Starting NBE seriously! Need some advice! x

Hi everyone!! I've been lurking on here for a week or two but now I've decided to make an account and start a serious journey for NBE

About my journey!
I am 19 and from Australia! I've been trying to grow my breasts very casually for a few years, but have never seriously kept to a routine long term and have taken many long breaks. These methods included doing some massages, taking fenugreek daily as well as milk thistle often. The information I've gotten about growing breasts have just come from youtube/basic articles, as well as 

Measurements and Goal

I am currently a 10B (32B), and my measurements are 71cm (underbust)/85cm (overbust). I've always had smaller breasts but in the last 4 months I've started Vyvanse for my ADHD and one of the side effects are weight loss. I've definitely lost a lot of weight due to this and have seen it in my breasts (they used to be 73cm/89cm), and I feel like I am now just barely a 10B as I am not filling it out at all like I used to. 

I am so insecure about my breasts, and although I've tried to be more confident, it's often hard. I usually only wear push up bras which also gives me a false sense of my size, so I feel even more insecure about my actual size. I would love to get to a point where I am comfortable going out in regular bras or even no bra too.

I am 5'2 (160 cm) and weigh about 50 kg. I think I may be on the underweight side so I would like to be able to reach a healthy BMI. 

My goal for my breast size is realistically a 10-12 C, although a D or DD would be ideal.

Birth Control
I am 19 and have been on BC for a few years. I am currently on a combination pill of levonorgestrel and ethinyloestradiol (usually known as femme-tab or evelyn etc.) but I'm about to switch to combination pill of norethisterone and ethinyloastradiol (specifically Brevinor 21 and 28 days). I'm taking BC because my periods have always been heavy, long and very short cycle (usually 18 days instead of 28), and I also use it for contraception. I am switching because I have recently been getting extremely long periods on this BC (one lasted for a month just a bit ago, this has happened before on prior BC)

My starting routine

For now I've decided to stop taking fenugreek/milk thistle to give my body a proper reset and see how my body responds to my new BC without any supplements. I will probably wait 2 weeks before taking milk thistle again, and another 2 weeks before taking fenugreek again too.

I want to take supplements that hit all the important hormones. I saw on another post someone saying a good cycle would be:
1 estrogenic herb
1 pro-hormone
1 pro-aromatase
1 potentiator
1 anti-androgen

I am still interested in taking Fenugreek and milk thistle and have seen good things about Saw Palmetto, Wild yam, red clover, fennel and flaxseeds but I am willing to try anything out!

Alongside supplements, I also want to start a workout routine as well. I want to do weight lifting exercises for my chest. I am not trying to lose weight, but I wouldn't like to gain a significant amount either. I am quite skinny, but definitely skinny fat, so if anything I would really like to put on some muscle.

I also really want a diet, and have looked on here for many recommended foods. I am currently addicted to redbull (lol) but know it is probably not good for NBE due to sugar and caffeine, and really want to eventually stop (on that note too I also vape but I am planning on completely quitting within the next 2 months hopefully!)

Questions and Advice

Firstly, should I take a hormone test? I know a lot of people on here say it is a great place to start. I am especially curious because I've always had very short menstrual cycles since the age of 14, so I suspect I could have a hormone imbalance. Should I also wait for results before starting supplements?

Has anyone had any experience with the BC I am about to switch too? I am not really interested in going off birth control completely for the reasons I've given. Although I've been on BC for a few years now I haven't really seen a change in my breasts because of it, but I am on a really low dose and have also taken minipills (not combined) for most of it. Does anyone know any good BC for breast growth? I know a lot of people recommend yaz/yasmin and my doctor said that she might switch me to those if my current BC doesn't work for me.

I know I am also quite young, and a lot of people advice not to do NBE before 20 due to hormones still changing. What should I avoid as a 19 year old and what is safe to try? 

Since I've taken fenugreek and milk thistle on and off for a few years without any significant results should I completely switch them out? Or should I try them again with a combination of other things/strict routine and wait for progress before trying to change? Also, is it better to start taking supplements all at once or slowly introduce them into your routine?

Any advice on taking full fat soy powder? I know other people really recommend it on here, and others say it can make them feel sick. Is it alright to try at my age? I also drink soy as my main milk so I don't think I would get sick.

Advice on massage oil/cream/making your own oil? I know people recommended both making your own as well as some already on the market. I am currently just using regular body cream to massage (tried olive oil cream before too), but would love to try one targeted for breast massage. 

Thanks for reading! I know this was probably super long haha I just wanted to put as much info in as possible. I'm thinking of doing fairly regular updates/maybe starting a progress tracker! I would love any advice or if you know any good threads/progress stories that would be useful!! xx

Hi Gothbabe, welcome and nice presentation, 

Taking BCP shouldn't be combined with NBE, the two (BCP and NBE) compete for the same estrogen receptor. Though technically phytoestrogens are much weaker than hrt meds in BCP. Usually phytoestrogens only stimulate E1 (estrone) which stimulates ER-b (estrogen receptor beta) which is seen as helping protect against breast cancer. HRT meds like micronized E2 tablets stimulate ER-a (estrogen receptor alpha). ER-a is the estrogen receptor responsible for breast growth. Once puberty starts T.E.B (Terminal End Buds...or breast buds...which both sexs are born with) that have been dormant are reawakened (or reactivated) estradiol and progesterone are released during you well know lol. Sorry, the reason I'm pointing this out is some recent science I uncovered about when the actual TEB's fade away, which isn't until the 30's. But I also discovered that there's always a reserve of at least 20% of TEB's left, meaning no one supply is completely burned (fused) out initially.

Please read this thread as it addresses most of your questions (or concerns) related to (taking soy, bcp and other things) I'll follow up asap.

(12-09-2022, 04:36 AM)Gothbabe Wrote:  I want to take supplements that hit all the important hormones. I saw on another post someone saying a good cycle 
 1 estrogenic herb
1 prohormone
1 pro-aromatase
1 potentiator
1 anti-androgen

You might've seen this cycle posted in my thread here?

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