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Derma Roller and Stretch Marks
Well I haven't tried it yet, I'm still waiting for mine. Some people say it doesn't hurt at all, some say it does but tolerable. Some people use local anesthetics or ice to numb the area before use. I believe you can use it while doing NBE, because it only affects the skin. I also thought this would be great for people using NBE creams, more product will soak in deeper into the skin. This method does take some time to see results, like NBE. It's like laser, but slower results.
MariahsDs I like your homemade lotion. It includes everything that is good for stretch marks. I've heard great things about the shea butter. There is a lady on youtube that got rid of her stretch marks with just shea butter. Do you also use Retin-a? It is supposed to promote faster healing and collagen production when rolling.
Thanks for info,Hazel. I will check it out on ebay.Does make sense about being good for NBE,as it makes absorption better-I had a duh! moment.
Blush Thanks again.
I used Retin A before, but there was absolutely no difference at all. I had it prescribed by a dermatologist who said I would NEVER get rid of my stretch marks and that I should have a tummy tuck. She also said it was only effective if it was used on stretch marks right after they have formed. My stretch marks were already a couple of years old when I went to her. So, no I don't think I will be using it again. I take Vitamin A pills internally though.
So would you say the derma roller is a really good way to get rid of stretch marks? I've been trying to get rid of mine for a couple years with cocoa butter and I think they only thing they've done is faded a little. I have a lot on my butt from when I was younger and I grew too fast.
i have started to use a derma roller (1mm) i'll post if i see improvement! it hurts tho!

I just got my derma roller, but I'm waiting for the local anesthetics. I didn't try it yet so I don't know if it hurts. I want to do a good hard roll and I don't want pain to hold me back.

Nyx, the same thing happened to me. When I went through puberty, my lower body grew real fast so i have stretch marks on my upper thighs, butt and hips. I hear derma rolling is comparable to laser treatment of stretch marks, and laser treatment is the best method to reduce the appearance of stretch marks if you can afford it. This will not completely get rid of the marks, but I've read women report that their stretch marks have faded 90% and that's good enough for me. I will report how it goes for me.
Alright well good luck then Smile! I might buy one on ebay or something anyway, if I can find one cheap enough for my budget.
Thanks. Well I got mine for $10 form this ebayer; http://myworld.ebay.com/zmart_beauty_dot_com/. I suggest you do some research on the method if you want to try it though. I found this forum helpful; Dermrolling for Stretch Marks.


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