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The Comprehensive NBE Program


My current job is paying well and I'm a bit short on time so I've decided to step away from putting a product on ebay. Plus what I have is simple and easy to get elsewhere, albeit at a higher price. I have one last jar listed on ebay.

So now this is what this post is for, a program that is simple, easy and cheap to do while giving the most results for that effort. It is based on basic biology and what I have seen work well for many women. I provide example solutions for each goal, but I believe every program must address these goals whether you use my solutions or come up with your own.

How Breasts Normally Grow
Normal, natural breast growth comes primarily from estrogen and progesterone while not having too much testosterone. Other lesser factors include prolactin, human growth hormone, insulin, IGF and thyroid hormone. However most women who are naturally huge are this way because they are more sensitive to these hormones rather than having high hormone levels. This will be a key point later.

Breasts are made of fat, connective tissue and milk ducts. A wide variety of nutrients are also essential for breast growth, nearly every nutrient imaginable. While natural sizes may vary I don't believe anyone is naturally below an A cup. It makes no biological sense. More likely being flat comes from a hormone imbalance or some kind of nutritional deficiency.

Proper Nutrition
That brings me to the first and most important part of an NBE program: proper nutrition. If you are in good health and already have some breast size to work with this step is less important. But even then nutrition can only help not hurt, and good nutrition is good for your health in general. If you are flat chested, underweight or have a hormonal imbalance this should be the first step or nothing else may work. You can't make a house without tools and wood (nutrition), no matter how much you yell at the workers (hormones).

I have put together some foods that provide complete nutrition and you may verify this by looking them up at the USDA nutrient database:
Mix equal parts spirulina powder, brewer's yeast powder and rice bran. Blend 1/4 cup in a glass of juice with a blender, twice a day. When first starting use only a spoonful, then gradually increase to the full amount as you get used to it. Also consume once a day 2 tsp. fish oil, 1/4 cup sunflower seeds, and 1 white button mushroom, or any other mushroom. Have a dish of oysters every 1-2 weeks. A simple recipe is 4 oz oysters, 1/8 cup white wine, 1 clove minced garlic, heat until garlic is tender. Get a kelp seasoning shaker or iodized salt. Get a little bit of a tan or else take a 2,000 i.u. vitamin D supplement.

Since breasts contain a great deal of fat and connective tissue, having a healthy weight is also important. As are healthy fats which are already included above. Taking 3,000 mg MSM is helpful to build connective tissue because the sulfur cross-links protein into hard rubbery connective tissue for size, support, lift and springiness.

You don't need 20 herbs for a good NBE program. The simplest solution is to get one for each hormone.

Hormone Sensitivity: As I pointed out above this is the #1 factor for large breasts. Herbs that promote hormone sensitivity also tend to promote hormonal balance rather than potentially imbalancing hormones. They show miniscule or no toxicity in studies even at extreme amounts and in fact have many health benefits. Herbs in this category are those that contain steroidal saponins including fenugreek, wild yam, shatavari and goat's rue. Typical amounts used in programs, studies and traditional recommendations are about 2,000 to 25,000 mg, though 6,000 mg and up is better. This is key to remember as not all herbs are the same. 500 mg may be high for one and 100,000 mg may be low for another. The simplest solution I've found here is to find a 50% saponin extract and take 300-1200 mg. You can find them for fenugreek and shatavari. Shatavari is more expensive but it doesn't give you a maple smell. Because it is such a concentrated extract that's all you need. Again not all herbs are the same and extracts can be more potent than whole herbs, depending on the strength of the extract. Be sure it says "##% saponins" so you know it's strong, or more herb may be required. While more is not necessarily more effective for all herbs, it is for saponins. And unlike herbs that have a direct hormonal effect you cannot really imbalance yourself with these herbs because they merely increase the response to your existing hormones. So work up to 900-1200 mg as soon as you can.

While generally tolerable and healthy, there are two common problems with saponin herbs. Due to the high amount some women may get an upset stomach. A 50% saponin extract avoids this and it's more convenient since it only takes 1-4 capsules. Since they also increase sensitivity to the hormone insulin, hypoglycemics may not tolerate them well even at a lower amount. Again if you get good nutrition then health problems like this are unlikely to be an obstacle.

Estrogen: There are a wide variety of herbs for estrogen but they all work nearly the same way so I say go with the most bang for the buck, pueraria mirifica. There isn't much difference between taking a small amount of a potent phytoestrogen or a large amount of a weak phytoestrogen. There are in fact many menopausal studies using 25-50 mg pueraria mirifica. And up to 100 mg it does not need to be cycled, just as the weaker herbs don't need to be cycled. Again not all herbs are the same and you shouldn't jump straight to 1,000 mg PM as if it was no big deal or as if it were the same as 1,000 mg of any other herb. I have seen hormonal issues time and again in these forums from doing this, whereas those taking even 2 tablespoons of fenugreek (or a little bit of a potent extract) are often without complaints even after a long period of time. And their programs tend to also have good success. So in my opinion use only 50-100 mg pueraria mirifica, if any, and use more only if you know you have low estrogen or if you carefully balance it out with progesterone cream. But this is a guessing game and it is better to try a large amount of a saponin before a large amount of a phytoestrogen. Those who area already top heavy tend to have high progesterone and so respond better to pueraria mirifica than others. Whereas those who are flat and bottom heavy don't respond that well. Even then a hormone test is the only way to be sure. Or you may accidentally inhibit NBE and cause hormonal problems with PM if you are not careful.

