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Plastic surgeon opinions...depressed
Most transsexuals get implants. But they look fake and can feel fake. Along with other procedures you have a manufactured woman like Bruce / Kaitlin Jenner. Now I prefer actual herbal, massage, hypnosis, training to speak, vacuum pumping, and diet changes. That is why we are hear, to look feel and sound female. That is hard work either way but natural changes are better than surgical.
^ Well said. The natural route is amazing not just because of the end result but the learning about herbs and nutrition and getting in touch with your body through massage and lots of self love. I can't speak for everyone but its nice to feel connected to your boobs, I'm not sure achieving growth through implants would feel the same way. Would they ever feel like mine? Hard to say, and I never wanted to go down that road. I don't want to knock women with implants but there's no beating a natural boob when it comes to feel and jiggliness. I've only felt my friends implants and it wasn't the same, felt like a boxing bag. I've always said I wanted bigger boobs and people would say "easy, get implants" like it was as simple as telling someone to put on a coat because they're cold, but I wanted my boobs, their softness, their bounce, just bigger!

Excellent post Wannabe. I liked reading it Smile
I'm not against cosmetic surgery because I have seen many successful stories. But I would say if you have good natural boobs then try to be happy with it. There are lots of things you should take care of after undergoing a breast implant surgery. Today many are undergoing breasts surgery for cosmetic reasons even though it's expensive and risky.
Im also considering breast implants but not really sure its gonna make me really happy.. but thanks for all this ideas, they make me think and give a better prospective!
That's horrible what that surgeon said.  Most implants look worse than natural ones, even natural ones that are a little off, feel weird, and most guys agree on that (some do like fakies though).  At best they might look ok under clothing or out of the corner of your eye.  Which is why many men will still glance at implants as a reflex, but that doesn't mean they like them after that.  There are super expensive ones that sometimes look almost as good as natural ones, but it's so vain to spend the cost of a nice car on breasts.  Yes he is falsely attacking your insecurities to make money off of you.  Whether it's on purpose or he's trained that way, I don't know, but he's doing a horrible thing either way.


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