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Starting MissMadScientist's Flaxseed and Soy Method
Hey everyone,

I've been following MissMadScientist's thread, and decided to try this for myself. Thansk to HappyMe for suggesting to start my own updated thread, here it is! The program requires morning and evening intake of soybean powder, whole milk, and ground flaxseed. Its actually very delicious lol!

Before I started this, I sort of dabbled with Pueraria Mirifica tablets, and Genetix Organix Oil. Although, I did not respond much to either. 

1. I’ve been trying to eat cleaner and healthier. I don’t always eat much, and I eat unhealthy junk food. So lately I’ve been eating more nuts, protein, greens, taking daily vitamins, drinking more water, and eating three full meals. As it’s mentioned in MissMadScientist's thread, I’ve tried to clean up my gut bacteria to have a better chance at success with this method.

2. I’ve ordered kinako powder, since it’s mentioned quite a bit here. I got one bag, which I don’t think is enough for more than a week, so I’ll need to order more soon. I’ve also gotten Flaxseed meal, which is easier to find in store.

3. Ive decided to take the flaxseed and soy at 8AM and 8PM. And will try my best to remain at those times everyday. 

4. Lastly, I took the flaxseed as quick as I could with water. Swallowed it like a shot, lol! It’s mentioned that the faster the better to finish within 5 mins, for more effectiveness. And I took the soy and whole milk with chocolate nesquik this morning. It’s SO delicious, highly recommend!

About 20 mins after I took this, I felt a bit of the discomfort that’s mentioned in MissMadScientist's thread. I thought it might be from my period, which might be coming soon. But it wasn’t as strong as it usually is before my period. So hopefully this persists, and is a sign of effectiveness! 

Yesterday was my first day, Sept 10th. I measured and I am a 28B, would love to grow a cup or two. So hoping for the best!

- MariaAM
Good luck  Smile
MAke sure the soy  is non gmo. I’d be supporting you thyroid too if introducing soy in higher quantities
Wow! Will be waiting for updates. I wanted to start this myself but I don’t get half the products here where I live. 
Good luck ! ^_^
(11-09-2018, 10:33 PM)Rain Wrote: Good luck  Smile

Thank you so much!  Smile
(11-09-2018, 11:24 PM)EllaC Wrote: MAke sure the soy  is non gmo. I’d be supporting you thyroid too if introducing soy in higher quantities

Hi, thank you Ella!

I looked into this and could not find where it says if the soy I got is non-GMO or not :\
It is a Japan-based product and in another language!

I will finish this bag, it was 150g. I have to order more soon, so I will keep that in mind, thank you for the heads up!

(14-09-2018, 02:26 PM)CoconutCrush Wrote: Wow! Will be waiting for updates. I wanted to start this myself but I don’t get half the products here where I live. 
Good luck ! ^_^

Thank you!   Smile  

Its taken me quite a long time to finally order the supplies and start myself.
When I first found the method, I wrote down all the tips and constantly kept up with what others were saying so I could be prepared for when I start.

It's just under a week, and I definitely feel changes!
I will post a short update soon!

Hey everyone!

Here is a 6 day update. Everyday I remain as consistent as possible, and try not to miss my flax and soy intake. My first day of NBE was Sept 10

Sensations During NBE
After the first morning of my NBE: about 20 mins after I had already felt a very slight sensation of tenderness in my breasts. Since then, the feeling has been pretty consistent. When it is a few hours after intake, the sensation becomes very minimal, but about half an hour after an intake the sensation becomes stronger.

Perceived Changes
I realized I've been measuring myself wrong, I am actually a 32AA.

Lately, I've noticed my breasts feel heavier. When I would cup my breasts with my hand they weren't as full, now they feel slightly fuller. I grew almost 1 inch so far!

For anyone who is planning to start this method. Please read and re-read MissMadScientist's original thread. It is VERY informative, and there is an important section about who can safely use this method, and who cannot. For example, if you have a Thyroid problem she does not recommend this method, since soy is potentially linked to Thyroid problems. If you are under 18 years old, she recommends not doing NBE, etc.

