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I read online it's common for women to have uneven breasts.  However I have significant breast uneveness.   This became apparent from as young as 12 years old. My left breast was always bigger.   It looked as if the right breast hardly grew at all. My mom took me to the doctor and 12 but he said they will even out. They never did.  By the time I reached 16 or 17, I was too embarrassed to go back to the doctor. My left breast is larger and its a c cup. The right is hardly and AA cup. 

This was something that I put up with for years.  It's becoming more noticeable now as time goes on because of the different size.  I am nearly 40 and it looks bad now. The left breast is beginning to sag and droop. So that hangs down while the other is pointy.

I nearly cry every time I see them in the mirror. I hate them. 

I tried a noogleberry years ago but unfortunately I was never consistent. I go in and out of various degrees of intensity in my work and some weeks are long and hard, like up to 90 hours. So it's hard to remain consistent. 

I am thinking about getting a breast massager. I saw one on amazon but its priced about 85 euro but I think it might be suitable for me and my needs and lifestyle. It looks like 2 separate discs that you put into a bra.  I think depending on sound levels I think I could get more use out from it.  I don't know if it would work. 

I would love to hear and read of success stories with NBE.   I would be worried if I was to embark on NBE that maybe all I will do is stimulate prolactin (milk production) and once I stop, it might go down again. 

I used to have more of a positive attitude in relation to my breasts but its getting more noticeable now.  I always have to try and wear an open cardigan over a tshirt or a scarf to hide it.  I'm trying to grow my hair long too, to cover my chest but it doesn't grow long.

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I think something that I would love to explore is natural breast enlargement for the right side (smaller side) and a natural breast lift, if there's such a thing for the left side (the larger breast).

Hi there, have you ever tried using micronized USP micronized progesterone cream? using a 1/4 tsp applied directly to the affected breast a few times a week could help initiate some side branching.

(31-10-2022, 01:03 AM)Lotus Wrote:  Hi there, have you ever tried using micronized USP micronized progesterone cream? using a 1/4 tsp applied directly to the affected breast a few times a week could help initiate some side branching.

No, I never used that cream. 
I am now intrigued by it. 

I am in the EU. I did a quick look online and it seems progesterone is prescription only in my country.  I would love to be able to source it. I will browse around. 

I’ll think to do surgery to fix it, no NBE will fix it.


I got a delivery in the mail today. Its a breast massager.  Its marketed towards lactation.   Its in the shape of a shell and it's contoured and fits nicely on the breast and massaging it around the breast. I was able to put it into my bra tonight and I did an hour with the massager on.  If felt nice and good.  I know I don't have any growth.  I do feel swelling on the small side.  It feels nice. I know it looks awful. I'm looking forward to using it more and adding in more steps to my NBE journey.

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I was also told when I was younger that my uneven breasts would even out with time. I suppose that's how it usually is but for some it just doesn't. I'm 30 now so I don't think simply waiting will change anything at this point.

Hormonal imbalance, diet, stress, all of those things can affect growth, and not just breast growth, overall body development. Thinking back I remember eating terribly. Sugary drinks, highly processed foods, high sodium, fried foods. Those are fine in moderation but I was not consuming them moderately. Binging and starving cycles constantly from my early teens until my mid 20s also likely messed up my metabolism as stunted my growth for a while. In addition, I was very stressed; finances, social life, nothing seemed to be working out. I strongly believe this combination of prolonged stress and poor nutrition was what kept my breasts from fully developing the way they should have. Now I am managing stress and eating better I can physically see and feel the difference. Though no dramatic change in breast size yet, they look much more alive and feel healthier (breast skin and firmness).

As others would say, I would start with nutrition first before adding NBE supplements. Even if you weren't eating as unhealthy as I was, you can still be deficient in certain nutrients needed for breast growth. Here are some threads that has helped me:


Once that's in order, you be able to eliminate issues that aren't diet related and work from there.

The swelling from the massager might be temporary, though with consistency and maybe with the help one or two NBE supplements it can potentially lead to actual growth. I have never used a noogleberry, but from what I have seen and read here I think it will help if you can get some sessions in, even if only for a few minutes at a time. IF you already have it, why not? It will help "stretch" the breast skin out some to fill in later on. A few minutes of some manual (careful) deep tissue massage with your hands every once in a while can also help.  It should be a “good hurt” where it's a little uncomfortable but feels good at the same time, it should not be painful.

I am working on my smaller breast now, massaging it more. I am considering topicals like progesterone cream, herbals, oils etc. which has been said to increase size, firmness and fullness on the breast you apply it on. As long as we don't expect perfect results and understand that breasts will never be perfectly symmetrical, I think it's worth a try before resorting to surgery.

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