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Starting MissMadScientist's Flaxseed and Soy Method
Hi everyone!

Here is an update. 
For the first two weeks I’ve felt much consistent growth. 

On the end of my second week, I’ve gotten my period, and the day I did, I felt no growth. I continued my regimen for a day and a half, and still felt no growth. So I went back to the boards to figure out possibilities of why.

Here is my thought process and estimations as to why my growth has stalled:

1. Instantly I thought it is due to progesterone/progestin levels. It is important to note that MissMadScientist was on mirena birth control during her method. Another user on her thread says that it is a progestin, and usually methods with progestin + phytoestrogens are highly successful.

I figured if she was consistently on progestin, even during her period, then that’s why my growth stalled. Typically during your period, progestin levels drop. And since I’m not on birth control, I thought maybe that’s why my growth has stalled.

I don’t know how progestin/phytoestrogen programs work because I’m aware that you have to switch between progestin use and herb use throughout your cycle. I thought maybe I had to incorporate a type of progestin during my period to continue the growth. But I don’t think that’s correct,  and I don’t want to mess up my cycle. 

2. The next thing I did was look into MissMadScientist’s threads again. MissMadScientist actually mentions in comments of Muffins’s thread, that you may feel a stall throughout the method, mostly during your period. During this time, it is best to stop your birth control, or stop the soy+flax+milk intake during your period. She calls this your stopweek. She mentions that, her growth is much better if she had her stopweek. 

The reason being that FSH levels (Follicle Stimulating Hormone - it is connected to puberty growth in men and women), is suppressed by estrogen and estrogen-like substances.

I realized that MissMadScientist had stop weeks (she did not clearly mention this in her original thread), therefore she wasnt consistently on birth control (elevated levels of progestin) specifically during her period.


Based on finding this information, I will wait for my period to be over to continue the method. If this doesn’t work, I will look into progesterone options and try it out, as a replacement of birth control pills.

I think it’s important to mention that I’m of Asian descent. In some of the research from this method, apparently those of Asian descent will likely have higher response rate, not entirely sure. 

Ok that’s all!

Wish me luck.
Hey Maria,
Thats great you have had consistent growth!
I cant comment on all your research but it sounds like your doing a great job of trying to figure it out.
This thread will be go to thread for a lot of us.
I wouldnt worry too much about your stall, consistency seems to be the key to NBE success.
I wish you luck too.


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