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How do I know if my body temperature is too low to take BO?
Finally, I am 3 months in of consistently staying with a program. (Massage and pumping).

I wanted to do a trial of just massage and pumping for 6 months before adding anything, but I am kind of impatient. I was dreaming of a B cup by the middle to end of summer. I have gained some fullness. It might still happen with massage and noogling, but I want to see if I can speed up the results by incorporating BO into my routine.

What should my temperature be at to be able to take it? Do I just use a thermometer and what body temp range should the thermometer read? Does anyone know of a thread they can direct me to that explains BO and body temp in detail?
Never mind. I found the information I needed on Google.
Even if you don't need it now, the following thread is useful for explaining the minimum body temperature said to be required when taking bovine ovary.

Hey! I'm interested in this thread too
Also, how can we enhance the temperature naturally would be a good point! I mean, my normal temperature tends to be between 36.5-36.7 , so I guess I'll have to do something about this!!
The general long standing advice on how to raise your body temperature is to use foods or supplements to boost the thyroid gland. Basically if you produce too much thyroid hormone your body temperature increases and you find it's higher than usual and if you have too little your temperature falls and you find it's lower than usual. By usual I mean the standard 98.6 F or 36.9 C that we always hear quoted as the norm.


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