Tips for Now
I am committed to achieving my goal of breast growth, therefore I took many notes from MissMadScientist's thread. There are many benefits to this method. But I think what is helping my results so far is the following:

1) Understanding that NBE is a matter of manipulating your body to grow our breasts. If we are not already genetically pre-disposed to that growth. We are essentially creating an environment that mimics puberty targeting our breasts. It is SO important to maintain a healthy diet, so that we have the right nutrients and bacteria in our gut (MissMadScientist's tip) to foster that growth.

Before this I had a very bad diet, I would eat out ALL the time, get fast food, and not eat full meals. I have a naturally skinny body-type, and fast metabolism. So before I started this, I made sure I was eating a healthy and clean diet for at least one week before I started this method so that my body could clean up. After this, continue this diet so that you can maintain that healthy gut bacteria so that you can continue to get growth! This is great to be doing in general for ourselves, so it came as a plus haha!

2) Stay consistent! I've read other comments from users who started but didn't get growth. MissMadScientist says to clean up your diet, then you can start again, tt is a matter of healthy gut bacteria. But also consistency! For any NBE journey, I think consistency is key. I have tried other methods, but I wasn't consistent and felt no growth. For this I am so determined and I am seeing progress in this short time, I hope to remain consistent for the next few months to see more significant growth!

3) So you don't have to go scrolling through MissMadScientist's thread (the way I did, it's 18 pages long now) I will sum up some of the valuable intake tips here.

The method requires the following every morning and evening:

- 30 grams ground flaxseed with water (once you mix the water in take it immediately!)
- 25 grams full fat soy flour toasted (AKA Kinako Powder) and 200 ml whole fat milk

I noticed if I take the soy RIGHT after the flaxseed I don't feel the growth as much. I try to take it 1 or 2 minutes after the flax, I believe it makes a difference because of digestion.

Apparently regular soy flour gives headaches, it is important to use toasted. I don't get headaches from this. I take the soy and milk with chocolate Nesquik syrup (MissMaddScientist's suggestion) it's my fav part of the method, SO delicious!!

These tips have worked for me so far. I hope that this helps anyone who is interested in trying it too! I believe this method is very safe and a healthy motivation to have a healthy diet regardless. I hope to see more progress, and will update as I continue!

Happy NBE journey friends

- MariaAM
Lastly here are Converted Measurements:

I don't have a gram weighing scale, so I've used online converters to figure out how much to take. Here are the measurements:

4 tablespoons - grounded flaxseed meal (corrected)
4 tablespoon - toasted soy flour (corrected)
3/4 cups - whole milk

And a link to Non-GMO Kinako Powder. I'm posting it here for anybody to use if they decide to.
I don't know if this ships to Canada yet, where I am, but I'll see!


Again Happy NBE journey friends!

- MariaAM
Ok, I know I've been posting a lot but I just realized I've been doing some stuff ALL WRONG.

LOL! Oh well, I will post my mistakes here, and continue tomorrow with the corrected measurements.

1) I've been measuring my bra size incorrectly. Here is my corrected current bra size.

Band = 32
Bust = 31
Cup Size : 32AA

2) I've been measuring my intake of soy and flaxseed wrong! I've been taking HALF of what I'm supposed to take (despite this, I've still had growth). Regardless, I have updated the information in my previous posts above.

I was taking 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed meal, but after searching online grams to tablespoons specific to grounded flaxseed, I found out the correct measurement is 4 tablespoons. Also, I've been taking 1 tablespoon of Toasted Soy Flour instead of 4 tablespoons (which is also the correct conversion specific to soy flour).

Two other users on MissMadScientist's thread have used these same measurements. So I assume, these are the correct ones.

Hopefully I don't get headaches with quadruple the soy flour, but I think I'll be ok! Despite these errors I know I've made about 0.5 inches growth in my bust size in a week, so I'm happy!

Phew, glad to have learned my mistakes haha!

- MariaAM
GOAL: Growth!


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