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Trying Ms Mad Scientist’s Flax & Toasted Soy Method!
Hi all!! I’ve been lurking for a very long time on these forums looking for a natural way to increase my bust. Since Monday I have been doing Miss Mad Scientist’s (Ellen’s routine) and holy cow!!!! It seems to be working! Also took some tips from the lovely MariaAM and I can’t believe the results so far.

I usually get heavier breasts around my period (which I am due for mine prob in a week or so) but after I’m going to keep going with it after my stop week. I’m not on birth control. I hope these results stay bc my breasts are literally tight Against my bra now (I wear a 32c bra but it always had gaps in it) and I pray to god it’s not just PMS making my breasts bigger temporarily! However I really feel like it’s working!!!!

Here’s what I do  Smile

Morning & night 
- 1 quarter size of progesterone cream
- 2 big tablespoons of ground flax (I use spectrum organics) mixed into 1 cup of whole milk w a splash of 2% fat chocolate milk for taste  
- 2 big tablespoons of toasted full fat soy flour (I buy off of amazon! Links below) ... I mix this in with a little whole milk and 2% fat chocolate milk

I don’t know if it’s helping some but after I massage my breasts with Genetix enhancement oil. Alone it didn’t do much for my breasts but with this method I think its helping a little.

I’ll try to take pics this weekend!! My starting bra size was between a 32b and 32c and now I feel like I’m a full 32c. I’ll have to take exact measurements when I’m home and I’ll try to post some pics. I want to be a full 32d or 32e so I plan on trying this for 3 months like Ellen did.

My diet doesn’t exclude anything (I eat meat, carbs, etc) but I try to eat healthy. I drink a green smoothie every morning and try to take fish oil and a multivitamin every day. 

My old concern is if I reach my goal size I want to be sure I that I maintain these results forever!! So idk what to do in order to (like what the maintenance plan would be?)


Original Thread -


MariaAM’s thread - https://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=29101

Flax - https://www.vitacost.com/spectrum-organi...d-flaxseed

Toasted full fat soy (Kinako powder) -  
https://www.amazon.com/assi-Roasted-Soy-...+po&sr=8-2 (I empty and store it in an air tight 
Tupperware container after opening)

Progesterone cream - https://www.amazon.com/Progesterone-Bioi...pons&psc=1

I’ll be posting updates so stayed tuned!  Very pleased with the results so far Smile

- Tabby
Hi Smile I started using progesterone cream, too. I love the "boost" it gives to breasts right after you apply.
(11-04-2019, 02:33 PM)saggybunny Wrote: Hi Smile I started using progesterone cream, too. I love the "boost" it gives to breasts right after you apply.

I do too! I rub the cream into my wrists and put the extra on my breasts. So glad you found something that works for you <3
I wish you the best of luck <3 

And keep trying and tweaking it towards whatever works for your body. We are all different and have different environments. Always listen to your body Smile


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