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One month on BO!
(17-05-2019, 07:41 PM)SugarplumFairy Wrote:
(17-05-2019, 05:04 PM)CoconutCrush Wrote:
(14-05-2019, 05:32 PM)SugarplumFairy Wrote:
(14-05-2019, 05:20 PM)CoconutCrush Wrote: SugarPlumFairy trueeeee!!!
Are you on BO too? Let me check your thread real quick.

I started a little over a month ago and SEEM to be having great success. I’ve not wanted to start a thread until I’ve got some measurable, lasting success, but I’m testing many of the same things you are. It’s nice to have companions in this very odd journey! I put on a 32C bra at Victoria’s Secret the other day, and holy cow, it fit! Somehow I don’t look much different in the photos I’ve taken, but half my personal bra collection is unwearable now. Someday I may have a good story to tell like many of the other people on here. Time will tell.

Oh WOWWWWW!!! I really want this to happen to me. I’m so glad your Tatas are co-operating, haha. Anyway, I’d still advice you to start your thread. A lot of amazing people here can help you and a lot of them can get inspired by you (including ME :p ) Personally, I feel this journey wasn’t that grateful for me or maybe I haven’t yet come across my ‘miracle’ routine. Let’s hope for the best.

I think I’ll take your advice and start a thread. I don’t want to deceive anyone on this forum, though—there’s not a lot of “wow” about my progress yet. When I look at myself topless there’s no discernible difference. My smooth, lightly lined T-shirt bras give me a double-boob effect now, so I avoid them, depending on what I’m wearing. (And smashing down my girls seems counterproductive.) I can’t wear them at all on the days I Noogle. 

My push-up bra collection is different—since they’re designed to shove your rack out the top of them anyway, I can get away with wearing them still. My boobs will actually touch between the two cups now, but not much forward projection.

I tried on bras at Victoria’s Secret the other day and 32C would be the right fit, so I ordered a couple during their $25 bra sale. You know what though? The whole experience was so anticlimactic. I always hear people on here talk about booby-greed, and now I know why. I thought 32C would be so exciting, but it wasn’t. 

I’ve contemplated this quite a bit, and compare it to the pyramids in Egypt. You know how many stones must be in the bases of those pyramids? The volume of blocks at the bottom is a huge number compared to the top. After all that work of building three or four stones high, the results could NOT have been that impressive to all those slaves sweating in the desert. That’s what I’m thinking goes on with building breasts. I know I have more breast tissue covering my pectoral muscles, and there’s more in my hands when I gather them up, but how exciting is that when it doesn’t look like much in the mirror? Not very, to answer my own question.

Maybe 32D will be more exciting. I bought two of those during the bra sale just to have something to work toward. The swelling when I Noogle is delightful, and might fill those cups now, if only for two hours. I guess we’ll see when they come in the mail. Either way, it gives me a visual of what the future may hold, which is kind of motivating. I’ve seen just enough lasting progress to know this may work and I should press on. No “wow” though.

I’d be soooo excited if I get even a little bit of growth but everything just goes futile. I feel discouraged and these things make me a little insecure. 
What you’re saying is actually true. Our breast tissue sits on pectoral muscle which can be worked out upon, which is then layered by fat tissues which is why usually when people gain weight , cup size increases or how when people work out, they lose their cup size.  Genetics play a role in where does your  fat initially gets stored in , like with me it’s in my butt.  Now, since these are just Fat lobules, we’ll have to work diligently to notice some difference even though it’s different when you hold them.
(18-05-2019, 10:42 PM)sweetorange Wrote:
(14-05-2019, 04:24 PM)SugarplumFairy Wrote:
(14-05-2019, 02:38 AM)Dboobies Wrote:
(12-05-2019, 05:13 PM)CoconutCrush Wrote: Hi everyone, 
I started taking BO on the 10th day of my menstrual cycle.
First week : one pill at night 
Second week : two pills at night 
Past 5 days : two BO + one pituitary in the morning 
                    Two BO + one pituitary at night 

I don’t see any growth yet. No tingling, no nothing. Do you think I should add something or change my routine? 
I won’t take any until I get my periods and then start again on the 10th day. 
I really need your advice. Shoutout to everyone who can help !!

Hi Coconut!

Sometimes you have to give more time, I think you're doing great increasing the dosis slowly. What I don't understand is why you're taking 10 days off every month.
Massages and/or pumping helps a lot.

*sorry English is not my native language

I’m contemplating cycling my BO off monthly as well, and this is why: MissMadScientist was adamant about taking a break from BO at least on your period to give your follicles a chance to grow (FSH) so they can in turn release hormones all month long. 

Interestingly, Dboobies, taking off one out of every four weeks gives your body the same break time your instructions were advocating of taking one out of four months off—the time is just divided based on the female cycle instead of seasonally. 

MissMadScientist went further even on one of her last posts before she disappeared to say that she thought BO could be confined to just days 12 to 24 of your cycle. A high dose (1500mg) on those days gives maximum impact, compared to taking a lower dose all along.  She advocated taking HMB to maintain gains in breast tissue during your off days. Someday she may come across all of my quoting of her, so I hope I’m doing her justice. Read her personal BO thread for all the details.

Please, do keep in mind what Ellen (MissMadScientist) wrote about Bovine Ovary or estrogen supplements and the need to cycle it. Indeed, from day 12-24 it is enough to do so. She also suggested to do it in a high dosage, but I think it's safer to start building up until 1500mg . That means the first month at 250mg and add another 250mg monthly until 1500 mg.

PS: I do know she took her time to make her research and figure things out for everyone on this forum. I have seen her notebooks XD

Hi Sweetorange , it makes me really happy to see your reply here. I read your threads regularly and I love them. 
Yeahhh, that’s what I’m keeping in mind. I have read a lot of people talk about taking BO from 12-24. This time I’ll increase my doses. Let’s see what happens.


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