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Tubular Breast
Hi everyone

I am new to NBE an am very confused as to which route to take ,I have a condition called tubular breast,which is underdeveloped mammory glands an constrictive tissue ,I've heard Bovine ovary puts your body back into puberty and noogleberry pulls on the tissue,which is the route I am thinking to take,I have read some threads were women had a slight case of it but not like mine I suppose ,So I would like to know if anyone out there does have this condition an have had any success I would love to hear about it .. I have also heard of women losing what they've gained using both BO and Herbs but none that have used BO with NB so if anyone has lost what they've gained using BO and NB I would like to hear this too....

I'm 32
4 kids unable to breast feed because of my condition (no breast milk)
135 lbs
band size 36 inches
cup size AA
I excersize regularly
I don't take any birth control
I take percocet for pain an Asthma puffers

Any help would be appreciated[/color][/font]
I don't know anyone on this forum that has full-on tuberous breasts. However I do know a little about tuberous breasts. Tuberous or tubular breasts are caused by a tightness of the breast tissue near the base of the breast which causes the breast tissue to grow into the areola area of the breast. This is what results in such large puffy areolas of tuberous breasts. Theoretically this makes me think that pumping (with your nipples taped to prevent worsening of the puffiness) and massage would be beneficial for those with tuberous breasts as it would help mediate some of that tightness in the breast tissue.

Also, supposedly women who have tuberous breasts usually have a progesterone deficiency. I've read that in several cases women with tuberous breasts were able to breast feed after being supplemented with natural progesterone. So maybe you could look into some progesterone cream before starting BO. You should always make sure your hormones are balanced before starting NBE.

I think if you do only BO without any massage or pumping it will make the problem worse as your breast tissue is so tight it will just make your breasts seem more tuberous.

Of course most of my advice is theoretical...
Hi Raw

Thanks for the reply ,I've been researching this issue for a while an that is the same conclusion I came too with the pumping, I was thinking to do BO an NB ,I too have heard the progesterone cream works good for tubular breast an I knew I would have to combine either BO with NB,an that I couldn't do just one,an I am affraid to go the herb route,I have a doctors appt in 2 days to talk to her about this issue as I only just realized that I had this condition ,unfortunetly they don't really educate us on these things, the fact I never had any breast milk with any of my kids would have been my first clue but I honestly just thought it was because my breast were so small,I'm hoping to see an endricologist an check my hormones but I mean I really have no idea about any of this stuff an have no idea what i'm even looking for, Was hoping someone else had experience with this before ,I pretty sure I only have a mild to moderate case after looking at some of the cases ,mine are very small one smaller then the other an when my nipples are hard the look normal but small lol,don't know what my doctor is going to do for me so I'm looking at all my options :0) I am going to attach photos ,front shot,side shots ,so I can get your opinions


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Hi, your breast don't look that bad, I first tought you were one serious case. Yours look a lot like mines, but I'm bigger ( http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.ph...6#pid26596 ), you do seem to have fat around the nipple, a breast shape, so NBE may work for you too without worsening it..

Are you sure that the milk thing is due to the shape of your breast ? From my reading you didn't go to a doctor when trying to breastfeed ? (not sure to have understand well)
Hi Pink,
I don't have a tubular breast but in term of size mine was about the same as yours a year ago. And it don't have problem on breast feed. Maybe you can try NBE as suggested also by mileonice using a combination of breast massage and natural food. I have been trying it for more than a year and it do help. This method can be found in a book at http://www.howtogetnaturalbigbreast.com/
Hi mileonice and Janice
Thanks for your replys you both give me hope,it wasn't until I took the pics of them that I realized they weren't what I thought they were either,looks different looking down at them lol and Mileonice
No I am not sure about the breast milk thing at all,I never talked to the doctor, I don't know why, an I did actually get breast milk with my first child went up to D cup breast,they were huge and sore but I only did it for 4 days because she wouldn't stop feeding which made me think the milk was lacking something, an then with the other 3 they didn't seem to grow at all ,but I also wasn't measuring an I guess it's hard to tell when your belly is growing aswell, an didn't try to breastfeed at all,if I had maybe it would have came in,So really I'm not sure one had anything to do with the other ,I have an appt with my Doctor tomorrow,but I'm starting to think they are not tubular an that the emptiness an big nipples might just be a result of my breast feeding the one time an the breast streching out an shrinking,I just have very small boobs lol ,Did either of you try Bovine Ovary or Noogleberry ?
Let's wait for your doctor advice. I think a lot of us find our breas weird or abnormal but a lot of girls have the same shape.
About my self, I'm more and more thinking of buying a noogleberry. I'm on an NBE program but not using BO, I take a little herbs, do massage, chest exercises and sport in general. I have experienced a real improvement of shape and size.
Thanks ,I'm hoping the Doctor tells me I'm fine I will find out tomorrow :0) and your english is just fine :0)
Soo now it's a waiting game,I have to go for blood test an then possably to see an endrocoligist I have to wait 2 months for a physical an then we go from there :0( I am an impaitent person I hate having to wait an my doctor told me not to take anything until we know what's going on :0( ugh ....she also has no idea about any of the herbs or BO she is clueless to this stuff an advised not to take anything ,So I am hoping I do get to see an endrocologist I figure they might know a bit more about this stuff,but If nothing is wrong with my hormones then I will turn to you guys for advice anyways but she's right I do need to kno what's going on first...Yay waiting ugh lol
Wow ok two months ...

Until then you can massage your breast with any lotion, this is good for the general health of the breast, not only grow.

Good luck !


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