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Has anyone tried blaketalks and had success with it?
i didnt try it before !is it useful ?
I think it's very sexual. Tho I have a hard time listening to it everynight. But i have grown an inch i do believe. Smile
(01-04-2010, 10:10 PM)Chelsee.p Wrote: Really?!? Im happy for u but at the same time its not fair!Sad ive been takin herbs and doin massage, eating healthy (lots of soy milk etc.!), taking vitamins for a month now and havnt really seen a thing! And im on my fifth day of blaketalks! Why?! I want and need this SOOOO BAD! Why duz every1 else have such great luck? I even gave up caffiene! Ugh.
Sry bout that rant. I hope ull continue to get growth.
Question: am i suppost to have an orgasm from listening to them? Cuz uh i dont think thats gonna happen with an old swedish guy in my head! Lol. And how duz a trance feel to u? Cuz i dont think im getting there. Im tryn really hard tho! I try so hard to let go and relax but the hour long sessions seem to drone on after a while and i get bored an anxious for it to b over!

Hi! Why did you give up caffeine?
I think I read somewhere caffeine stops growth. But I don’t know. Personally, I’m not a big caffeine drinker; I don’t really drink a lot of soft drinks or coffee so it's not something I have had to contend with.

Blaketalks I believe could work. I listened for the whole three months and as he says, I made a good change, not a new cup size but fuller and an improved shape. It is unclear if it was this or the rest of my routine. Additionally some of the directions I struggled with. I could do all the imagery but I never felt tingles or any physical sensations of any sort when listing to it. By 2months in I took a new approach on the sessions and imagined feeling things rather than expecting to physically feel things, which put pressure on me, and I found that the sessions became more successful. I have however been off Blake talks for the last 2/3 weeks and the growing pains had dropped in frequency I still get them strait after massage.

My final verdict of Blaketalks are that they are good but really too long i wish they were shorter. I struggle to fit them in and I lose concentration in them and started daydreaming about other things. In the very long sessions I become restless. I think hypnosis is a possible route but I would like to find something shorter. Also his sexual suggestions I think could be off putting to some people I didn’t really find it a problem but it may not be for everybody. Despite this I am actually going to continue with the Blaketalks and try and make time for them until I find something shorter and as good.
I really enjoy blaketalks and I always get into a deep trance whenever I listen to him and wake up at the end when he tells me to wake up out of the trance and counts backwards. What I will do is during the awake period I will imagine exactly what I want my boobs to look like. I also use brava at the same time. When I wake up my boobs look exactly like what I imagined it to look like - at the end of the day it will be a tad bit smaller but bigger than what I had before. I think it is working. Only been 12 days so will update later. I'm def gonna continue doing this for 3 months or more. For me it is really easy and I have a lot of free time.


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