Progesterone: There are many herbs that are called phytoprogestins, but I have never found a single one that strongly acts like progesterone. There are some herbs such as vitex or saponins that may indirectly raise progesterone slighty or increase sensitivity to progesterone (and to other hormones). Your only serious option here is progesterone cream. I have read about many people try to balance out pueraria mirifica with vitex or fenugreek and it only leads to estrogen dominance. Again without careful testing you can only guess and more might hurt instead of help. So I suggest 1/8 tsp. once a day, if any. If you get a hormone test and find estrogen dominance then use more. Or many who are bottom heavy and flat-chested response very well to larger amounts of progesterone cream. For every story of a large chested girl rapidly getting larger with pueraria mirifica alone, I read one of a flat chested girl rapidly getting C cups on progesterone cream alone. Not on these forums unfortunately; but elsewhere. This is a bad trend because many users keep using more and more PM and make NBE worse not better. But again a hormone test is the only way to be sure. Or you may accidentally inhibit NBE and cause hormonal problems with PC if you are not careful.

Also consider the estrogen in your birth control pill, if any. Even combination bcp is primarily estrogen. Or consider the progestin in all progestin birth control. Whatever it has is probably a lot compared to supplements, even on a low dose.

I see too many forum girls use PM "for NBE" and something minor to try to keep their hormone balance barely under control in spite of the PM. The PM is much stronger than the something else, hormone imbalance gets worse and this is anti-NBE not pro-NBE. Hormone balance and NBE are not two conflicting goals; they are the same goal. If anything someone estrogen dominant should be doing all PC and zero PM not only for balance but also for NBE. Then continue with lots of PC and add in a little PM. Not lots of PM and a little PC. Just because PM was superb for NBE for someone with different hormones doesn't mean it will be with your hormones. For you it may have the opposite effect and fight against NBE. And vis versa. PC may halt NBE for some while PM alone may be superb for them. Then likewise after a while they should add little PC to their PM.

Testosterone: There are many herbs that lower testosterone. Because this is a major goal of many transgender people, there is far more information in that section than I know. But I suggest 1 320 mg capsule of saw palmetto extract because it is simple and concentrated. And because it lowers DHT rather than lowering all testosterone. DHT is the testosterone responsible for acne, facial hair and so on. Plus in women if testosterone does not become DHT then it may become estrogen instead. Whereas substances that lower all testosterone production may also lower estrogen, because estrogen is made from testosterone. I also suggest saw palmetto extract because it has a long history in NBE programs and has several long term large participant human studies confirming its safety. In rare cases you may lower testosterone too much and lose your libido, in which case you should not use saw palmetto extract or anything that lowers testosterone. Besides libido, a small amount of testosterone is important for good health in women. Again do not confuse saw palmetto extract with saw palmetto. 320 mg saw palmetto extract is much more than 320 mg saw palmetto. Likewise it must be around 90% fatty acids or you need more, but unlike saponin extracts this high concentration is common and you don't need to search as hard to find a strong extract.

Prolactin, human growth hormone, insulin, IGF, etc.: Since these are minor I will not cover these. Plus saponins may increase sensitivity to these enough that providing them directly is not necessary. But if you wish to research and find supplements for these it may help a little.

Pectoral Muscle
Building pectoral muscles provides lift. And it provides muscle mass which of course does not sag. This and connective tissue provide perkiness. With enough muscle bulk you can even go up a cup size. Weight with few reps provides more bulk than unweighted exercises with many reps. One simple way is to bench press. 3 sets, 10 repetitions per set. 3 days a week, resting every other day. Though I am sure there are exercise gurus who can provide better pectoral muscle programs if you want to get serious.

Massage, Pumping
Honestly I never understood the motivation behind massaging and pumping because they are so time consuming. Especially whenever I am managing my time and measuring the hours now. For the most part I will omit them even though they do work. However massage benefits those experiencing rapid growth because it relieves soreness and because a good moisturizer or oil prevents stretch marks. It may also be good for breast health.

The key components of the example program are:
1. Nutritional mix (see above).
2. 3,000 mg MSM.
3. 300-1200 mg 50% saponin fenugreek or shatavari extract. Ramp up after a couple weeks or so.
4. 50-100 mg pueraria mirifica (optional). Cycling is not necessary. Use more if already top heavy, or if carefully balanced with progesterone (both your tested levels and progesterone cream). If you use more then you usually cycle it.
5. 1/8 tsp progesterone cream or 500 mg vitex (optional). Cycling is not necessary. Use more PC (and not vitex) if already bottom heavy, or if carefully balanced with estrogen (both your tested levels and a phytoestrogen such as pueraria mirifica). If you use more then you usually cycle it.
6. 1 320 mg capsule saw palmetto extract. Omit if libido disappears or if it seems unnecessary.
7. Bench press. Optional, but if you already go to the gym you may as well because it is quick. 3 sets, 10 repetitions per set. 3 days a week, resting every other day.
8. If sore or getting rapid results, massage with a moisturizer or oil.

