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My BO Based Routine :)
(18-04-2019, 04:09 AM)Boin Wrote:
(18-04-2019, 02:55 AM)ClairDeLune Wrote: Ok, update time!

I have further modified my routine since my original post. Since making my current adjustments, I’ve felt much more frequent growth pains and my breasts feel fuller too! The growth pains vary from a dull aching feeling to spurts of sharper pains. They’re actually aching as I write this lol. There is definite growth, though it’s slow - it is steady! I’m hoping that the longer I take the mk-677, the more quickly I’ll see results as time goes on since it continues to increase HGH levels in the body overtime.

I recently purchased some DMSO because of its renowned absorption abilities. Several months ago I had purchased some isosensuals enhance cream. I had stopped using it because at the time I wasn’t able to be as consistent as I would have liked. I thought I’d incorporate it into my current routine and experiment by mixing it so it contains 10% DMSO. I’m applying it 1-2x a day after derma rolling my breasts, usually once in the morning and again before bed.

I’ve also made some colostrum extract nipple cream! I apply it along with the BO cream, 3x a day. I mixed 15 capsules (totaling 1,875mg) into 30g of aloe.

I’m loving it so far, I’ve noticed I get more frequent growth pains with it and the BO than with just the BO cream alone! Smile

Each day I take the following supplements;
- 20 drops of deer antler velvet extract each morning when I wake up (on an empty stomach and no food or water for at least 15 minute as instructed)

- 500mg HMB, 2x a day
- MK-677, 25mg a day
- 6g collagen a day, spread out over 3x a day

With meals;
- fish oil
- 3g MSM, spread through out the day
- multi vitamin with iodine

Before bed;
- 50mg DHEA
- 2g GABA
- 750mg BO — I still plan to increase this amount but I’m very slowly building up to it.. I might up the amount to 1g next month 

I will also be going back on BC most likely starting next month. I’ve been off it since before starting my current NBE routine. I’m curious to see how it will effect things...

Anyway, I’m excited to see where the next few months take me Smile

OMG so exited for you, must be awsome to actually feel the growth kicking in!
I wanted to ask also, what BC are you going on? Is there a specific one, and why?

Thank you! Smile yes it definitely helps to keep me motivated.. fingers crossed things pick up even more! 

I’ll probably be going back on the bc I’ve used in the past, tri-sprintec. Not for any particular reason other than that it works for my body. I would consider switching if I knew a specific bc would be good for NBE but at the same time, I also don’t want to risk taking something new and having mood swings or other unwanted side effects.

I know Miss Ellen was taking yasmin. I’m not sure if that’s because she believed it to be most helpful with growth or simply for the same reason I mentioned above and working best for her body  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(18-04-2019, 06:16 AM)danica Wrote: May I ask where you got your ml677? And which brand? Saving up for it. Starting DHEA soon Smile

That’s awesome! Good luck to you! Smile I’m currently taking wicked labz but as I mentioned before I’ll probably switch over to a different source once I finish off the stuff I have  
Brief update!

A few days ago I switched over to a new mk-677. This time I got a liquid form, from Narrows. I like it a lot better because it’s easier to control the dosage I’m getting and increase it in smaller increments than is possible with powder form.

Once again I feel a difference with this change in my program. My breasts feel heavier already but I’m not sure if that’s because they’re already growing more?
 Or if it’s because of the water retention that is a known side effect of the mk-677?

Or possibly both? XD

Also I HIGHLY recommend buying some empty capsules to put the liquid in and take it that way, rather than taking it on it’s own.

The stuff tastes NASTY and it lingers lol. 
But when putting it in the capsules you avoid that altogether 

Oh and I’ve also upped my BO at night from 750mg to 1g. I might increase the amount again in a month or so.. we shall see 

Anyway, I’ll try to update in about a week if there are any other noticeable changes in growth Tongue
Time for another mini update! lol

No major changes to report on from a week ago.. I’m still getting swelling and growth pains in my breasts
And I love it Big Grin

I forgot to mention that when I switched over to the liquid mk-677 that I started off with taking the equivalent of 5mg vs taking 25mg like how I was with the powdered version I was using beforehand. 

Mainly because I wasn’t 100% certain I had the pure form of it, and as a precaution I didn’t want to all of a sudden start taking a high dose of mk-677 resulting in lots of unwanted side effects.

Anyhow, I’m convinced the liquid version I have now is undeniably 100% authentic.

For one, the company has lots of praise in the bodybuilding/workout community 

And two, in addition to the increased swelling in my breasts, I’ve also noticed slight side effects that come with taking it. So far they are really minor and I plan on keeping them that way by gradually working my way up to increasing my dosage. 

I’m not sure what the ideal increments are for increasing dosage? Or over what time frame?

I’m debating to increase the amount by 1mg each week until I get to 25mg..? Or maybe increase by 5mg after a few weeks? Not sure yet.

If anybody has any insight please lmk Smile


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