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My BO journey


Does anyone know for people with birth control implants that don’t get periods, should you just take daily or still skip a few days a month?


Just a word. I take Dronis (All Day Chemist’s alternative to Yasmin) all the time without a break, and am certainly over age 35. 

It’s recommended for all age groups unless one has certain blood disorders. Doctors weren’t pre-screening in the 90s, and people with preexisting conditions got sick.

(15-01-2018, 06:48 PM)Miss Mad Scientist Wrote:  Mmm kay!

I feel like these are getting more half a year updates xD

Good news, I have entered the eara of G-cup (wtf right)

Honestly, I feel like my boob greed has stopped.
I did some MAJOR changes since the summer, and stuff is working.
My program now:

- Bovine Ovary Swanson 1500 mg a day, taken at once before sleep 
- Ibutamoren (!!!!) (also known as MK-677) 25 mg a day (IGF-1)
- HMB  2 grams total a day (divided in taking it 3 times a day every 8 hours)
- Cimetidine (tagamet) 1600 mg a day, take it divided over 4 times a day 400 mg each
- Drospironolon + Ethinylestradiol (Yasmin) transbuccal once a day for 3 weeks, and one rest week.
- Multivitamine

During my rest week once a month I stop BCP and BO, and start taking Maca powder

Where to start.
Ibutamoren, why on earth is not everyone who does NBE on this stuff?
Seriously, we should all be reading more muscle building forums for things like IGF-1 and Growth Hormone lol

It raises Growth Hormone & IGF-1 levels, like nothing else (legally).
I’ve stopped the cinnamon, it is a joke compared to Ibutamoren.

Ibutamoren doesn’t affect cortisol, and doesn’t build any extra muscle or interacts with any androgen/receptors.

After 6 weeks of ibutamoren your IGF-1 is increased with 60% 
After 12 months of continious use, your IGF-1 levels are 72%
The longer you use, the higher your values get.

For those not knowing, IGF-1 is pretty essential for NBE!

I would advice not taking it longer than 12 months due to the IGF-1 risk increase in heart diseases and cancer etc.

Read more here, also the references of the article:
Click here on more Ibutamoren info, you know you want to  Wink

- HMB for to be sure my cells don’t shrink anymore once they are made. Look it up yourself.
I wouldn’t advice this to trans-ladies out there who want to lose muscle. If you are fine with the muscle you’ve now got, then I’d say it’s fine. I understand about wanting to lose muscle if you are transitioning. 

- Cimetidine (Tagamet). It is a medication originally for anti acid. Now I take this for legal reasons. But main side effect in long term use is gynecomastia (fancy word for booby growth). It blocks androgen receptors and also makes the estrogen available in your body to the most efficient estrogen form (17-beta variant).
AOC in the USA, prescription in Europe I believe.

From everything I’ve read, it takes a while for this one to induce gynecomastia. So you will not see growth within a month from just taking this at this dose. More likely half a year before the fun starts. But that is in normal people (men), who don’t take enhancing NBE supplements of course.
Perfect if you have gastric reflux issues.
Be aware of the drug interactions with this one, be sure to check at your pharmacy! No joke here!

- BCP yasmin since the summer: Drospirenon, I calculated it and it has about the same effect as 25 mg of spironolactone. It is a stronger anti androgen than spironolactone, but the dose is lower in Yasmin, hence you end up with around a 25 mg spironolactone effect. Which is pretty great still Smile
So cis-ladies, if you are looking for an easy and effective anti-androgen, this is your go-to Wink

Don’t take this one if you smoke, or are over 35 years of age, or have had like blood clotting issues, or you drink Kale juices 24/7 lol. 
It has a significant higher risk for developing bloot clots, especially in the first year of use.
Just keeping y’all safe here, you know

I buy everything locally here, so please don’t ask for brands etc :p 

Next few months I am looking more into White Peony Root extraction.

But for now, I am doing pwetty damn alright

I’ll try reading back here more often, sorry I sucked so much xD

Still love to read all your messages Smile
You can post here and let me know how you are doing

Keep em growing!
Au revoir!

Hi!  I started NBE a couple weeks ago with BO & am wondering since you had such great success with the flax/soy/milk method in another thread ( ) if I should do this method first for 3 months - or do you think it’s better to go this new method route for faster growth?  I just saw a post you did on nipple cream & added that monday, should I keep doing it?  It’s made my nipples hyper sensitive (might be TMI but had an orgasm from breast play alone, which made my SO feel like a super stud lol)

 I LOVE all the science you put into it, and really appreciate all the time you spent sharing your findings in these threads!!  

I had fantastic tatas as a teen (30DD, after being pregnant/nursing 3 kids for combined 10 straight years they went down, even with the baby led weaning and I’m wearing a 30C now in US sizes). I’d LOVE to get up to a G cup (my size when breastfeeding!!) but at least back to my DDs.  I’m a bit of a lingerie addict and have thousands and thousands of dollars in gorgeous lingerie that no longer fits sadly, not to mention clothes I had tailored (I work in fashion & have quite the wardrobe) to fit my once big boobs.  

Is this MK/Tagamet/HMB/Yasmin route the best for fastest growth at this point?  I read somewhere not to do phytoestrogens with BO, so do I do the soy/flax/milk with it or not?  (PS I got so excited I already ordered everything, including talking to DR and getting an Rx for BC - lucky me she recommended Yasmin w/o me requesting!!). I will continue the BO for now waiting your recommendations, and plan to start BCP CD1 next week.  

I had been pumping with Bosom Beauty, but stopped on Sunday to see if any growth or just swelling (swells up to 37” now, and I fill the large cups, ordered XL), now measuring 1/2” bigger but could be my period coming in 6 days.

Thanks in advance!  You’re a boob growth hero!

Can someone please help me… how many times a day should we take BO? I read somewhere someone said it’s better to just take it once a day

Hi, I have oestrogel. If i use that in the place of BO, would it be effective? I'm still trying to understand the science of this all.

Has anyone taken BO while using volufiline topically? Is it okay

Is it okay to use volufiline with BO?

(24-01-2024, 07:36 PM)lovealwayswins Wrote:  Is it okay to use volufiline with BO?

Yes, I use an oil mix I made with volufiline in it & take BO orally & have at times put BO mixed in aloe on my nipples (& covered w/ silicone pasties so doesn’t dry out/itch), then put the volufiline mix around the pasties.  No interactions or complications.

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