There, powerful, simple, cheap, good for you, doesn't take much time, doesn't fill a cabinet full of bottles and doesn't usually cause uncomfortable issues. Since most of these are also beneficial for other aspects of health and aren't labeled as breast enhancement, they also don't embarrass you if found. Except PM which is easy to conceal. The nutrition may seem bulkier and more expensive, but because it takes the place of other food the net effect on groceries is not much. And those in good health with at least large A cups or larger don't strictly need it, though it is always nice.

Perhaps one day I will dig through my notes and websites for the references but again my time is limited. is nice for finding studies, as is searching for personal experiences in various forums and blogs including this forum. They are valuable because they are less likely to be biased with little to gain from writing them. "Product reviews" and product descriptions should be confirmed with other more reliable sources of information.

I hope this was beneficial to everyone and good luck.

Thank you Joe, very helpfull especially the part about saponins..thats really new too me. I'm gonna dig into that. I did not respond to your PM, in which you gave beneficial info according to my question. Sorry for that but i was on holidays and really busy. I'll let you know when i started that programme and if I booked succes with it.. or not. I see you are really interested in it so it might help you with helping other women..which is kinda your job right?Tongue Or dummy me dont understand you well..Rolleyes
But just curiousity..why are you interested in women and growing breasts?

I'm more interested in nutrition and herbs. It does seem fun too, as long as you don't take it too seriously or damage your health. But most of the herbs are good for you, as are healthy foods of course. I looked into this when I was bored and unemployed. Now I'm busy. Yeah it is a bit odd for a hobby. All reasons to step out.

I figured I'd leave some general information before I go, based on what I found out. I tried to make it simple. If you're already in good health I think with the above you could take just 2 shatavari extract capsules plus 1 saw palmetto extract capsule and do extremely well. And they're all easy and cheap to find on Amazon or wherever. Vs. spending a fortune, an hour and 20 capsules like a lot of programs. Not to mention hormonal imbalance and so on from some other programs.

I'll probably still check back to reply. But I do feel odd posting in random threads even though most women respond positively to it. So I figure I can just leave this here instead and whoever wants to try it can.

My job is something completely different.

Thanks for posting, joe. It makes lots of sense and it's simpler. Smile

(13-03-2015, 04:48 PM)Koko Wrote:  Thanks for posting, joe. It makes lots of sense and it's simpler. Smile

You're welcome.

Besides I think has many of the items too. Other sites too I bet, but those are two big ones.

I should also note that this is extremely healthy & effective too, not only simple. Once you take care of all factors I think you will be amazed. It is based on successful programs and stories I've read about, plus trying to understand the reason behind it all. The health foods contain every nutrient I could find. I consume it myself and I never have health trouble, get tons of energy from it, etc. Except my version has more oysters because males need more zinc.

Also I was just now figuring out the sulfur content of the health foods I listed and it is more than enough, about the same as 4,000 mg MSM. So If you use the nutrition mix, MSM is not necessary and it should be removed from the example program. That happens a lot with healthy foods. You get many many bonus nutrients you did not even realize were there. Whether or not they've even been discovered yet. Also why multivitamins are terrible. They are missing many nutrients, even many that we now know exist, but nobody making a multivitamin really cares.

Hi SurferJoe,

I love the nutritional mix suggestion, and have a quick question about it. As far as the brewer's yeast portion of the mix is concerned, it appears to be contraindicated for folks with recurring yeast infections. What would you recommend as a substitute for those who probably ought not include the active yeast?


Xo, Soli

I would have to redo the whole mix. I had an old version that was primarily pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds but it was much bulkier. I also have another recipe if you search my old posts which is primarily spinach and a little mushroom. This one takes longer to make but it is easier to eat. I forget if it also has yeast in it but even if it does it is a much smaller portion so you could omit it and increase the other ingredients a bit. Specifically the sunflower seeds, spinach and maybe rice bran.

Brewer's yeast is dead yeast not active yeast and it is a different strain from baker's yeast so it may not be a problem with all yeast infections. I read it is fine with Candida but you may want to double check that. Best for each individual to make sure with their particular yeast infection. The problem seems to be that the body is sensitive to similar yeasts and reacts negativity to it. The brewer's yeast itself is dead.

Thanks for the reply, SurferJoe! I'll check out your spinach mushroom recipe too.

Xo, Soli

Here is an extremely basic, cheap yet highly effective example program with links to all products:

1 per day, then soon 2 per day:
1 per day:
1 per day:
1 per day:

Again those who aren't at least a full A cup should strongly consider good nutrition first. And nutrition is nice for everyone else too. 50-100 mg PM would be cheaper than red clover but I couldn't find capsules with so little so you'd have to carefully measure out tiny amounts of powder.

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