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Tubular Breast
Yes that is what I have been doing ,the chi massage started last week :0) atleast it's something...
Hi! I need help! I don't know whats wrong with my breasts. My nipples are EXTREMELY puffy. My breasts have a pretty round perkish shape but my nipples dont follow the shape of my breasts and stick out like triangular mounds. Im a teenager still but Ive NEVER seen any other breasts that even closely resemble mine. Do I tuberous breasts (i read puffy nipples are a characteristic)? Please has anybodyelse experienced this???
Hi Hopeful
Your breasts sound like what I've got going on, and if thats the case then yes, yours are considered tubular too. Seems like these are also the hardest to make grow naturally.
I wish I had a before picture to show you before I did anything but my case was way worse then yours in the beginning Pink. I used the suction method to correct my breast shape and size. They look so much better but I need to continue for a while before I will be happy I guess. (I was quite happy but then I got seriously sick and lost a lot of weight and a cup size :'( )

Regarding the nipples Hopeful ... oh yes, mine are so puffy it is ridiculous. Now my breasts look ok but my nipples are the same. What I am doing is that I am using Avant niplettes to get my nipples, not areolas, bigger so they look in more proportion. It takes a long time, I have now been using them for 6 weeks every day and my nipples- areola area looks so much better, not perfect but better. I just need to increase my breast size to a D cup so my large areolas will look in proportion, am a B cup at the moment Wink


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