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(28-08-2021, 10:36 AM)Cely Wrote:  

Hi elusive, can you tell us what brands of PM/placenta have you used so far?

Thank you

You can get marumans pig placenta mango flavoured jelly sticks from amazon, this is pig placenta just like chiyomilk used x As for pm you want brands straight from/sourced from Thailand as this is the only place it is grown properly other places it is imitation not the same benefits/value if that makes sense


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...still dealing with stubborn fat in my legs/butt.

I think that's the problem dear... you might have high estrogen already and stubborn fat on legs and butt are the proof. You're taking the wrong path!

You don't need to add more estrogen. 

Why don't you try taking 1 vitex capsule and applying Progesterone Cream? I bet you'll more growth that way.


I did hormonal tests, my E/P ratio is Good. I’m not estro dom right now.


(06-09-2021, 06:51 PM)Cely Wrote:  

I did hormonal tests, my E/P ratio is Good. I’m not estro dom right now.

Is great that your have a nice E/P ratio, but remember that breast need ,GH,Prolactin too.

Are you taking some DHT blocker? Having nice rest? Massaging?


Try astaxanthine very effective to lower dht and lose stubborn weight. On the thigs where the most stubborn fat is, use just regular package of grounded black coffee, use it as a scrub to burn of the fat. Let it work in awhile as well. If you want to order bo in Europe, biotics cytozyme O sells it but not undr the name bo.

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