Finally getting a hormone test -- High prolactin? Please help!


Hello all lovely ladies and gentlemen!

I have been joining and browsing the forum for several years now. I was encouraged and inspired by all of your NBE journeys, and occasionally starting out some programmes of myself too, but had no visible success. This time, I am determined to really get to know my own body before starting again, so I have finally ordered the hormone blood test.

Some bio information...I am a 24 years old woman with breast size of 34B. I have quite a pear-shaped body, and have recently gained some more fat and weight (BMI is now 23.7). My period has always been irregular since puberty (had gone half year without a period once), and is finally becoming relatively stable, 34-38 days a cycle, since taking a year of BCP back in 2019. Frankly I don't have the healthiest lifestyle, my sleep schedule is a bit messed up and I often have migraines.

While looking through different symptoms for hormone imbalance indication, I have thought myself to be Estrogen dominance or Progesterone deficiency prior to the test.
I have taken the blood test on the 3rd day of my period (follicular phase), and here are the results:

    my result: 132 pmol/L
    normal follicular range: 45 pmol-854 pmol/L

    my result: 0.36 nmol/L
    normal follicular range: 0.18 - 2.84 nmol/L

    my result: 4.6 IU/L
    normal follicular range: 3.5-12.5 IU/L

    my result: 5.1 IU/L
    normal follicular range: 2.4-12.6 IU/L

    my result: 459 uIU/mL
    normal follicular range: 102-496 uIU/mL

While all my result seems to be in-range, I have noticed they are all skewed towards one end of the spectrum. I am guessing all my other hormones are towards to the low end because of my rather high prolactin, but I am not on any medication nor activity (not a regular exercise person) that could contribute to that. I am very confused as in what my next steps should be... I have heard vitex would be a good hormone balancer, but I am not sure if it can be taken in my case of high prolactin too.

I would be so grateful for any advice that you have. Wishing you am amazing blissful everyday!


Any help would be appreciated!! I have recently bought vitex hoping it would have a general balancing effect…



i had same problem before my prolactin was 900 which is very abnormal and then i took vitex to balance it helped to lower to around 600

but i havent checked these days. but make sure you take to right dosage of the vitex. i remember the right dosage was around 400mg

anything lower or higher wont help


Hello lazywoman,

Thank you very much for your reply! And this is a total life saver too because I actually been taking vitex too and exactly like you said I don’t think I am on the right dosage…

I have been taking 800mg for first month and saw no difference. And now have up the dosage to 1200mg….

Thank you for you tips and I will lower it to 400mg to see how it goes!


Mucuna pruriens can lower prolactin too, if vitex isn’t enough.  I don’t think higher doses of vitex hurt, they merely don’t help more.  Be careful with mucuna pruriens extracts because some are very strong.  No more than a 20% L-dopa extract, if not whole herb.  If using whole herb then 5,000 mg is a nice low amount to try, but for extracts you use far less.  About enough that you can barely feel it a few minutes after taking it is probably good.  And once you are done adjusting your prolactin, reduce or stop the MP.

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