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Has anyone used DIM with BO?
Hi Ladies!  Smile

I'm working on other health issues right now (thyroid, gut) and then will probably be trying a BO program. I'm using this time to research and learn.. Been reading a lot lately about DIM.  Just wondering if any of you BO Gals have used DIM in your booby growing programs? I think I might be a slow estrogen metabolizer and definitely know I have adrenal fatigue (I've always leaned in in the direction of E dominance). So since BO increases estrogen quite a lot, I was wondering if the addition of DIM could help mediate or eliminate any potential side effects from the BO, like heavy and/or more painful periods, etc. I know that some ladies also take breaks from the BO and do cleanses and such..

Actually, any info ya'll might have about taking DIM would be much appreciated! TIA and Happy Growing to all of you! I hope I'll finally be growing myself one day, lol!


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