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Derma Roller and Stretch Marks - Hazel - 07-03-2010

I have stretch marks from puberty. Anyone who has stretch marks will know what a terrible thing it is. For a brief explanation for those who don't know, stretch marks are tears in the dermis layer of the skin that form scars. They look like tears, they are red and after a year turn shiny silver/white. They are caused by fast weight gain/growth seen at puberty, pregnancy and weight training. When I first got them, I felt terrible. I had these red stripes all over my thighs and I wouldn't show my thighs to anyone. Years after they faded to silver, I started to accept them. I am still uncomfortable wearing a bikini and hate how my legs look. I have also started to get cellulite (lucky me). I have tried creams and oils. Nothing has helped. Although I wasn't consistent with my treatments, many women report that stretch marks are impossible to get rid of, and even hard to fade.

In my search I have found this thing called the derma roller. Derma rolling is puncturing the skin with small needles. This promotes collagen fibre growth in the dermis by tricking the body into thinking the skin is damaged. It's reported as being a good treatment for stretch marks and also used to diminish wrinkles and help penetrate face creams deeper into the skin for better results. First I thought it was crazy. After reading more about it, I decided to give it a try. The original product (Dr. Roller) is around $80. I found a copy (ZGTS) on Ebay for $10. Did anyone else try derma rolling? Has anyone tried a treatment for stretch marks/cellulite that worked for them?

RE: Derma Roller and Stretch Marks - MariahsDs - 07-03-2010


I have been using a derma roller since Nov. 2009. I used it a few times in 2009. I got eczema so then I stopped. I just started back again a couple of months ago, with no eczema this time.

I would say my stretch marks are pretty bad. They are from my first pregnancy, which I did not use cocoa butter or anything to prevent them. I have been working on them actively for the last 3 years or so. They faded a lot but were still very noticeable, which shows how bad they were in the first place!

Since I have been using the derma roller and my homemade lotion, my stretch have faded drastically. I would say they have improved about 75% overall. So, I still have about 25% more to go until they are gone completely. I took a break from the derma roller and now plan to restart my program.

Now I use the derma roller mainly for product absorption. I buy all the products I have tested and know to be reliable for removing stretch marks. So using the derma roller helps those products to work that much better than before.

I have spent so much money on products that don't work, the one that sticks out in my mind in the strivectin. It's expensive and didn't even work to fade my stretch marks, it did absolutely nothing. I have bought the cheaper one from ebay, the same kind you mention for $10. I have had no problems with that brand. This surprisingly works very well to remove stretch marks and firm up the skin. I would definitely use this on my whole body when I get older!

Hope that helps, Mariah

EDIT: I also forgot to add that some of the not so stubborn stretch marks have been removed completely. So most of the stretch marks are gone. Although some still remain, they are much more faded than before.

RE: Derma Roller and Stretch Marks - Hazel - 07-03-2010

Thank you so much, that really helps. I will stick with this to see good results. Which method did you use? Once a month or every day? Also, what products work well for stretch marks?

RE: Derma Roller and Stretch Marks - Andy - 08-03-2010

Hello Mariah. I would also be interested in knowing what creams and homemade creams you have used for your stretch marks. I am slowly losing weight off of my tummy where I have some large stretch marks. Funny, ,I never drank beer, but ended up with a beer gut anyway.Big Grin Any sugestions for the marks and skin tightening will be appreciated.


RE: Derma Roller and Stretch Marks - Hazel - 09-03-2010

The more I read about the derma rolling method, the more I become convinced it is the solution for my stretch marks. For anyone interested, here's is a scientific paper on micro-needling that was published in a journal in 2005.
The home remedy isn't this intense, so you won't see any bleeding. I have a routine set up, and can't wait for my products to get here.

RE: Derma Roller and Stretch Marks - Andy - 09-03-2010

Did you try adding eucalyptus essential oil to your mix? I have read where it is supposed to be good at skin penetration.
Thanks for the info.


RE: Derma Roller and Stretch Marks - Andy - 09-03-2010

Ok, I gotta ask. When I click on the link to this thread. I get a add banner for Trilastin SR. for stretch marks. Has anyone tried it or have info. on it?

Thanks andy

RE: Derma Roller and Stretch Marks - MariahsDs - 09-03-2010

I use a DMI (Dimethyl Isosorbide) Solution for better penetration. Furthermore, I use the derma roller daily (Mon-Fri) for better absorption of the products.

RE: Derma Roller and Stretch Marks - Hazel - 09-03-2010

According to the study, and a forum I'm checking out, we are supposed to do one vigorous roll and wait 4-6 weeks or do a very light roll everyday. The light roll will improve better penetration of products. The deep role reaches the dermis layer to stimulate inflammation and healing. This stimulates the body to produce collagen to heal the area (tricking the body into thinking the wound is more serius than it is). The healing requires 4-6 weeks. That's why it is recommended that we don't roll vigorously more than once during this period, because the skin won't heal properly and can cause the situation t worsen. At least that's what I learned so far. If I like this method, I will get another dermaroller with smaller needles for product penetration.

RE: Derma Roller and Stretch Marks - Mel C - 10-03-2010

Wow-that's wild.I have to say I am interested.I did get stretch marks from my last round of NBE.Good news is I had good growth.Bad news is I got stretch marks.They are very thin and white/silvery.They are smack dab front and center.

Does the derma roller hurt? Is it painful? If so-how painful? Also-could I use it on my breasts while doing NBE without it interfering with my progress?