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Program 2 months in! (PM, Herbs, Nutrition, Massage, Pics)
(12-11-2018, 07:37 PM)catpower Wrote: Hello, again,

I've decided to buy a Noogleberry to accelerate some growth. Seem to be stuck at 33" upperbust, 33" bust, with some swelling right before my period. I'm thinking about the Medium Airlock -- the Medium Contoured looks good, too, but I'll do some research. I've really slacked off with massaging, but I like the 10 minute pumping, 2 minute massaging X3 (meaning 30 minutes of pumping) method. Should be able to do this 4x/week with my new work schedule.

I'm fitting a 32B comfortably!! Before I started, I was a solid A. I think I'd like to be a full C or small D at the end of this -- I'm pretty tall, and I think that that would complement my frame. Or, maybe that's me trying to justify "boobie greed"  Tongue

I suggest you go straight to CL as mediums are really not that big and I think you would fill them in short order. 30 minutes is not very long, usually takes at least 1 hr to achieve results. I gather you would have difficulty finding more time, but maybe you could split it into 2 sessions a day to total 1 hr.


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