Troubleshooting/Should I stop?

Hello everyone,

So Im feeling conflicted, very very pessimistic. I have pretty underdeveloped breasts (and they look mildly tubular - they are very conical/sloped.) I’m 21 and started NBE for a few months last year, which took me from completely flat chested to having a slight bit of plump. My old routine was just taking fenugreek and SP with pumpkin seed/olive oil massages, I stopped because I don’t feel like I grew but rather my breasts just appear fuller. 

So this year, I started again - this time doing daily massages (3x a day) with an olive oil, ground flaxseed, ground fenugreek & red clover mixture, 

Taking a mix of these herbs: fenugreek, maca, dong Quai, fennel, saw palmetto,

And getting as much phytoestrogens in my meals as I can while increasing my fat/protein intake.

And all the while I can’t really notice significant growth. Im still around a 34A, have been doing this since May, and at this point it’s super discouraging. I want to invest in a Noogleberry but part of me feels like it won’t help and I’m honestly tired of spending all this money with minimal results. Not to mention seeing all the other ladies my age with beautiful chests/bodies just feels like salt in the wound. I have broad shoulders and a “wide ribcage” so these tiny breasts don’t help the situation!

Does anyone have advice? Let me know if there’s something I should change!

Thank you!

I know it can be a lot of money, but buy a noogleberry or Bosom Beauty

Bosom Beauty is more expensive but has an electric pump.

Nothing works for underdeveloped breast, don’t waste your money.


Check those who have been successful from A cup in the forums in the past.  Usually it involves good nutrition.  I have some foods in my sig link, or at minimum make the majority of your diet whole seeds/grains/beans/nuts and strongly colored veggies.  Protein and maybe fat depending on the source is going a bit in the opposite direction.  You need some but only a little and it can get in the way of what you really need.

Since you already grew a little from fenugreek you may want to try something stronger such as 1200 to 2400 mg 50% saponin extract or soaking 1-3 tbsp. whole seeds for 4 hours, drain, rinse, snack.  Gradually increase from 1200 mg or 1 tbsp. If it gives you no issues.

Also, most take 3-4 months to gain their first size even if not A cup so be patient.  Growing from A cup might take several months after eating the right foods first.

Besides that don’t give yourself a hormone imbalance with too much pueraria mirifica (if any) without progesterone cream (if any) or vis versa.  Ditto with combination BC (which is mostly estrogen) or all progestin BC (synthetic progesterone).  Unless a hormone test confirms you have too much of the other one.  An imbalance can prevent all growth, even stopping other herbs from working or rarely even cause shrinkage.  Best to use a low amount if any and balance with the other until you confirm there is growth from other more reliable ways.  Only after that experiment with more of these if you want.  Nothing you listed falls into this category but it’s a common mistake so I thought I’d mention it.

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