Dupes of Brava - stwics


(21-11-2023, 02:49 AM)breast4success Wrote:  The Noogleberry rings? They weren't large enough and I couldn't really fit them on the Stwics domes since there's not a "lip" to them. The insertion space is on the inner sides of the rings instead of the top or bottom.

Otherwise, the material felt soft enough. I don't think I'd try them with the hard plastic Noogleberry domes though. I would want them a bit thicker since they sit in the middle of the ring.

I got confused somewhere a long the way here. You must have already said that rings that come with the Stwics domes weren’t soft enough or something. I didn’t realize you had bought the noogleberry rings already as well. If the Stwics rings aren’t soft enough, and noogleberry rings won’t fit on their cups, there really is no point in buying from that company. That’s good to know. Thanks.

Wow!  Nice find although that is really expensive.

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