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Outgrowing my bras!! (finally)
Hi guys! 

I have made progress!! I won't post pics just yet maybe in a months time, but I just wanted to drop a line to say I have outgrown my 36C bras!! I just bought them in the fall and recently started sticking to a new program and I am excited!! Going to buy some new bras tomorrow! 

The program I follow is based on the ebook found here:

And what inspired me to used the ebook was a thread by rocketmelon, I was really impressed with her growth, plus her befores pictures look a lot like where I started. 

Another thing that I think has helped me is making sure my vitamin d levels are up. I don't take isolated sups, I take fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil and try and eat whole pastured eggs at least a few times a week. I didn't do a deep dive on vitamin d and breast growth, but did find this google link interesting. 


I will post pics/ more details soon. But I defiantly think the ebook is worth checking out if you are looking for new resources.
I've looked at that ebook too, it seems very comprehensive.  How long have you been following the program for?

Congrats on your growth! Smile
Thank you for sharing such in-depth and great information!


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