tried pm twice and these cause my cycle shorter and acnes.
First is 2016.5. Shorter cycle and acne, pms. Second also causes shorter cycle and acne.

The day Before yesterday, I took pm, and yesterday I also took it. Because you recommended it. And now, I spotted little although I am in follicular phase today.
Maybe, when I took pm, I took also fg and licorice root and it causes my cycle shorter.

So what should I do in my luteal phase?

There are a lot of p cream. but usp grade p cream isn’t dangerous and effective, right?

You know what?, I have pcos...
And pm is dangerous for me, I think.

I took “pure medical online” pm.
And I heard this brand is famous in japan.

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I never used Progesterone cream, so, it’s not a personal experience. 

Growing breast with PCOS is quite hard, because you are estro dominant (no matter if your estrogens are Hight, low or ok, your progesterone is lower than E) 

I remember I reply to an old thread you posted. I recommend you to use saw palmetto right now which is the only herb for PCOS girls without side effects. 
When you have PCOS you have a lot of androgens, so, NO MATTER how much estrogens and progesterone you produce using herbs, it’s an endless stugfle. You don’t need to overdose estrogens and progesterone (This is bad for ur body!!!!) but to lower your androgens at first!!! 

I haven’t PCOS but I have all PCOS symptoms... fucking thick black hair everywhere, oily skin, a lot of acne everywhere, no boobs, and I struggle with my weight. With saw palmetto things go better. 

Sorry if I can’t suggest u to take a lot of PM in follicular and FG in lutheal. You just mess your body. 

Search on soulcysters forum, you’ll find a lot of good boob experience using just saw palmetto.
Okay thanks for your kind reply
And I will try SP!!! Smile

Btw, spearmint tea is good for me?
Spearmint tea increases lh hormone, I heard.
Spearmint tea has aroma tase, right?

And after I decrease androgen level with SP, Can I use PM or BO?

How about BO with SP for me?

I’m so Sorry,.. but pcos forum site has too much post, thread, information .
So I can’t search that pcos wemen enlarge breasts information.

My enlgish is poor Sad
It’s so hard to search many information with no mother language.... It’s difficult for me Sad
In which country do u live? 

Well, it’s hard to say if is correct for u using PM or other herbs. 
At first try with SP, also spearmint tea is good. 

The main reason that leads girl with PCOS to have small boobs are the Hight androgens, so, nothing is wrong with your estrogens or progesterone (too much testoserone inhibits ovulation, so, progesterone, prog is antiandeogen too, so... less testo=more progesterone) 

If u have issues you can PM me, I fight with my androgens too, despite i haven’t PCOS. 
I can also post a photo of my boobs after 1 month of SP 
(I’m ashamed to post it here, because are horrible!!!)
I live in south korea.

Any way!
I ordered SP capsule!! Smile

Yes, I heard progesterone is anti androgen.
But, I still want to use p cream z
I used this, contains usp grade progesterone.
When I use this, my hair loss was reduce and my nipple hair was gone... Blush
And breasts swellen!

Now, today, it’s 16th day in my period. Luteal phase. Spotting was gone.

I take placenta capsules in my lutheal phase. This contains progesterone ..
Last lutheal phase, I used placenta and p cream. And I felt breast sore and saw my breast swellen. But this lutheal phase, I don’t see any effect.

I’m very confused........... Huh

Do you talk only with some experiences? Or with experiences and medical information?
Sorry, but would you explain this in detail?  Smile

Thank you!

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If u have PCOS you’re lacking of progesterone, so progesterone cream works, but too much progesterone works against estrogens (and PCOS girls, except for fat PCOS girls are lack of estrogen too) and this is not fair. 

I never used progesterone cream, I talk because I read some experiences and also for general medical knowledge.
Oh, I got it.
But, on the lutheal phases, what should I take?

Today is my 17th day and I took only placenta(SP wasn’t delivered) and spearmint tea

But I don’t see any difference Sad

Btw, do you think pcos isn’t cured?
Many people say that this disease is genetic.
So, although I find the herb that fits me, I must take the herb in my lifetime?

I’m depressed..

I often use noogleberry pump , but this gave me sore , not any growing.
Swelling is gone in 1 min. Sad

These days, I used to consider implat surgery. My younger sister already did. Dodgy
Maybe, it’s genetic expression that my breast is small ... ha

And hormonal growing will be gone someday, right?
Nowhere is Permanent method in the earth? But I don’t think so, not yet.
There are Subliminal or binaural beat or hypnosis .... etc Smile
PCOS hasn’t a cure, unfortunatly. 

Well, implants are a good idea BUT I don’t like them, are too weird for me and I’d rather be flat than have 2 plastic balls in my chest. On the other side i’m Thinking of liposuction, I think nothing is wrong with small breast if u are skinny, so, liposuction can make me skinny and flat.
In my country surgeons don’t perform fat transfer if u r not overweight and they also tell you that the results aren’t great because a lot of fat cells will die. 

So, you’re Asian... like all girls with incredible results in NBE, you can check their programs (I’ll post some of them Soon) BUT at first, balance your hormones!!! 
Asian girls have great results using estrogenic herbs.


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