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Derma Roller and Stretch Marks
I have the same problem as you guys but I was never self conscious about them. I just felt like everyone has them and that's the norm. It's only after I started NBE that I started obsessing about every part of my body.

Okay so I've derma rolled twice, I make sure there's 5 weeks in between each session. I use a 1.5 mm on my chest area with minimal pressure and on my butt and hips I apply a lot of pressure. Afterwards I apply palmers cocoa butter stretch mark cream and vitamin E oil. First 3 days I apply the cream and oil about 4-5 times then I gradually decrease it to 2-3 times a day. All of the stretch marks on my boobs have lessened, some went away but the bottom ones are the most visible.
My butt looks better but they're less visible. I'm hoping 3-4 more sessions and they will all go away. Very optimistic!
That's great AA and keeps me motivated. Thanks!

I used a 1.5mm roller on my boobs too with light pressure and I believe the marks faded a little bit already. Smile No difference yet on my thighs/hips though. I am looking forward to my next "rolling session". Wink
I want to try this! I have old stretch marks on my butt and hips from the growth spurt i had as a teen. They're visible but nothing crazy so i have hopes that i can fade them to almost nothing. I'm planning on buying a 1.5mm dermaroller and also use vitamin E and green coffee bean oil. I will update here when i get my hands on these things that i need Smile
Thanks for reviving this thread, Slaneesh. I started using a derma roller ("Nylea Micro Needle Roller System") many months ago after running across it for a couple of bucks on eBay. Of course I ended up spending 20 bucks on a face cream per an Internet article (Olay Regenerist) to use with it. I was using it on my face weekly until the holidays when my got off my schedule and haven't gotten back to it. I think I will now.

I had not considered using it on my boob area, but I might give it a try now. I would think you'd want to wait a couple of days after a treatment before doing suction again. The needle things do kind of hurt a bit, but you toughen up after a few goes with it. It's kind of like using a soil aerator on your face. I'm not going to say I saw any noticeable change in the months I used it, but it probably does have potential and I don't see any harm to it.

The method I used on my face was to first do a facial cleansing as I do daily, then wipe my entire face and neck with alcohol, while soaking the roller in a bit of alcohol. Then rolled it over my face back and forth, vertically, horizontally and both diagonal directions. Once finished rolling, I rubbed in a small amount of Regenerist.


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