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Derma Roller and Stretch Marks
Hi. I've been using a derma roller (actually, multiple ones) in the last few months for my own stretch marks.

In my experience it hurts but if you apply a topical anesthetic beforehand then it minimizes the pain to the point u hardly feel anything.

Whether eventually you will see improvement or not is an entirely different issue. For stretch marks it takes time, up to a year actually.

I invite you to visit my blog for more information about derma rollers. I also document my progress there with before and after photos so you can judge for yourself whether it works or not Smile

The url is: http://homedermaroller.blogspot.com
Any updates, ladies?
What products do you use? please give us a list of successful items! I am going crazy with my nearly 20 year old stretch marks... they are everywhere and cease to appear even though I'm relatively 90 pounds. Makes no sense but my skin is a mess, very embarrassing...also, does tanning make them more permanent like with regular scars? I usually go out of my way to avoid the Sun but its a hundred degrees pretty much every day here and I have no choice but to wear shorts or go take a dip in the pool it is too hot! My body is tannn and the marks looks worse

(07-03-2010, 04:14 PM)MariahsDs Wrote: Hello,

I have been using a derma roller since Nov. 2009. I used it a few times in 2009. I got eczema so then I stopped. I just started back again a couple of months ago, [/b]with no eczema this time.

I would say my stretch marks are pretty bad. They are from my first pregnancy, which I did not use cocoa butter or anything to prevent them. I have been working on them actively for the last 3 years or so. They faded a lot but were still very noticeable, which shows how bad they were in the first place!

Since I have been using the derma roller and my homemade lotion, my stretch have faded drastically. I would say they have improved about 75% overall. So, I still have about 25% more to go until they are gone completely. I took a break from the derma roller and now plan to restart my program.

Now I use the derma roller mainly for product absorption. I buy all the products I[b] have tested and know to be reliable for removing stretch marks. So using the derma roller helps those products to work that much better than before.

I have spent so much money on products that don't work, the one that sticks out in my mind in the strivectin. It's expensive and didn't even work to fade my stretch marks, it did absolutely nothing. I have bought the cheaper one from ebay, the same kind you mention for $10. I have had no problems with that brand. This surprisingly works very well to remove stretch marks and firm up the skin. I would definitely use this on my whole body when I get older!

Hope that helps, Mariah

EDIT: I also forgot to add that some of the not so stubborn stretch marks have been removed completely. So most of the stretch marks are gone. Although some still remain, they are much more faded than before.

Wow, it sucks that I didn't see this thread earlier.
Vicks VapoRub ladies. You can google it if you don't believe me, but I've used it twice and I already see a significant difference. Try it!!
Ok I am going to use this thread and post pictures of my stretch marks to stay motivated.

I have MANY stretch marks since puberty after I stopped doing high performance sports and gained over 25 pounds. This was 17-18 years ago.

Today I have started to use my 1.5mm dermaroller on my right leg (on the outside). I have no stretch marks on my left leg btw.

I will roll every 2 or 4 weeks (it depends on how fast my skin heals).

I have also a lot of stretch marks on my hips and on my butt. Sad

Before pictures of my right leg:



After rolling with the 1.5 roller:


After rolling I have applied a selfmade MSM-Vitamin C-Serum.

I hope to see results in some months! Wish me luck.
How are things going, peggy? Are you still using the derma roller?

I've recently decided to attack my stretch marks with a dedicated program, too. I've always felt like they've prematurely ruined my body. I want to feel sexy for once in my life!
Hey BB Smile I need to make a pause of at least 4-5 weeks between each "rolling session" because that's the time the skin needs to heal and produce collagen. If you use a 1.5mm roller more often, it can cause harm to the skin (at least this is what I read recently). So I will use my roller for the second time next week. Until now I do not see any difference. I read it takes 3 months to see an improvement.

On which places are your stretch marks, if I may ask?
Wow, the intervals are quite long! That's kind of nice, though, because you don't have to have this crazy busy regimen that you're constantly doing.

The easier to answer question would be where DON'T I have stretch marks? Sad Sad Sad My mother is 30 years older than me and has had 3 kids, and she has fewer stretch marks than I do! Angry (She seriously held back on passing down "nice body" genes to me; I didn't get her big boobs, long, skinny legs, smooth skin, ugghhh...) The only places I don't have them are my tummy, my back, and my arms. My lower body is RIDDLED with them. The fronts of my legs are okay, but that's it. *cries* Makes no sense, as I've never been overweight in my life! But I grew to my full height really early (so probably pretty quickly), and I was stick thin and my lower body is now pretty curvacious (not by most people's standards, but in comparison to the rest of my body it kind of is). They bother me so much that I didn't want to get married for the longest time. I still feel sorry for whoever I wind up with. I'll probably never let him see me naked. They completely kill my confidence.

I'm going to religiously exfoliate and use oils and Vicks Vapor Rub like StephaniNicole recommended. Even if I can just fade them a little I'll feel so much better about myself.
I know how you feel. Sad
I too have stretch marks almost everywhere, except on my belly, on my arms and back. But I have so many on my hips, on my booty, on my boobs, on my legs. Argghhh. And I feel ashamed to be naked or to go swimming.

Honestly I don't believe you will get rid of the stretch marks if you don't use a roller. The stretch marks are deep like scars, that's why you need long needles (at least 1.5mm) to reach them. It is painful but as I wrote before you need to use the roller only once every 4-5 weeks.

Next time I will use the roller on my legs / hips and on my butt.
You have that many? I don't see them when you post pictures. You even posted a picture of your bum once and I didn't see any. They're probably not as bad as you think.

I was watching videos on stretch marks just last night, and a girl with my skin tone (dark, and we scar easily and the scars are impossible to get rid of!!!) completely got rid of hers using Bio Oil (she had the white ones that are hard to fade, too). Also another girl with dark skin got rid of her old white ones with Vicks Vapor Rub. So depending on how lucky you are it's possible to get rid of them with just rubbing products in regularly. I'll start there and exfoliate and work my way up to using the derma roller. I wish I could get professional treatments at the dermatologist. I just want to feel like my body is kind of "normal." Sigh...


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